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2024 June Mock Draft Analysis

By Kirk Hollis | 6/20/24

Editor's Note: Recenlty members of the FFToday Board completed their annual June Mock draft. This mock will be played out in a best ball format (no transactions, no free agent pickups, no trades) ... properly named the "No-Hassle League." View the round-by-round results here. Below is the commissioner's analysis of each team.

Hawkeye21: Pick 1.01

1.01- RB Christian McCaffrey, SF
2.12- WR Chris Olave, NO
3.01- WR D.J. Moore, CHI
4.12- RB Alvin Kamara, NO
5.01- QB Patrick Mahomes, KC
6.12- WR Tank Dell, HOU
7.01- TE George Kittle, SF
8.12- RB Jaylen Warren, PIT
9.01- WR Xavier Worthy, KC
10.12- TE T.J. Hockenson, MIN
11.01- RB Ezekiel Elliott, DAL
12.12- QB Aaron Rodgers, NYJ
13.01- WR Jakobi Meyers, LV
14.12- WR Brian Thomas Jr., JAX
15.01- K Brandon Aubrey, DAL
16.12- D/ST, New Orleans Saints

Analysis: It came as no surprise when Hawkeye made Christian McCaffrey his first pick in the draft. After a few years of having to debate who the top pick should be, this year it was a no-brainer and what Hawkeye did beyond that opening selection was put together a team of veterans with a few young receivers sprinkled in to give the team greater upside. This is a fairly balanced team and having McCaffrey allowed Hawkeye to address receiver at the 2/3 turn. There is an interesting reliance on the Saints, as three projected starters (defense included) are from that team including Olave and Kamara. It's an older team until you get to the picks of Worthy and Brian Thomas Jr. in rounds 9 & 14. I am generally a fan of getting some of that upside in place after a low ceiling pick like Ezekiel Elliott who made sense in Round 11. The Hockenson pick is extremely interesting also as the 1-2 punch of Kittle and Hock could be the league's best in a best ball format. Overall, this is good-looking team with a couple of steals that will be noted shortly.

Key to No-Hassle Success: The running back group must stay healthy as Hawkeye went with only 4 RBs versus 6 WRs. McCaffrey has proven to be durable since coming to San Francisco, but his history of injury cannot be ignored. Kamara is in some degree of decline, but the question is: how much? If Hawk can get one more productive year out of him, the other pieces are in place and have fewer question marks surrounding them. Sure, we don't know exactly how Caleb Williams will impact D.J. Moore's worth, but Moore is talented enough to likely do well no matter who is under center. And, if one of the rookie receivers pops, you've got production you weren't even counting on to be highly successful. Overall, getting RB production alongside McCaffrey is the biggest key to prosperity.

Favorite Pick: I alluded to "steals" earlier and I can't help but feel that getting potential top-3 producers at QB and TE in the fifth and seventh rounds is substantial value. Mahomes and Kittle are about as consistent as they come and while neither will likely challenge for top scorer at their respective positions, neither are likely to fall out of the top five either. Hawkeye's draft was incredibly enhanced by what those two longtime fantasy stand-outs bring to the table.

Least Favorite Pick: I am a little concerned about all the mouths to feed in Houston this season and I think Diggs's spot on the roster may impact Tank Dell in a negative sense more than Nico Collins. Not a poor pick by any means, but Dell is a guy I'm staying away from this season.

Overall Outlook: While I wonder about Kamara and Dell, I must admit that I really loved this draft. Addressing WR at the 2-3 turn after taking McCaffrey first overall just seems like a sound strategy to me and then getting your QB and TE positions filled with such top tier options was an added bonus. Health can always derail a good-looking team, but that that may be the only thing that would keep this team from being top 3-5 in overall league play. You can argue that it may be the most balanced team in the whole league as every position appears to be a strength, including kicker. I am always a little concerned when fantasy owners only have 4 RBs on the roster in a transaction-free league, but Hawk was one of six guys who did that, so not exactly on an island in that regard. Great job picking from the top.

Remote Controller: Pick 1.02

1.02- RB Bijan Robinson, ATL
2.11- WR Mike Evans, TB
3.02- WR Deebo Samuel, SF
4.11- TE Mark Andrews, BAL
5.02- RB David Montgomery, DET
6.11- QB Dak Prescott, DAL
7.02- WR Marquise Brown, KC
8.11- RB Javonte Williams, DEN
9.02- RB Devin Singletary, NYG
10.11- QB Matthew Stafford, LAR
11.02- WR Brandin Cooks, DAL
12.11- WR Tyler Lockett, SEA
13.02- TE Luke Musgrave, GB
14.11- D/ST, Pittsburgh Steelers
15.02- K Younghoe Koo, ATL
16.11- RB Ray Davis, BUF

Analysis: Remote really tracked with Hawkeye in terms of overall team construction. Like Hawk, he grabbed a top tier RB first and then shored up the receiving unit with two solid veterans in Evans and Samuel. Whereas Hawk went QB at the 4/5 turn and then TE at the 6/7, Remote flipped that strategy by addressing TE first and then adding his signal caller later. But whereas Hawk chose young wide receivers to fulfill his depth at that position, Remote went with aging veterans like Cooks and Lockett. That duo represents a lower ceiling than the Worthy-Thomas combo, but also a much higher floor. All in all, this is a veteran team with guys like Montgomery, Singletary, and Stafford adding to that vibe. Every position is covered in such a way that weekly lineups are likely going to be balanced and there is solid depth at every position as well. In the end, Musgrave and Ray Davis represent a couple of players with youth and upside, but this is by and large a safe, solid team put together by a guy who generally likes to lean on what is known. Never a No-Hassle champion, but almost always a contender, Remote put his stamp on this team throughout the process.

Key to No-Hassle Success: It seems silly now how far Mike Evans fell last season in redrafts. Most believed his best years were behind him and that Baker Mayfield would struggle to get him the ball. Remote is clearly banking on the fact that Evans still has productive years in his future and has to also hope that Deebo can stay healthy in spite of his physical style. If both veteran WRs can match last year's production, there's little else to keep this team from being a contender. The Denver running situation is wide open, so getting something solid out of Javonte Williams would be nice also, but honestly with Montgomery and Singletary having solid floors, Williams not flourishing really wouldn't hurt much. Evans is the most significant piece of the puzzle here. One more stellar year from him puts this team in great shape.

Favorite Pick: Most mocks have McCaffrey going first overall and then a series of top WRs get taken before the RB position is re-addressed. Kudos to Remote for doing things his way with the selection of Robinson - a player whose potential appears to be vast with a different head coach calling the shots. I loved that pick and I was also fond of Marquise Brown with little to lose and lots to gain. Favorite pick, though, was Devin Singletary. While it wasn't sexy, he is going to get some serious touches in that offense. Very undervalued player right now.

Least Favorite Pick: I am struggling to find a pick that I don't like, but feet to the fire, I am going to stay away from all things Denver this season in fantasy football. That includes Williams who failed last year to seize that job despite mediocre competition.

Overall Outlook: It is difficult for me to differentiate this team from Hawkeye's as they were both built in an almost identical fashion, particularly during the first half of the draft. Remote's formula for success has typically included the selection of established veterans and this offering is no different in most respects. One player that hasn't been mentioned by name yet is Dak Prescott and given that Dallas is going to be throwing the ball a lot in 2024, I think Remote may get wildly solid production out of him that exceeds Mahomes even though he lasted two rounds beyond where Patrick was picked. At WR, do you like Evans and Deebo or Olave and Moore better? That's probably what is comes down to in evaluating outlook vs. Hawk's draft. Whatever the case, this is a well-built team with a potential superstar at the RB1 spot. Good stuff.

Ray Lewis’ Limo Driver: 1.03

1.03- WR Tyreek Hill, MIA
2.10- WR Brandon Aiyuk, SF
3.03- QB Josh Allen, BUF
4.10- RB Jonathon Brooks, CAR
5.03- RB Najee Harris, PIT
6.10- RB D'Andre Swift, CHI
7.03- TE Kyle Pitts, ATL
8.10- WR Rashee Rice, KC
9.03- WR Jordan Addison, MIN
10.10- RB Trey Benson, ARI
11.03- TE Dalton Schultz, HOU
12.10- QB Will Levis, TEN
13.03- RB MarShawn Lloyd, GB
14.10- WR Kendrick Bourne, NE
15.03- D/ST, Buffalo Bills
16.10- K Greg Zuerlein, NYJ

Analysis: After the 1-2 picks of McCaffrey and Robinson, Ray turned to WR to put the foundation of his team in place. RBs used to dominate redraft leagues in the first round, but WRs have continued to rise in value over the years even in a non-PPR league like this one. But, while Ray added Aiyuk in the second round, he didn't address the position again until late in the eighth round and Rice could be facing some league discipline for misconduct. So, while this team has receiving prowess, it may lack some depth at the position which makes health for both Hill and Aiyuk imperative heading into the season. Elsewhere, there was further departure from Hawk/Remote's veteran drafts as Ray chose not one, not two, but three rookie running backs. Brooks, Benson, and Lloyd don't all have to do well in order for this team to compete, but at least one of them does need to pop. At least Ray can say that he has the No.1 scoring QB from 2023 and the No.1 scoring WR. It allowed him the liberty of rolling the dice and taking some chances down the road. Not picking a RB until 4.10 really puts stress on a team, but Ray is hoping his "zero" strategy pans out well since it allowed him to strong at other positions. Very interesting draft here as is always the case with Ray.

Key to No-Hassle Success: There is always a chance that Aiyuk gets traded before the start of the season, although I think the 49ers would be foolish to do that. If Aiyuk remains in San Francisco, he should continue to flourish and Ray will be fantastic from the 1-2 spots at WR. That leads to what I think is pivotal - Is Rashee Rice going to miss time? If not, getting Rice at 8.10 wasn't just a bargain, it was a mega-bargain. Also, the RB group must produce top-8 numbers for this team to compete for a No-Hassle title. That's a low bar (only having to be eighth best out of twelve), but it represents the strength of other positions on this team. Finally, I am a little concerned about Josh Allen's scoring this season as a passer. Losing your top two targets is never a good thing. Fortunately, his rushing abilities should keep him top-3 at QB even with a thin receiving corps.

Favorite Pick: D'Andre Swift would have been a top-5 RB last year had Jalen Hurts not gotten all the goal line work, so I think he was an absolute steal at 6.10. I'm not sure any player fell farther in this draft than he should have than Swift. I was concerned about Ray's run game after the selection of Brooks and Harris, but I think Swift shores things up. I also thought Pitts and Addison were nice value picks as we're finally going to see what Pitts can do minus Arthur Smith and Addison would explode if Jefferson were to miss time.

Least Favorite Pick: This one's easy for me. I thought Jonathan Brooks went too soon. For one, he's coming off a major injury in college. Second, he's on a really bad team with a couple other veterans competing for carries. If Brooks ends up better than Swift in terms of production, I'll be surprised.

Overall Outlook: Over the years, I have really enjoyed having Ray in this draft. His approach is rarely conventional and he's easily the least predictable drafter in this whole bunch. This team would scare me, but if Rice ends up playing a full season, is there a better team in this league at WR than Ray with Hill-Aiyuk-Rice in the fold? Probably not. Truth be told, I am fascinated by this team as while the backfield quality might trip them up, the upside is undeniable. Who else would have the guts to draft three rookies at one position? Who else was willing to take the first quarterback off the board despite not yet having any running backs at that time? Only Ray. The outlook doesn’t hold the same optimism than what I see from Hawkeye and Remote's team, but the journey will be fun.

White Wonder: 1.04

1.04- RB Breece Hall, NYJ
2.09- WR Davante Adams, LV
3.04- WR Marvin Harrison Jr., ARI
4.09- RB Zamir White, LV
5.04- WR Jayden Reed, GB
6.09- TE Dalton Kincaid, BUF
7.04- WR Malik Nabers, NYG
8.09- RB Tony Pollard, TEN
9.04- QB Jayden Daniels, WAS
10.09- QB Justin Herbert, LAC
11.04- RB Rico Dowdle, DAL
12.09- RB J.K. Dobbins, LAC
13.04- WR Josh Palmer, LAC
14.09- D/ST, Cleveland Browns
15.04- TE Ben Sinnott, WAS
16.09- K Jason Myers, SEA

Analysis: Back to the blueprint that Hawkeye and Remote introduced, Wonder got his RB1 in the form of Breece Hall and then proceeded to address the WR position while also grabbing a high upside TE as well as an unproven, but intriguing RB2. What Wonder did not do is address the QB position with the same intensity as Hawk and Remote and ended up with a rookie as his likely QB1 for now. Taking Justin Herbert as a "backup" serves as a near perfect safety net for the high-upside Daniels selection. More like Ray than the previous two drafters, Wonder was willing to go with youth at several spots and not just with the selection of Daniels. Two rookie wide receivers with enormous upside will look to make their stamp on the No-Hassle season alongside two additional second-year players (Kincaid, Reed) and a backup TE who is also a rookie. Wonder got a little Charger heavy down the stretch, but that's a fascinating place to draw fantasy water from given all the coaching and philosophy changes that are underway there. This is a big upside team. Not as safe as many, but talented on a rare scale for a 12-team draft.

Key to No-Hassle Success: The chances of Marvin Harrison Jr. having a big rookie year are nearly 100%, so the key for Wonder's season probably lies in his running mates at that position. Talent wise, Adams is a first rounder, but questions surrounding who will be throwing him the ball dropped him to the late second. If that gets worked out and Jayden Reed assumes the WR1 role in Green Bay, this team could be scary good at WR and that's not even taking Nabers's opening NFL act into consideration. This is Zamir White's chance to prove himself in the NFL and his development will be an important part of the story for this team as Wonder used quite a bit of draft capital to obtain him. If he's not up to it, Pollard, Dowdle, and/or Dobbins must fill in that gap.

Favorite Pick: I thought it was crazy that no one took a chance on Marvin Harrison Jr. prior to 3.04. Maybe that's because I think there's very little risk and the potential for top-5 WR production. As such, that pick stands out like a sore, but awesome thumb as my favorite for Wonder. I also thought Kincaid fell too far given his likely target volume and while Wonder lamented not getting Trevor Lawrence to pair with Daniels, I actually think Herbert is better suited for that role.

Least Favorite Pick: I thought the 4/5 picks of White and Reed were a bit premature, but not by any sort of substantial margins. I also would have taken CeeDee Lamb over Hall, but there's no denying Hall's potential to explode in the Jets' offense if he remains healthy.

Overall Outlook: I think Adams and Harrison could and maybe should have been early second round picks. I actually thought about both at 2.02 as possibilities. For Wonder to land them both and still possess a projected top-3 RB just seems a bit unfair to me. Yes, the risks for this team in having a rookie QB are obvious. And, I'm not terribly fond of what this team has at RB beyond Hall. But, none of those concerns overrides the potential I feel this team has to be great. To come out of the first three rounds with Hall, Adams, and Harrison would make me ecstatic. What happened beyond that dampens things a little bit, but no so much that I don't think contention is possible- maybe even likely. I think Wonder has put something together here that serves some significant notice.

Worm: Pick 1.05

1.05- WR CeeDee Lamb, DAL
2.08- RB Isiah Pacheco, KC
3.05- WR DK Metcalf, SEA
4.08- RB Kenneth Walker, SEA
5.05- WR Stefon Diggs, HOU
6.08- RB Raheem Mostert, MIA
7.05- TE David Njoku, Cle.
8.08- QB Jared Goff, DET
9.05- WR Keon Coleman, BUF
10.08- QB Trevor Lawrence, JAX
11.05- RB Ty Chandler, MIN
12.08- WR Rashid Shaheed, NO
13.05- RB Antonio Gibson, NE
14.08- D/ST, New York Jets
15.05- TE Hayden Hurst, LAC
16.08- K Cairo Santos, CHI

Analysis: Lather, rinse, repeat. For the first six rounds, Worm alternated between WR and RB until he had three of each. At that point, he turned to quarterback and tight end, but there's little doubt that the repetition initiated in rounds 1-6 gained him plenty of depth at those two positions. The selection of back-to-back Seahawks (Metcalf, Walker) in rounds 3 & 4 was a bit curious given that Seattle doesn't have an elite offense with Geno Smith running the show, but if he can find a way back to his 2022 form, both guys could exceed expectations. On the whole, this team looks solid, but maybe not spectacular. How I feel about Metcalf and Walker clouds my judgement, but I will concede that the depth on this team at all the major positions is fantastic. I'm just not sure the starting eight stacks up with some of the other teams analyzed so far. But, in a best-ball format, the outlook for this team improves as will be discussed further below. Coleman and Shaheed certainly have upside at WR and I like those picks in cohesion with what else is in place. This isn't a favorite team for me, but it is thoughtfully constructed.

Key to No-Hassle Success: Who is Stefon Diggs at this point in time? Is he a declining malcontent who will begin to distract the moment he feels that C.J. Stroud isn't looking his way enough? Or, is he still a star receiver paired with an ascending QB who never should have slipped to the fifth round of this draft? I think the key to Worm contending probably lies within that paradigm although there are other questions to be answered as well. First, will David Njoku be productive without Joe Flacco throwing him the ball? Flacco made Njoku a fantasy stud down the stretch last season. And, can a team contend with Isiah Pacheco as its top running back? Pacheco is the perfect complement to a high-end RB1, but I am not sure he's going to produce like a RB1 more weeks than not. Questions abound, but answers could be encouraging.

Favorite Pick: I have CeeDee Lamb at No.2 overall on my board, so I feel like Worm sort of stole him to begin his draft. Beyond Lamb, I really wasn't in love per se with any of the picks, but I will concede that in a non-PPR league, Kenneth Walker shouldn't fall this far. Walker is probably going to finish top 10-12 at the RB spot and to get a player of that caliber in Round 4 seems a little obscene. Later picks of Coleman, Shaheed, and Ty Chandler were also very solid.

Least Favorite Pick: What Raheem Mostert did last season was incredible, but I must admit that I'm not sold on him this season for reasons outside of his control. I would have probably waited until the seventh round to consider him, but I get the pick based on what he did a year ago.

Overall Outlook: I hate to give any draft middle-of-the-road status, but if I had to project what I see in this team initially, that's probably where I go with the projection. That said, there is a high floor here and if Metcalf and Diggs live up to their abilities, what a tremendous trio of wide receivers this team would have. I think the duo of Goff/Lawrence also could be stellar more so in a best ball format and that's kind of a theme that I see for this team. That value in my mind, increases quite a bit for a best ball format given how well the players on the team complement each other, scoring-wise. Given that, I do not see why this team could not be a major contender. Lamb is the team's only star initially, but the supporting actors have promise.

Shovelheadt: Pick 1.06

1.06- RB Jonathan Taylor, IND
2.07- RB James Cook, BUF
3.06- RB Joe Mixon, HOU
4.07- WR George Pickens, PIT
5.06- QB C.J. Stroud, HOU
6.07- WR Calvin Ridley, TEN
7.06- WR Jameson Williams, DET
8.07- TE Jake Ferguson, DAL
9.06- QB Caleb Williams, CHI
10.07- TE Brock Bowers, LV
11.06- WR Rome Odunze, CHI
12.07- WR Curtis Samuel, BUF
13.06- RB Alexander Mattison, LV
14.07- D/ST, Kansas City Chiefs
15.06- WR Jermaine Burton, CIN
16.07- K Cameron Dicker, LAC

Analysis: The expression "outside of the box" refers to unconventional approaches and while selecting a RB in Rounds 1, 2, and 3 is hardly unprecedented, it definitely fits within the framework of unusual. There's little doubt that this team could lead the league in rushing points given just how strong its top three options are at that position. Shovel even managed to land a top-5 QB (Stroud) in my estimation with his fifth-round pick giving him a lineup from the waist up that few others will be able to match. From the waist down, this team could be a bit dicey, but no more so than any other team in this draft had they gone RB-RB-RB to begin the proceedings. The fact that Shovel grabbed six WRs made sense given how stacked the RB position is. It remains to be seen whether or not this specific half-dozen at WR will be enough to give the team a balanced scoring attack. George Pickens at a WR1 might make perfect sense if his talent matches up with his function in a conservative offense. Likewise, Calvin Ridley could be just the receiver Will Levis needs to elevate his game. This draft was a bit of a wild ride, but there is cool quirkiness to it all.

Key to No-Hassle Success: In a best ball format, this running game is going to punish. Cook and Mixon won't be "on" every week, but combined with the volume from Taylor, should be enough to give this team its foundation. While rushing is this team's bread and butter, it is not the key to its success. That lies in what was shared above: Can you get enough production out of a team who took one WR/TE in the first five rounds to be competitive? My guess: Maybe. There are three prominent rookies on this team in the form of Williams, Odunze, and Bowers. If none of them turn out to be impactful, success could be hard to come by. But, if one, two, or even three of them have coming out parties as rookies, this team will reap the benefits.

Favorite Pick: The two Texans on this squad look to me like solid values where Shovel grabbed them. Mixon isn't likely to get much competition from Dameon Pierce and I really believe he could be a top-10 back by season's end. Throw in Stroud's tremendous upside with a top notch WR corps and I think Shovel made great choices in Rounds 3 & 5. The three back-to-back-to-back rookies taken in Rounds 9-11 took some guts and should give this team some intrigue and upside that other teams may lack.

Least Favorite Pick: 2.07 is too rich for James Cook. I know he has the job mostly to himself, but much like Saquon Barkley, you have to wonder how many goal line opportunities there will be in an offense in which the QB runs for 10+ scores. Also, Jameson Williams went early.

Overall Outlook: Experimentation can be a lot of fun, and this team is certainly an experiment. White Wonder tried the RB-RB-RB strategy in last year's draft and it didn't pay off, but each year is its own thing and each trio of running backs represents a different dynamic. One theory in fantasy football is that teams that are great at either RB or WR are better than teams who are just so-so at both and Shovel clearly had this in mind when he assembled a run-heavy unit. Assuming the RBs can stay healthy, at least a WR or two should emerge from the pack here to give support. The TE duo isn't inspiring, but should also be a complement to what Stroud and the three horsemen get done. Like Ray's team, I don't have a strong feeling about this team one way or another, but the unorthodox approach is going to make for some fun tracking come fall.

Matt’s Eagles: Pick 1.07

1.07- WR Justin Jefferson, MIN
2.06- RB Travis Etienne, JAX
3.07- WR Jaylen Waddle, MIA
4.06- WR DeVonta Smith, PHI
5.07- TE Trey McBride, ARI
6.06- QB Kyler Murray, ARI
7.07- WR Diontae Johnson, CAR
8.06- RB Brian Robinson Jr., WAS
9.07- WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba, SEA
10.06- RB Blake Corum, LAR
11.07- RB Kendre Miller, NO
12.06- QB Bryce Young, CAR
13.07- WR Jahan Dotson, WAS
14.06- TE Chigoziem Okonkwo, TEN
15.07- D/ST, Philadelphia Eagles
16.06- K Jake Elliott, PHI

Analysis: It is interesting contrasting Matt's team and Shovel's just previous to him as while Shovel went RB in Rounds 1-3, Matt waited until the 8th round for his second RB and then the 10th round for his third. On top of that, Matt went with six WRs to only four RBs in spite of WR being his deepest and most potent position. Jefferson, Waddle, and DeVonta Smith all have one thing in common. They got new contracts in the off-season and WRs that feel loved and committed to often have their best years. When you throw in Diontae Johnson and JSN as depth options, it's easy to see what Matt was shooting for here - a team that is potentially great at a position rather than just being so-so at several. The question is: How well is this run game going to hold up? Etienne is the lead runner for his team, but none of the other running backs fill that role and upside is hard to see unless an injury or two create unforeseen opportunities. QB is also a position of uncertainty with Murray looking to resurrect his career and Young seeking to have a career in the first place. Easy to see where Matt was going with this, but WRs need to be truly great to keep the boat afloat.

Key to No-Hassle Success: No one doubts that Waddle and DeVonta Smith are very good WRs - even for fantasy purposes - but the fact remains that they are not the alphas on their own teams. They are merely high-end WR2s for real world purposes. That places a lower ceiling on their values. When A.J. Brown or Tyreek Hill draw a dominant corner in coverage, Smith and Waddle should thrive, but they will likely have some quiet weeks too, as the big dogs eat. That means Jefferson must be healthy and highly productive all season long for this overall unit to work. Anything less than top-2 at the position from him and the WR corps goes from great to good. And someone from the RB trio of Robinson, Corum, and Miller must emerge. And, I do mean MUST.

Favorite Pick: I have my doubts about Waddle and Smith and I certainly have concerns about the back-to-back selections of Cardinals not named Marvin Harrison Jr., but it's hard to find a team I liked better after two rounds. The combo of Jefferson and Etienne is really stellar and I think Matt will end up being glad he paired them together. Also, while I am concerned about this team's RB depth, I thought the Blake Corum pick was solid. Just because he doesn't fit the prototype at RB doesn't mean he can't be very good. After all, neither did Emmitt or Barry.

Least Favorite Pick: There wasn't really one particular pick per se, as I liked most of these picks individually. I just thought this team could have used another RB and should have grabbed more than one player at that position in the first seven rounds.

Overall Outlook: Hawkeye's team mirrors Remote's in my opinion. Ray and Wonder have some elements in common. And this team to me looks like Shovel's team, but inverted. There is strength and depth in obvious form at one of the key positions, but also glaring weakness at the other. I like Shovel's QB strength a lot better than Matt's, but I think Matt has the better tight end. All in all, the concerns I have about this team make it another "middle-of-the-road" unit for me, but Matt has won multiple No-Hassle titles in recent years with teams that didn't necessarily look like championship contenders coming out of the gate. As such, this is a team I trust based on the track record of the guy who did the picking, even if they aren't an obvious contender from my point of view.

Vikings4Ever: Pick 1.08

1.08- WR Ja'Marr Chase, CIN
2.05- RB Kyren Williams, LAR
3.08- RB Josh Jacobs, GB
4.05- WR Michael Pittman Jr., IND
5.08- WR Amari Cooper, CLE
6.05- WR Zay Flowers, BAL
7.08- TE Evan Engram, JAX
8.05- QB Jordan Love, GB
9.08- RB Tyjae Spears, TEN
10.05- QB Tua Tagovailoa, MIA
11.08- RB Zach Charbonnet, SEA
12.05- WR Jerry Jeudy, CLE
13.08- TE Taysom Hill, NO
14.05- K Justin Tucker, BAL
15.08- WR Quentin Johnston, LAC
16.05- D/ST, Houston Texans

Analysis: The narrative for this draft and most of Vikes’ drafts over the years has been value based drafting in its purest form. Vikes tends to be a patient drafter who accumulates value picks throughout a draft that he ends up with a team that can compete for titles year in and year out. Taking this into consideration, there is little doubt that he got value in terms of ADP on each of his top six picks and then got tremendous value on both of his QBs. It seemed like every time a value tier was about to disappear, Vikes came along and grabbed the last guy in that tier. It happened with Jacobs, Pittman, Cooper, Flowers, and Love and while most teams had their QBs before Vikes did, few could argue that the Love-Tua combo at that position could be formidable in a best ball format. Simply put, this team is deep and balanced. There are some question marks surrounding the running backs and Vikes did not opt for five at that position alongside several other drafters making it a position that needs to be good with what's there. As the league's only four-time champion, Vikes has earned his reputation as a top collector of fantasy prowess. This team fits that bill yet again.

Key to No-Hassle Success: Kyren Williams wasn't even drafted in many leagues last year and until a RB has achieved a high level of success in two consecutive seasons, there's always risk that he was a one-hit wonder. As a drafter of Lamar Smith in 2001, this is something I am keenly aware of. In addition, Josh Jacobs's YPC last season was not good. The duo of Williams and Jacobs could be among the league's best in a perfect world, but I can understand why some might be concerned about one or both. To win a title, Vikes will need both to be top-12 and for one of the two to be top-6. Anything short of that probably leaves him short of a fifth crown. I also think Zay Flowers needs to take a big step forward. While Cooper and Pittman are solid, neither has a ceiling like Flowers does.

Favorite Pick: The possibilities are endless as this is my favorite team coming out of the draft, but I think the trio of Jacobs, Flowers, and Love take the cake for me in terms of overall value. Jacobs likely could be snatched up in the late second round and no one would bat an eye, but getting him in the third even with his YPC woes last year seems fortunate. Yes, he and Love are on the same ship, but anyone who saw that offense destroy Dallas in the playoffs last season can see its potential. I think Vikes stole several players in this draft.

Least Favorite Pick: It's not that Evan Engram can't do what he did last year, or even improve on it. I just think there are lots of mouths to feed in Jacksonville and regression for him is a real possibility. This isn't one of my favorite teams in terms of the TE position as a whole.

Overall Outlook: What I have to say about this team has largely already been said. Vikes got maximum value out of the No.8 spot. That value came right at the beginning as I have a hard time thinking Chase will be around in most drafts at 1.08 given that Burrow should be healthy again and that gives him an edge in many people's thoughts over Justin Jefferson. For every question mark on this team, there appears to be a safety net or backup plan. Barring catastrophic injuries, I think contending is definitely in this team's future. My only caution, and it's a small one, is that sometimes players drop in drafts for a reason and if you collect too many of them, upside becomes an issue. No team in the league has a higher floor, but a few could have slightly higher ceilings.

Robb: Pick 1.09

1.09- WR Amon-Ra St. Brown, DET
2.04- WR Drake London, ATL
3.09- RB De'Von Achane, MIA
4.04- QB Lamar Jackson, BAL
5.09- WR Terry McLaurin, WAS
6.04- RB Rhamondre Stevenson, NE
7.09- WR DeAndre Hopkins TEN
8.04- TE Dallas Goedert, PHI
9.09- WR Courtland Sutton, DEN
10.04- RB Chase Brown, CIN
11.09- QB Deshaun Watson, CLE
12.04- RB Tyler Allgeier, ATL
13.09- TE Tyler Conklin, NYJ
14.04- D/ST, Baltimore Ravens
15.09- K Jason Sanders, MIA
16.04- WR Jauan Jennings, SF

Analysis: This is a team marked by extraordinary WR depth, a star QB, and upside at the RB position. It is also a team that could struggle with consistent production at running back and may not have the RB depth or TE production to ultimately overcome its peer produced units. Robb ultimately sought balance with this group as he had a full starting lineup minus kicker and defense by the end of Round 6. He then added two depth WRs (Hopkins, Sutton) who could be the top options on their respective teams. The reason both fell so far is that some don't trust their QBs to actually get them the ball consistently. Still, when DeAndre Hopkins and Courtland Sutton are your No.4 and No.5 wideouts, you have amassed some serious depth and talent at that position. In truth, it's hard not to like this team given that every position is solid even as RB contains some risk. Again, I am always a little nervous about a team that has no running backs through two rounds, only one through five, and then doesn't add a fifth RB for depth. But, this team is so solid at QB and WR that the running game doesn't have to be great in order for the team to contend. Much like what was said about Matt's group, there just needs to be production that doesn't fall into the last third in stature.

Key to No-Hassle Success: There was plenty of debate about the selection of Drake London and while London has plenty of upside, the skepticism surrounding him is understandable. After all, he's never done anything worthy of being pick 2.04. That makes him and Achane the outright keys to how Robb's season ultimately unfolds. Achane, like London, has enormous potential and flashed that several times last season, but he's also never been given a big workload and I think most probably see him as an ideal, high-upside RB2 versus your RB1. Lamar and St. Brown are proven commodities. Achane and London are not. Robb will likely thus go as far as his second and third round picks take him.

Favorite Pick: Hopkins and Sutton were both terrific picks that they earn "favorite" status by way of a tie. I thought Robb had a middle-of-the-pack team prior to that, but it really solidified his team for me as having a wealth of riches at least at that one position. It's such a difficult debate trying to figure out if WR2s on strong NFL teams like Waddle/Miami and Smith/Philadelphia are worth more in fantasy than WR1s on lesser offenses like Hopkins and Sutton. In the end, a case can be made for the latter and Robb really smacked those mid-round picks out of the park.

Least Favorite Pick: I like Drake London to take a big step forward this season, so I didn't mind that pick even though I wouldn't have grabbed him quite that soon. Instead, I am a bit concerned about Stevenson and McLaurin. Below average offenses, rookie QBs...count me out on that.

Overall Outlook: Robb has put together a group of receivers that is going to kill it in the best ball format and he will add to that big games from Lamar to formulate a very formidable scoring base. The RB and TE positions don't thrill me, but Achane's potential makes him the ultimate wildcard in the whole prognostication process. I think the analysis of this team is by far the most straightforward of any of the twelve teams assembled via this mock. Excellence vs. failure is on the shoulders of Achane and London. There's just no way around that. For Robb's sake, I hope both picks turn up roses because there are other pieces in place that would allow for serious title contention should that come about.

ICEMAN: Pick 1.10

1.10- RB Jahmyr Gibbs, DET
2.03- RB Saquon Barkley, PHI
3.10- WR Cooper Kupp, LAR
4.03- TE Travis Kelce, KC
5.10- WR Tee Higgins, CIN
6.03- QB Joe Burrow, CIN
7.10- WR Keenan Allen, CHI
8.03- RB Zack Moss, CIN
9.10- QB Brock Purdy, SF
10.03- WR Ladd McConkey, LAC
11.10- RB Jaleel McLaughlin, DEN
12.03- TE Hunter Henry, NE
13.10- RB Elijah Mitchell, SF
14.03- D/ST, Dallas Cowboys
15.10- K Ka’imi Fairbairn, HOU
16.03- WR Gabe Davis, JAX

Analysis: And now we arrive at the draft facilitated by our defending champion. ICE decided to be "old school" in the sense of going RB-RB right off the bat as one of only two guys to do that (Shovel was the other). In this day and age, going RB-RB leaves you with a noticeably thin receiving corps, but in ICE's case, he was able to land both Cooper Kupp and Tee Higgins and even snuck in a pick of Travis Kelce. Throw in Joe Burrow in the sixth round and Keenan Allen in the seventh and you've got a full starting lineup with plenty of juice at every position. It's very much a veteran group outside of Gibbs and that makes health an imperative given Burrow, Kupp, and even Barkley have extensive injury histories. Still, it's hard to find fault with finding players who at one time or another have been the best fantasy player at their respective positions and ICE grabbed several of those. During the second half of his draft, ICE did grab one rookie (McConkey), but mostly stayed the course with steady, proven players. All in all, I think this has to be one of the better teams starting out as long as guys like Kupp, Kelce, and Allen don't see a major drop-off in production due to age. Champions gonna champion.

Key to No-Hassle Success: Kupp, Kelce, and Allen are right on the line for significant regression due to their ages. And, how content will Tee Higgins be without a long-term commitment from the Bengals? Let me put it this way: If Kelce can remain top-3 at TE, Kupp top-12 at WR, and Allen top-20, this team could be unstoppable. That's because a healthy Gibbs-Barkley duo is easily one of the best in this league and Zack Moss was an excellent find at the RB3 spot. I always get a bit concerned when I see too many players on a roster who have already peaked with respect to their fantasy value. I would struggle having this team in a dynasty league, but this isn't a dynasty team - it’s a redraft. And, in that sense, it's very well built if guys don't get hurt.

Favorite Pick: I know Hurts is going to steal a bucket load of TDs around the goal line from Barkley, but 2.03 did seem like great value for him. I actually had him ranked one spot ahead of Derrick Henry, but didn't want to double up on Eagles after taking A.J. Brown in the first round. As such, Barkley fell into ICE's lap. I also thought the Zack Moss pick later on was savvy. At the time he was picked, I had him as the last RB in a value tier and he just seems like an ideal RB3 for fantasy purposes. Overall, the backfield ICE assembled is my favorite in this draft.

Least Favorite Pick: There's not a pick here that I ultimately disliked, but I was glad that ICE took Cooper Kupp so I didn't have to consider doing it. Kupp is a real asset when he's healthy, but unfortunately, that's too often not the case.

Overall Outlook: I have pointed out some concerns with this team, but don't let that persuade anyone that I don't really like what ICE put together. Many of the players do have question marks and that's why they fell beyond their levels of talent in terms where they were drafted. It is in many ways a draft much like Vikes' as it just seemed like ICE took what came to him VBD-wise without overthinking it. If most of the guys on the team (Burrow in particular) can stay upright this season, I see no reason why ICE can't contend for a title. That said, with a strong emphasis on Bengals on this team, Burrow suffering another health setback would also make both Higgins and Moss less valuable and place enormous pressure on Gibbs & Barkley to be ultra-dynamic. It will be fun to see how this risk-reward unit turns out in the end.

Fumbleweed: Pick 1.11

1.11- WR A.J. Brown, PHI
2.02- RB Derrick Henry, BAL
3.11- WR Nico Collins, HOU
4.02- TE Sam LaPorta, DET
5.11- RB Aaron Jones, MIN
6.02- QB Anthony Richardson, IND
7.11- WR Chris Godwin, TB
8.02- WR Christian Watson, GB
9.11- RB Nick Chubb, CLE
10.02- RB Jerome Ford, CLE
11.11- QB Kirk Cousins, ATL
12.02- WR Mike Williams, NYJ
13.11- TE Cade Otton, TB
14.02- RB Keaton Mitchell, BAL
15.11- D/ST, Miami Dolphins
16.02- K Evan McPherson, CIN

Analysis: I am not a huge fan of the 11-spot this year as I really wanted something more similar to what ICE got out of the 10-spot before me, but I did really like the 3-4 and 5-6 turns in this draft which makes me overall fairly optimistic about the team's potential. Coming out of the first two rounds, I would likely trade my first two picks for almost any and every duo in this league and that's never a good thing. The team is ultimately very balanced but taking the first tight end off the board cut into my RB2 or WR3 being stronger. LaPorta looks like the real deal to me and I think he'll easily equal last year's production when all is said and done. My receiving corps is a bit suspect as Godwin and Mike Williams are aging and Watson can't seem to stay healthy, but the thinking on that is that the sum of the group outweighs the individual parts. Nick Chubb is obviously a gamble coming off of such a devastating injury, but the plan was always to grab Jerome Ford immediately afterwards as protection. Overall, I like the mix of veterans and youth with upside on this team and was pleased to recover from two opening picks that honestly didn't have me all that excited.

Key to No-Hassle Success: Derrick Henry and Aaron Jones are transitioning to new teams this fall and there is always mystery abounding in terms of how such changes will work out. If both end up being top 10-15 in overall touches, I think the team will benefit, particularly Jones as his YPC projects better than Henry at this stage in their careers. Anthony Richardson is also a huge wild card as he flashed his great potential last season only to see injury cut his season short. Anyone who says they know what Richardson is going to be this season is lying. Simply put, he's still high risk/reward until we see otherwise. Beyond those three players, the team looks fairly stable so those three are going to make or break this team.

Favorite Pick: Feet to the fire, I liked the 5-6 turn best. QB is deep this season and that fact alone allowed for the Richardson pick. Just as Wonder knew that taking Jayden Daniels was going to work out in terms of securing a high-quality back-up, I knew that Richardson would have someone behind him that I could trust if he struggles. As for Aaron Jones, I was honestly shocked to see him fall where he did and I'm excited about him being my RB2.

Least Favorite Pick: This is probably a tie between Derrick Henry and Christian Watson. In a draft in which maneuverability was an option, I would have traded out of the 2.02 spot and looked for something different where I chose Henry. Watson is a risk also as last year was a wasted year for him.

Overall Outlook: While I am not confident that this team is top 2-3 coming out of this draft, I feel highly confident that it ranks in the top half. There are solid, proven veterans alongside some young dynamic players like Richardson, LaPorta, and Nico Collins. I am pleased with the depth this team possesses and I believe that in a best ball format, that could make a significant difference as the season wears on. I just don't know if Henry has another year left in him in terms of carrying a fantasy team as a legit RB1. But, I'm not sure any RB this season has much assurance of being that outside of McCaffrey. It's not a position of strength this season and that was evident throughout this draft and with respect to the commentary that accompanied it. We'll see how it all unfolds soon enough.

Dan: Pick 1.12

1.12- WR Garrett Wilson, NYJ
2.01- WR Puka Nacua, LAR
3.12- RB Rachaad White, TB
4.01- QB Jalen Hurts, PHI
5.12- RB James Conner, ARI
6.01- WR Christian Kirk, JAX
7.12- RB Austin Ekeler, WAS
8.01- RB Gus Edwards, LAC
9.12- TE Cole Kmet, CHI
10.01- TE Pat Freiermuth, PIT
11.12- WR Adam Thielen, CAR
12.01- WR Romeo Doubs, GB
13.12- QB Russell Wilson, PIT
14.01- D/ST, San Francisco 49ers
15.12- K Harrison Butker, KC
16.01- WR Chase Claypool, BUF

Analysis: Last year, Dan picked from the 1 spot, so he's getting used to making back-to-back picks all draft long. The third drafter to go WR-WR with his opening picks (Ray and Robb were the others), Dan likely saw the same drop-off in value that I saw after Jahmyr Gibbs and decided to make the WR position his strength. Then, Dan became the second person in this draft to go after a QB, so he basically insured that he'd be top notch at two of the three primary positions. Anytime three of your first four picks are non-RBs, including each of the first two, you're banking on a ground game that doesn't have to carry your team, but instead simply has to not hinder it. Enter Rachaad White and James Conner. Neither guy is likely to scratch his way into the top ten, but if they can both produce in that 11-15 range from a scoring standpoint, they will be an asset nevertheless. Ekeler and Edwards could prove to be valuable as well, but overall, this is one of the weakest running back groups in the league alongside Robb and Ray. Fortunately for Dan, he looks strong in other areas and that strength only needs a little help to become the driving force for what happens this season.

Key to No-Hassle Success: When you go WR-WR to open your draft, the assumption is that both guys are can't miss. In this case however, neither is that, in reality. Garrett Wilson looks like a true alpha at WR... a guy capable of putting up top-5 numbers. The only problem is: He’s never actually done that before. His high-ranking status is thus based on what looks obvious with our eyes, but not as obvious in the stat sheet. In Nacua's case, the stat sheet from last season doesn’t lie and he passed the eye test. But, can he do it again? Especially with Cooper Kupp presumably back at full strength. I think the running game for this team is underwhelming, but steady with a solid floor. That means the key to success is all about ceilings and Wilson and Nacua need to push that ceiling. If they can't, there will be struggle.

Favorite Pick: Jalen Hurts as a fourth-round pick just seems like a steal to me. I know most guys in this draft try to wait on selecting their first QB, but Dan had to be super pleased that Hurts was an option for him at that spot. He really gives this team a solid foundation and allows for Dan to have two positions of strength. I also thought the back-to-back TE picks of Kmet and Freiermuth was extremely solid. If you're going to wait on picking a TE, make sure you pick a second quickly after the first. Dan did just that.

Least Favorite Pick: I have absolutely no idea who is going to emerge in Jacksonville this season in terms of being fantasy relevant as a receiver and/or tight end. Will it be Christian Kirk? Thomas? Engram? Gabe Davis? As such, I thought Christian Kirk was taken much earlier than I would have.

Overall Outlook: This a good-looking team. In the fantasy eras of the past, sporting a backfield of White and Conner would be the kiss of death, but in the year 2024, it can work with the other positions being well fortified. Besides, Washington wants a more versatile RB and Jim Harbaugh is going to see to it that the Chargers are a smash-mouth team, so the foursome that Dan has at running back may actually blend extremely well in the No-Hassle's best ball format. Picking at the turn in the first/second round generally leaves you without one of the true "studs" from a fantasy perspective, but how many studs are really out there the way we used to define that term? Not many. There are multiple ways to win fantasy championships now and bolstering two main positions with high-end talent is a good way to give chase. Solid job by Dan as always.

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