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Staff Writer

June Mock Draft Analysis

Editor's Note: Recenlty members of the FFToday Board completed their annual June Mock draft. This mock will be played out in a best ball format, in a league with no transactions, no free agent pickups, no trades in season... properly named the "No-Hassle League." View the round-by-round results. Below is the commissioner's analysis of each team.

Ray Lewis' Limo Driver: Pick No.1

1.01- RB Ezekiel Elliott, DAL
2.12- RB LeSean McCoy, BUF
3.01- QB Aaron Rodgers, GB
4.12- WR Brandin Cooks, LAR
5.01- WR Alshon Jeffery, PHI
6.12- WR Jordy Nelson, OAK
7.01- WR Chris Hogan, NE
8.12- RB Aaron Jones, GB
9.01- RB Carlos Hyde, CLE
10.12- TE Tyler Eifert, CIN
11.01- QB Dak Prescott, DAL
12.12- RB LeGarrette Blount, DET
13.01- WR D.J. Moore, CAR
14.12- D/ST, Houston Texans
15.01- K Jake Elliott, PHI

Analysis: Ray started RB-RB and then following his selection of the game's top ranked QB, went on a WR binge. Once that had concluded, it was back to adding another pair of running backs. What does it all add up to? A solid team to be sure, but also one that may be a little long in the tooth. LeSean McCoy is going to hit a wall very soon and I think it could be this season. In addition, does Jordy Nelson have enough left in the tank to warrant a sixth round pick? And, how about Hyde and Blount as depth at RB? Both could be overtaken sooner than later by early draft picks. Ray is going to need Rodgers and Elliott to be the best at their respective positions to compete for a title - that almost goes without saying. But, in the end, he also needs a few guys to have that one final "good year" prior to the permanent downhill slide. Every team has its share of 'ifs'. This team is no different as Ray looks to build around Rodgers and Elliott with solid complementary pieces.

Key to No-Hassle Success: Older guys like McCoy, Nelson, and Blount need to show themselves worthy of their respective selections - especially McCoy and Nelson. Hogan should be solid in Weeks 1-4 and Brandin Cooks will likely continue the role of boom-bust guy while Rodgers and Elliott provide the team with a solid scoring foundation. I guess it's McCoy that I'm most concerned about as Ray's depth at WR could allow Nelson a slow start, but if McCoy, Blount, and Hyde all begin to take on diminished roles during the second half of the season or get hurt, this team is left with a big hole in the lineup. So, I think McCoy is the central success component.

Favorite Pick: This one is easy for me. Alshon Jeffery should far exceed his draft slot and I can't believe a guy with his talent and track record wasn't taken sooner. Jeffery is a lock, I think, for top-12 status at WR if he stays healthy and Ray really gave his WR corps a solid anchor when he picked the Eagles' standout.

Least Favorite Pick: Again, very easy. For another year, Ray has taken only one tight end in this draft and it's a guy who can't stay healthy to boot. The pick at 16.12 needed to be a second tight end with no transactions allowed during the season. I'm against having one tight end in this league and I'm really against that one guy being Tyler Eifert.

Overall Outlook: Despite my feelings about Ray maybe taking zeroes at the TE position, I like the rest of this team. Rodgers and Elliott are as safe as any picks out there and I really love the overall group of WRs that Ray assembled in rounds 4-7. The Cooks-Jeffery combo at the turn was especially potent and I remember thinking at the time that if McCoy can just have one more good season, this team could really dominate this league if everyone stays healthy. The second half of the draft probably knocked the group out of my top 3 if there was such a thing, but not far enough out that contention is not a real possibility. Plenty of stability here from week-to-week.

Robb: Pick No.2

1.02- RB Todd Gurley, LAR
2.11- TE Rob Gronkowski, NE
3.02- RB Jerick McKinnon, SF
4.11- WR Josh Gordon, CLE
5.02- WR Demaryius Thomas, DEN
6.11- RB Marlon Mack, IND
7.02- WR DeVante Parker, MIA
8.11- QB Matt Ryan, ATL
9.02- RB Kerryon Johnson, DET
10.11- QB Marcus Mariota, TEN
11.02- WR Marqise Lee, JAX
12.11- D/ST, Minnesota Vikings
13.02- WR Josh Doctson, WAS
14.11- TE Ricky Seals-Jones, ARI
15.02- WR Kenny Golladay, DET
16.11- K Mason Crosby, GB

Analysis: Ah, the "Gronkowski" team. Every year, we are left to analyze the impact of taking a tight end in the second round upon the overall prospects of a team's fortune. While Gronk offers a big advantage over most at that position, Robb is left with some question marks on this team as a result of his selection. For example, can Jerick McKinnon be the complement to Todd Gurley that Robb needs him to be? Will any of the WRs step up and be what they either have never been or haven't ascended to in recent years? Is the QB duo of Ryan and Mariota going to be able to hold serve as compared to that of opposing teams? Truth be told, aside from Gurley and Gronk, this team is full of high risk players, some of whom also carry some potential rewards. Robb made few conservative picks and now must sit back and watch to see if this collection of goo materializes into a cohesive unit. There are plenty of first and second year players to go around. Definitely a fascinating draft from a guy who's never afraid to deviate.

Key to No-Hassle Success: The receiving corps has to contribute something meaningful week in and week out. I'm a believer in Gurley and McKinnon as a top-tier backfield and I think if Gronk stays healthy, he'll perform as he normally does. I'm even bullish on the QB tandem despite Robb waiting a long time to address that position. What I'm uncertain of is whether or not Josh Gordon will ever be what he once was...also, is Demaryius Thomas now on the downside of his career? Further, is there any evidence that the lights will go on for DeVante Parker and Josh Doctson? There's not a more uncertain position for any team in this draft/league than what Robb boasts at WR.

Favorite Pick: I thought Gurley should have been the first overall pick, so I'd be ecstatic to be building a team around him. Also, Marcus Mariota was a steal at the point in which Robb got him. I had my doubts about who he'd end up with as his signal callers waiting that long, but I think it worked out well.

Least Favorite Pick: There was a couple. First, I'm not sure Marlon Mack will actually be Indy's starter. I could see DeMarco Murray or someone like him signing with the Colts and stealing the job. Gordon and Parker bring too much baggage to warrant such faith from Robb. They are part of a very "iffy" group of pass catchers.

Overall Outlook: I really like what Robb did with his first three picks. It's a split jury with respect to McKinnon, but I think he's in a place that he can excel and thus thought Robb's decision to select him made a lot of sense. He and Gurley will have to stay healthy, however, as there's not much backing them up, particularly if I'm right about Mack. I could see this team tanking based on an injury or two and/or not getting much out of those WRs. But, what if the light has finally come on for Josh Gordon? What if Doctson and/or Parker take a huge leap forward this season? What I'm getting at is while this isn't one of my favorite teams initially; the upside for the group is enormous. Robb has officially rolled the dice.

Vikings4Ever: Pick No.3

1.03- RB David Johnson, ARI
2.10- RB Jordan Howard, CHI
3.03- WR Tyreek Hill, KC
4.10- WR Stefon Diggs, MIN
5.03- WR Allen Robinson, CHI
6.10- TE Evan Engram, NYG
7.03- RB Royce Freeman, DEN
8.10- QB Kirk Cousins, MIN
9.03- WR Julian Edelman, NE
10.10- QB Derek Carr, OAK
11.03- WR Martavis Bryant, OAK
12.10- TE Jack Doyle, IND
13.03- RB Chris Carson, SEA
14.10- K Stephen Gostkowski, NE
15.03- WR Mike Williams, SD
16.10- D/ST, Pittsburgh Steelers

Analysis: Vikes is a creature of habit when it comes to this draft and to team construction in general. His formula really hasn't changed much over the years. That is, stockpile talent at RB and WR and look to address QB and TE later than most. It has proven to be a fairly fail-proof strategy in the past and this team looks to have as much talent in the "meat" of its lineup as any other team drafted for this league. Vikes did place two of his biggest bets on players that were lost for the season in Week 1 in 2017 - David Johnson and Allen Robinson. I'll have more to say about that in a moment, but along with Edelman and Chris Carson, there is a theme of redemption here in terms of turning around lost seasons from a year ago. The WR corps could be among the league's very best and the starting RB duo of Johnson and Howard is formidable. In short, Vikes took some risks that he might not normally take based on last season alone, but as has already been noted, the formula here is a familiar one.

Key to No-Hassle Success: I think whether or not Johnson and Robinson can rebound will make or break this team. Cousins is coming to a stable team with weapons and should produce week in and week out to the point that Vikes will be ultimately pleased with that selection. I also think staying healthy at WR initially will be crucial as Edelman is facing a 4-game ban to start the year and Martavis Bryant may be banned for much longer before the season even starts. With Engram in the fold at TE, I think this team probably possesses the best projected starting nine in the league, but injuries and bye weeks could be cruel if depth doesn't hold. Johnson and Robinson, though, will set the tone.

Favorite Pick: 2, 4, 6, and 8. I loved all the even round picks through eight rounds as I thought Howard, Diggs, Engram, and Cousins all represented fantastic value. Any time you get multiple steals in a draft where steals are hard to come by, you have the potential to be really good. Vikes seems to consistently find that sort of scenario in June mocks past and present.

Least Favorite Pick: Not so much a pick, but I really thought this team needed a fifth running back for insurance purposes. We don't really know Freeman or Carson's role this season and I think adding a steady veteran at the position at some point would have been smart. Bryant is also an obvious possibility here given his history of volatility.

Overall Outlook: You would be hard pressed to argue that this isn't one of the better teams coming out of the draft. Sure, there are question marks about players recovering from injury, but we're talking about truly "proven" players in all of those instances. This team is well rounded and while many of the picks were proven as was just noted, there is also a lot of upside in the case of guys like Engram, Freeman, and Mike Williams. Defending a title in any league is never easy and there are concerns about this group that have already been noted, but I can't help but think this team has the necessary "stuff" to truly contend for a title into December. A very fine body of work here.

Shovelheadt: Pick No.4

1.04- RB Le'Veon Bell, PIT
2.09- WR Keenan Allen, LAC
3.04- RB Christian McCaffrey, CAR
4.09- WR JuJu Smith-Schuster, PIT
5.04- WR Golden Tate, DET
6.09- TE Kyle Rudolph, MIN
7.04- QB Matthew Stafford, DET
8.09- RB Devontae Booker, DEN
9.04- RB C.J. Anderson, CAR
10.09- QB Jared Goff, LAR
11.04- RB Giovani Bernard, CIN
12.09- WR Mohamed Sanu, ATL
13.04- WR Ted Ginn Jr., NO
14.09- K Greg Zuerlein, LAR
15.04- TE Nick Vannett, SEA
16.09- D/ST, Cincinnati Bengals

Analysis: How one feels about this team has a lot to do with how you feel Christian McCaffrey and JuJu Smith-Schuster will perform with Jonathan Stewart and Martavis Bryant no longer competing with them for playing time. Le'Veon Bell was an obvious choice after he curiously fell to No.4 and it's hard to argue against a healthy Keenan Allen with the round 2 selection, but after that, this draft was a tad puzzling despite the obvious upside. I liked McCaffrey a lot better before the team signed C.J. Anderson, but in Shovel's defense, he also drafted Anderson to hedge his bets. In addition, I was higher on Smith-Schuster before some nagging health concerns were reported. As it stands now, this isn't a WR corps I can get very excited about beyond Allen, but some would disagree most certainly as Golden Tate is a near perfect No.3 option. The QB duo of Stafford and Goff seems solid enough to me, so I don't think waiting on QB was to Shovel's detriment by any means. It's just hard to say what sort of roles Booker, Bernard, Sanu, Ginn, and Vannett will have this season. Maybe far less than what Shovel envisioned when he took them.

Key to No-Hassle Success: I am concerned about this team's overall depth with so many players not yet having a defined role. That being said, a dynamic 1-2 punch at RB can cure a lot of ills, and if McCaffrey takes a step forward and Bell plays 16 games, you might be hard pressed to find a better duo to base your hopes on. In the end, I think Shovel is going to need at least two of his players with less than defined roles to be pleasant surprises in 2018 to be successful. That pretty much includes all skill position picks between rounds 8 and 15. This mock is in June and that makes some of those later round picks pretty tough.

Favorite Pick: Prior to things getting a little murky for me, I really liked the 6/7 turn for Shovel where he picked Stafford and Rudolph. Talk about solidifying two positions in one swoop. I don't know how McCaffrey and Smith-Schuster will ultimately perform, but I'm fairly certain Shovel won't regret the 6/7 picks this season - not even once.

Least Favorite Pick: I really didn't like the Booker pick in the 8th. For me, there were RBs still available who offered much, much more. Like the Colts, I think Denver may bring in another veteran RB before all is said and done and that could relegate Booker to the bench. I also thought the Bernard and Sanu picks were questionable.

Overall Outlook: I'm not going to bet against this team, because both McCaffrey and Smith-Schuster showed such promise in 2017. Some players go through a sophomore slump as most everyone knows prior to re-grouping in year three, but both of these guys look capable of bucking that unfortunate trend. The starters on this team could really form a formidable unit with Bell and Allen serving as anchors, but the depth has very little upside. To sum up, this team has me scratching my head. They might be really, really good for reasons already noted...but I have reservations. Watch the second-year guys as the season is likely to rise or fall on their young shoulders.

Hawkeye21: Pick No.5

1.05- WR Antonio Brown, PIT
2.08- RB Devonta Freeman, ATL
3.05- WR Doug Baldwin, SEA
4.08- RB Lamar Miller, HOU
5.05- WR Larry Fitzgerald, ARI
6.08- QB Carson Wentz, PHI
7.05- TE Delanie Walker, TEN
8.08- RB Tarik Cohen, CHI
9.05- WR Randall Cobb, GB
10.08- RB Nick Chubb, CLE
11.05- D/ST, Jacksonville Jaguars
12.08- WR Danny Amendola, MIA
13.05- WR Calvin Ridley, ATL
14.08- K Justin Tucker, BAL
15.05- QB Mitchell Trubisky, CHI
16.08- TE Mike Gesicki, MIA

Analysis: I've never been in a mock with Hawkeye before, but color me impressed after this effort. So many of his picks included veterans, but not past their prime and thus still capable of performing at peak productivity. Examples? Freeman, Baldwin, and Walker readily come to mind. And, of course, the ultimate can't miss guy in any draft during the past 4-5 seasons is Antonio Brown. I think Wentz is being severely undervalued in an offense that runs as smooth as any in the league and his inclusion in the mix only solidifies my overall take on this team. In later rounds, Hawkeye turned to three rookies with upside in Ridley, Chubb, and Gesecki. As a general rule of thumb, I love rookie picks down the stretch, particularly if you are well fortified at other positions. Ridley as a No.6 WR on a team is just ridiculous value and you might say this team has the perfect WR1 (Brown), WR2 (Baldwin), WR3 (Fitzgerald), WR4 (Cobb) and so on. Save two picks, I thought this was a near perfect draft. Again, very impressed.

Key to No-Hassle Success: Because I believe the top three picks are locks to perform at expected levels, the keys to ultimate success has to lie within a different chunk of the roster. Which brings me to the RB position beyond Freeman. I am not sold on Lamar Miller as a difference maker this year and Cohen is a very small (albeit exciting) player that I think is better served as a RB4 than the next man up after Miller. As such, Chubb could end up being the key for this team as if he carves out a big role in Cleveland, this team could soar. Finding a dependable complement to Freeman at RB would be my No.1 key.

Favorite Pick: Take the Miller pick out, and I would be hard pressed to find fault with any of Hawk's first seven selections. I think he stole Freeman and Baldwin and I would have personally picked Antonio Brown as high as No.3 overall. What a talented trio to open a draft. Also thought all three rookies taken later on have magnificent upside.

Least Favorite Pick: Miller and Trubisky. I thought Hawk waited too long to grab his second QB, especially with Wentz coming off a season-ending injury. And, my feelings about Miller have already been noted. He's a guy I won't touch this year as he looks like a player to me who has lost burst.

Overall Outlook: It would not surprise me one bit to see this team contend for a title in Hawk's first year in the league. I love the way this team was put together and I really think Wentz is going to be top 3-4 at his position, making him a sixth round steal. That's assuming he can get on the field from day 1. This team has both explosive potential and steady consistency with respect to scoring built into their overall chemistry. And, this is looking more and more like a year to have a top 5 pick as the three guys you can land in the first 25-29 picks are stellar. Consider this team a serious contender from early September on.

Matt's Eagles: Pick No.6

1.06- WR DeAndre Hopkins, HOU
2.07- RB Joe Mixon, CIN
3.06- TE Travis Kelce, KC
4.07- RB Rashaad Penny, SEA
5.06- WR Marvin Jones, DET
6.07- WR Sammy Watkins, KC
7.06- WR Corey Davis, TEN
8.07- RB Rex Burkhead, NE
9.06- QB Andrew Luck, IND
10.07- QB Patrick Mahomes, KC
11.06- D/ST, Los Angeles Rams
12.07- RB Corey Clement, PHI
13.06- WR Anthony Miller, CHI
14.07- TE Charles Clay, BUF
15.06- RB Matt Breida, SF
16.07- K Robbie Gould, SF

Analysis: I have always found Matt to be one of the most intriguing drafters to ever take part in this longstanding tradition we call the June Mock and this year was no different. It started from the opening bell with Matt taking DeAndre Hopkins only one pick later than Antonio Brown. I have Hopkins rated as my No.2 overall WR like many people, but consider him more a late first round pick than a mid-one. Beyond that, taking Joe Mixon before Devonta Freeman, Howard, McCoy, and even McKinnon was something I could not have foreseen. Throw in early selections of Rashaad Penny and Marvin Jones and you have a team full of guys that I don't dislike by any means, but also a team full of guys I thought were taken a tad early...or in Mixon's case, a whole round early. But, I do love the fact that Matt does not operate robotically - that is, he makes the picks he wants when he wants. His results over the years have proven that he often gets it right in spite of what I or anyone else might think.

Key to No-Hassle Success: Other than Mixon taking a major leap forward, the success of the Kansas City passing game is clearly going to be the key to this team doing well. With Mahomes, Watkins, and Kelce all in the fold, Matt has gone all-in on Andy Reid's revamped skill position lineup and if Mahomes proves to be a top tier guy in his first year as a starter, the productivity of Kelce and Watkins should follow suit. Penny also must be the THE GUY in Seattle - something that may prove difficult given how hard it has been for anybody to run behind that offensive line in recent times. If Mahomes is a flop, so too will be Matt's Eagles for obvious reasons.

Favorite Pick: An argument can be made for Travis Kelce over Rob Gronkowski as the top TE to own in fantasy football and while I'm not a huge fan of taking a TE early, 3.06 seems like extreme value for Kelce. And, while he's a huge risk, taking Andrew Luck in the 9th was another pick that I thought was worthy of praise.

Least Favorite Pick: Hate to beat a dead horse, but the Mixon pick put this team behind the 8-ball. I think this team has a sub-average pair of starting RBs and a sub-average WR corps beyond Hopkins. That could all change with a breakout season from Mixon or Watkins, though, so Matt may get the last laugh.

Overall Outlook: Clearly from the comments above, this wasn't one of my favorite teams coming out of the draft, but that’s not to say they can't be an efficient group from week-to-week. While Hopkins was overvalued, his brilliance last season cannot be overstated. And I think Corey Davis has real upside and could be a breakout player. So, the WR corps has massive upside even if I perceive some risk and if either of Matt's risky options at QB come through, success could readily follow. There's no room for certainty on anything in fantasy football in June and as such, I guess this is the ultimate "wait and see" kind of team in hindsight.

Dan: Pick No.7

1.07- RB Alvin Kamara, NO
2.06- WR Mike Evans, TB
3.07- RB Kenyan Drake, MIA
4.06- QB Deshaun Watson, HOU
5.07- WR Michael Crabtree, BAL
6.06- TE Greg Olsen, CAR
7.07- WR Marquise Goodwin, SF
8.06- WR Kelvin Benjamin, BUF
9.07- QB Ben Roethlisberger, PIT
10.06- WR Sterling Shepard, NYG
11.07- RB Bilal Powell, NYJ
12.06- D/ST, Philadelphia Eagles
13.07- RB Spencer Ware, KC
14.06- TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins, JAX
15.07- WR James Washington, PIT
16.06- K Dan Bailey, DAL

Analysis: It was good to have Dan back with us this year after a one-year sabbatical and he made the most of his return with a well-balanced, well-constructed team. Few teams will be able to rival him in terms of QB scoring with both Deshaun Watson and Ben Roethlisberger in the fold. Ben, in particular, is streaky with better games coming at home than on the road. That makes him a perfect complement to Watson, who looks like his big games scoring-wise could be huge based on last year's small sample size. At RB, Dan opted for a couple of guys who can not only score points running the ball, but catching it as well. There are question marks at wide receiver, but Dan has tossed enough darts at the bulls-eye that surely one will come through alongside the more certain Mike Evans. Basically, Dan appears to be above average at every position but WR and that's typically a recipe for No-Hassle success unless the receiving corps is simply awful. In this case, it isn't and Dan looks primed to be a factor in the race for No-Hassle glory.

Key to No-Hassle Success: I think Dan's picks in Rounds 3 and 4 could essentially make or break his season. The Watson pick was bold as no quarterback in the draft has more upside sans Aaron Rodgers than Watson does. Likewise, Kenyan Drake showed flashes last year of being a true difference maker in the fantasy football realm. The problem is, neither guy has ever done it for a full NFL season. They're both still somewhat uncertain commodities and that fact alone makes them pivotal pieces. Dan's depth at QB, WR, and TE is very solid, so the only other key would be Kamara and Drake staying healthy. Their backups lack upside and might be lacking if forced into duty.

Favorite Pick: There were two. First, Greg Olsen in the sixth round was a super find. Dan could have taken Olsen in the fifth and I wouldn't have complained, but grabbing him in the sixth allowed for him to snag Michael Crabtree in the fifth as a much needed WR2. The other favorite pick of mine was Roethlisberger in the ninth round. Are you kidding me?

Least Favorite Pick: Neither Marquise Goodwin nor Kelvin Benjamin reside as high on my wish lists as they apparently do on Dan's. Everyone seems eager to jump on the 49er bandwagon this year, and rightfully so, but the pieces of that puzzle still seem jumbled. As for Benjamin, his body is getting old quick for a young guy. Buyer beware.

Overall Outlook: There are scenarios (injury, regression for some of the younger players) that I foresee that could derail this team and prevent them from making noise. That being said, I think there's a far greater likelihood that the team takes off. Aside from Crabtree and Olsen, the stars of this team are young and still moving up in terms of possible impact and value. Kamara looked unstoppable at times last year and if he merely repeats his stats, Dan could have a title contender on his hands with so many other good resources already in place. Expect this team to have at least 2-3 weeks in which they lead the league in scoring. They are combustible...and that's a good thing.

RicemanX: Pick No.8

1.08- RB Kareem Hunt, KC
2.05- RB Dalvin Cook, MIN
3.08- WR T.Y. Hilton, IND
4.05- TE Zach Ertz, PHI
5.08- WR Jarvis Landry, CLE
6.05- WR Devin Funchess, CAR
7.08- WR Robert Woods, LAR
8.05- QB Jimmy Garoppolo, SF
9.08- RB Chris Thompson, WAS
10.05- RB Jamaal Williams, GB
11.08- WR Cameron Meredith, NO
12.05- TE George Kittle, SF
13.08- QB Alex Smith, WAS
14.05- WR DeSean Jackson, TB
15.08- D/ST, Baltimore Ravens
16.05- K Chris Boswell, PIT

Analysis: I know most people want a pick in the top five, but if picking No.8 lands me Kareem Hunt, Dalvin Cook, and T.Y. Hilton, then sign me up for No.8. Hunt is still a bit of a mystery after charging out of the gates and then slumping mid-season before turning it on again during the fantasy playoffs. Still, his pairing with Cook gives Riceman two exciting young RBs to build around assuming Cook comes back to where he was at the start of last season. And, if Andrew Luck plays a whole season, then getting Hilton 32 picks into the draft was a major steal. The flip side of the Hunt/Cook dynamic is the sophomore slump possibility. Second-year players always carry some risk, but both of these guys are in such stable situations, that possibility seems low. Beyond the heart of this team lies some question marks, especially at the QB position and in terms of WR strength. Still, I think the foundation laid here was solid and if this team can maintain health, consistent production should follow.

Key to No-Hassle Success: I think this is a fairly low-risk team in spite of some youth/inexperience, but they still could turn out to be below average at QB and WR if anyone were to take a step backwards. Garoppolo demonstrated fantastic poise in his six games as a 49er last season, but his long-term fantasy prospects are still a mystery at this point. And, no one doubts Jarvis Landry's talent, but can he produce as a member of the new-look/old-look Cleveland Browns. So, if I had to pick out two guys who will serve as a barometer for this team, give me Jimmy G and Landry. I like the depth on the team a lot. If Garoppolo and Landry actually take a step UP, this team could soar.

Favorite Pick: I’m at a loss as to how T.Y. Hilton fell to 3.08. If he had fallen two more spots, I would have wet my pants in order to get him. A healthy Luck makes Hilton a top 5-8 WR in my book and he's being severely undervalued in mocks thus far this summer. I also liked the Robert Woods and Chris Thompson picks during the middle rounds.

Least Favorite Pick: Hard to find fault with any of Rice's picks, but if you're going to hold my feet to the fire, I thought there were better options at TE when he chose George Kittle. Having Zach Ertz makes the backup TE a little less critical, but Kittle seemed like a reach to me in spite of him having some upside.

Overall Outlook: The fact that my least favorite pick was a late-round flier at TE tells you that I really like this team. There are so many positive pieces in place and it begins with a RB duo that could produce two top-five guys at the position. That and starting TE are the obvious strengths of this team, but I think the eclectic mix of players chosen during the second half of the draft will also produce fruit in the best-ball format. This just has the look and feel of a contender in looking at the roster from top to bottom. Rice had to bail out on us early last season and never got to thus put a true stamp on the team he originally called his own. This team has that stamp and the explosive potential along with the balance and depth present give this team a dangerous look to be sure.

Remote Controller: Pick No.9

1.09- RB Melvin Gordon, LAC
2.04- WR A.J. Green, CIN
3.09- WR Adam Thielen, MIN
4.04- RB Mark Ingram, NO
5.09- TE Jimmy Graham, GB
6.04- QB Drew Brees, NO
7.09- WR Pierre Garcon, SF
8.04- RB Isaiah Crowell, NYJ
9.09- WR Robby Anderson, NYJ
10.04- QB Jameis Winston, TB
11.09- RB Duke Johnson, CLE
12.04- WR Tyler Lockett, SEA
13.09- RB Ty Montgomery, GB
14.04- TE Vance McDonald, PIT
15.09- D/ST, Denver Broncos
16.04- K Matt Prater, DET

Analysis: If Mark Ingram were playing from Day 1, what a starting lineup this would be. As is, Remote's bunch could struggle out of the gate with Crowell, Duke Johnson and Ty Montgomery looking to pick up the slack at the position. A.J Green is also a notoriously slow starter and Adam Thielen may need a month to gel with Kirk Cousins, so I could see this team as middle of the pack or worse during the month of September. As Ingram returns, though, the unit ought to pick up steam as it taps into the likely red zone wizardry of Jimmy Graham in Green Bay and the usual excellence of Drew Brees in New Orleans. In games where the Saints light up the scoreboard, Brees and Ingram are likely to both benefit and those are the weeks Remote could find himself towards the top of the weekly standings. Gordon and Green are reliable RB/WR1s in everyone's book, but I see a lower ceiling for both. That cap on upside cools my jets a little with respect to this team, but there's little doubt they'll get better as the season wears on.

Key to No-Hassle Success: Weathering the September storm of missing Ingram and having guys on new teams and/or dealing with new QBs throwing them the ball will be key. After the first three picks, many of the players that followed exist on teams that are in a state of flux. Who will be San Francisco's true lead receiver? What sort of role will Isaiah Crowell truly have with the Jets? Potentially, both of those picks will turn out to be rosy, but along with the Graham pick, there is some risk in the sense that each could be in a diminishing role as the season wears on. Five of the first six picks were so safe that this team is likely assured of being top 6 at worst. The key to being better lies with the "role" players.

Favorite Pick: I liken the pick of Adam Thielen at 3.09 to the Hilton selection in that both wide receivers fell way too far in this draft. And, while I know the Drew Brees of 2018 isn't the Drew Brees of 2013, it's hard to argue that getting him in the sixth round isn't a good thing. Still, Thielen was easily my favorite pick of Remote's draft.

Least Favorite Pick: I'm not a Melvin Gordon guy, so I was pretty happy when Remote passed on Fournette and took Gordon instead. Gordon's career YPC is just a concern for me. I also would have taken Dalvin Cook over A.J. Green. After those first two picks, I can find very little fault with what Remote did all the way to the finish line.

Overall Outlook: Of all the teams in this draft, this team probably has the highest floor. Gordon and Green have little chance of being busts. They have clearly defined roles on teams that depend on them to be the focal points of their respective offenses. Short of an injury epidemic, this team is not going to flop. Do I think they'll be explosive enough to win a title? Not sure about that, but I do believe they are capable of going far based on just how solid a foundation the first six picks provide. You would be hard pressed to find six picks that were any safer from the standpoint of knowing what you're getting. If Remote is top five heading into October, watch out as this team will improve as the season pushes forward.

Fumbleweed: Pick No.10

1.10- RB Leonard Fournette, JAX
2.03- WR Michael Thomas, NO
3.10- RB Derrick Henry, TEN
4.03- QB Russell Wilson, SEA
5.10- QB Tom Brady, NE
6.03- RB Ronald Jones, TB
7.10- WR Cooper Kupp, LAR
8.03- WR Emmanuel Sanders, DEN
9.10- WR Allen Hurns, DAL
10.03- WR Kenny Stills, MIA
11.10- RB DOnta' Foreman, HOU
12.03- RB Doug Martin, OAK
13.10- TE David Njoku, CLE
14.03- TE Jared Cook, OAK
15.10- K Wil Lutz, NO
16.03- D/ST, Carolina Panthers

Analysis: It’s difficult to analyze your own team as it's generally filled with guys you liked, thus skewing the reality of what's truly there. What I will try to do instead is focus on the strengths and weaknesses as I perceive them. QB is an obvious strength with both Wilson and Brady in the fold and while having two great QBs has proved to have value in a best-ball format, I would have made the same choice in a format in which only one counts per week. QBs play differently based on home vs. away and match-ups, and I value options at that position in the midst of that reality. I also believe this team is both solid and deep at RB with each of whom could be the undisputed starter on their teams by mid-season at the latest. So, what are the team's weaknesses? Beyond Michael Thomas, there is plenty of uncertainty at the WR position and with TE not addressed until round 13, that could turn out to be a subpar position as well. Taking two QBs in the first five rounds can be good if the studs fall, but there are negative consequences as well.

Key to No-Hassle Success: I call it batting .500. I took four wide receivers in a row in the middle rounds and I need two of the four to be solid week-in, week-out contributors. That means when it comes to Kupp, Sanders, Stills, and Hurns, two could be semi-busts and it would be OK as long as the other two aren't. Also, Ronald Jones needs to shine in his rookie season if this team is going to get over the top. Jones shouldn't have much competition for work unless Tampa brings in a veteran at some point to address the lack of depth currently present at that position. If Jones can produce like a top 15-20 RB and I get that .500 production previously noted at WR, I think good things will unfold.

Favorite Pick: I couldn't have asked for a better two players out of the 10 spot than Fournette and Michael Thomas. I would take those two guys over almost anyone that could feasibly be had in the first two rounds of a redraft this summer. I was also happy that Russell Wilson and Allen Hurns fell as far as they did. I considered both to be enormous value picks.

Least Favorite Pick: I like Derrick Henry's chances to emerge as a top 10-15 RB in 2018, but would have gladly taken Hilton or Thielen over him had they not been picked at 3.08 and 3.09. Also, Emmanuel Sanders could rebound with Case Keenum under center, but that wasn't a pick I was too excited about as upside with him is limited.

Overall Outlook: I would hope that anyone who has prepared for a draft likes what they did once the draft is complete. That's certainly how I feel about this group. Are there teams that might look better from a non-biased perspective? You bet. Anytime Cooper Kupp is the second WR chosen for your roster and David Njoku is the first tight end, there are obviously some issues to be concerned about. But, I think the strengths of this team will allow whatever weaknesses exist not to sink the boat. There is a stable foundation in place with Wilson/Brady, Fournette, and Thomas, but 3-4 players don't win titles. Others will need to step up. Starting in September, we get to see if they will.

ICEMAN: Pick No.11

1.11- WR Julio Jones, ATL
2.02- WR Davante Adams, GB
3.11- RB Derrius Guice, WAS
4.02- RB Jay Ajayi, PHI
5.11- RB Dion Lewis, TEN
6.02- RB Marshawn Lynch, OAK
7.11- QB Philip Rivers, LAR
8.02- RB Tevin Coleman, ATL
9.11- TE Trey Burton, CHI
10.02- WR Nelson Agholor, PHI
11.11- WR Dez Bryant, FA
12.02- WR Tyrell Williams, LAC
13.11- TE Cameron Brate, TB
14.02- QB Blake Bortles, JAX
15.11- K Matt Bryant, ATL
16.02- D/ST, New Orleans Saints

Analysis: This isn't the first time that ICE has gone WR-WR to begin a draft and actually, he's historically the most likely guy to do that year in and year out. The question is: Did he pick the right combo? Julio Jones has some question marks entering the season as he doesn't appear to be a happy camper and Davante Adams might have gone a little early, although if you like a guy, sometimes you've just got to go get him. What I like about ICE here is that while he was the last guy to pick a RB, he was also the first guy to grab his third running back...and his fourth. In other words, if you're going to go WR-WR, this is how you do that. You launch into a RB-picking barrage shortly thereafter. The end result is a team with plenty of firepower at RB, even if none of the guys picked are top tier. The fact that Tevin Coleman, an ideal RB3 is the fifth back on this team speaks to the incredible depth at the position. Assuming Dez Bryant eventually finds a team, this team could be the league's best receiving team as well. There's a lot to like here.

Key to No-Hassle Success: First off, the drop from Philip Rivers to Blake Bortles is substantial in my eyes, so Rivers better maintain good health for this team to reach its potential. Second, Julio Jones needs to get happy with his contract and contribute like a first round pick should. Whether or not you thought Davante Adams was worthy of the pick at 2.02 or not, he's got the best fantasy QB in football throwing him the ball, so he's a safe bet not to bust. The same can't be said of Jones as frankly his value in the red zone has been shrinking over the last year. This team is so loaded at RB that two of the five should produce best-ball numbers that ICE can be proud of. It's QB depth and quality of the WRs that concern me.

Favorite Pick: Jay Ajayi was a terrific pick at 4.02. The Eagles are going to put a lot of teams away this season in the first half and Ajayi should see his touches increase from last year as a result. With Blount gone, Ajayi could easily be a top ten guy at his position and I went back and forth on picking Derrick Henry vs. him at 4.02. Wouldn't surprise me if I ultimately chose wrong there.

Least Favorite Pick: I have Julio graded as a mid-second rounder this season, so obviously I didn't like that pick when several other WRs I like better were still available. ICE really nailed his draft, beyond the first pick or two, so the Jones pick isn't likely going to make or break this team. I really can't find any picks between rounds 3-16 that I didn't like.

Overall Outlook: Yes, ICE lacks a true stud at RB, but is it better to have one of those and a bunch of third tier hopefuls...or a bunch of really good second tier guys? I would opt for the latter, which is why I think this team will ultimately produce as long as Rivers is healthy and Jones doesn't hold out. Rivers can be hot and cold and I can foresee some weeks when he and Bortles combine for truly dreadful numbers. On those weeks, I don't think this team is strong enough to overcome without taking a hit. On a positive note, there is tons of upside with this group. Burton could emerge as a top-5 TE in Chicago and Bryant could easily find a great fit later this summer for his skills. Stay tuned.

White Wonder: Pick No.12

1.12- RB Saquon Barkley, NYG
2.01- WR Odell Beckham Jr., NYG
3.12- RB Alex Collins, BAL
4.01- WR Amari Cooper, OAK
5.12- RB Sony Michel, NE
6.01- QB Cam Newton, CAR
7.12- TE Jordan Reed, WAS
8.01- WR Will Fuller, HOU
9.12- TE O.J. Howard, TB
10.01- WR Jamison Crowder, WAS
11.12- QB Eli Manning, NYG
12.01- RB Latavius Murray, MIN
13.12- D/ST, Los Angeles Chargers
14.01- WR Rishard Matthews, TEN
15.12- WR Quincy Enunwa, NYJ
16.01- K Harrison Butker, KC

Analysis: White Wonder did two bold things at the onset of this draft and no matter how you feel about his draft overall, you've gotta give some kudos to both. First, he took a rookie with his very first selection. That's not something you see every day, but Barkley could have once every five years kind of talent at that position and as such, maybe he's worth the value placed upon him. Secondly, Wonder's second pick was taken from the same NFL team as his first pick. That's pretty daring, too. Most guys would give anything to have, say, Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown on their team together...but these two belong to the New York Giants - one of the worst offenses in the league in 2017. If that doesn't scream "high risk" to you, I don't know what else can. Beyond the first two picks, I thought Wonder got caught missing out on a player that rounded out a particular tier. From Collins to Newton to Manning, I felt this was the case. The end result is a team I'm not overly thrilled with, but not because Wonder made any errors. This just isn't a spot I would enjoy picking from.

Key to No-Hassle Success: No need to overthink this one. Those first two picks have to yield worthy dividends and adding a second rookie RB in Round 5 truly made this a "swing for the fences" draft for Wonder. With Michael Crabtree gone, Cooper should rebound in Oakland to make that pick a solid one and while Manning isn't much of a fantasy QB anymore, he should have a few big games considering all the weapons he has at his disposal. The question is whether or not those two primary weapons can put up numbers on a weekly basis or if they're looking at much more sporadic production. Also, Alex Smith will need to establish some rapport with his pass catchers quickly - specifically Crowder and Jordan Reed.

Favorite Pick: Will Fuller was on his way to a breakout season last year before Deshaun Watson got hurt. And, while Fuller has an injury history of his own to be concerned about, I thought he was a wonderful find at 8.01. I was ready to take him at 8.03 and was disappointed that he never made it to me.

Least Favorite Pick: I much prefer Jay Ajayi to Alex Collins, so I thought Wonder missed out on an opportunity to grab a more talented runner at 3.12. Aside from that, I would never take two players in the first two rounds from a previously bad offensive team, but individually, the picks made sense.

Overall Outlook: It takes a special person to really embrace the 12-hole in a quality fantasy football redraft. You have to be bold as picking conservatively from this spot will likely yield you a team with no shot at finishing top-3 in any league. So, in that sense, Wonder did what he had to do. He had to take some chances and Barkley, Michel, Reed, and O.J. Howard are fairly representative of that reality. Do I think this is one of the top 3-5 teams in the league at first glance? No, I don't. But, do I think Wonder could have done much better with what was available to him at each pick? No, not really. As such, this is a high, high risk/reward team that will be fascinating to track. Anything is possible for such a volatile group.

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