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Dallas Cowboys, 1995 to 2014

 Pick  Pos  Player  College Note
1.16 OL  Zack Martin  Notre Dame   
2.02 DL  Demarcus Lawrence  Boise State  (from Redskins)
4.19 LB  Anthony Hitchens  Iowa   
5.06 WR  Devin Street  Pittsburgh  (from Raiders through Seahawks and Lions)
7.16 DL  Ben Gardner  Stanford   
7.23 LB  Will Smith  Texas Tech  (from Chiefs)
7.33 DB  Ahmad Dixon  Baylor  compensatory pick
7.36 DL  Ken Bishop  Northern Illinois  compensatory pick
7.39 DB  Terrance Mitchell  Oregon  compensatory pick
1.31 OL  Travis Frederick  Wisconsin  from SF
2.17 TE  Gavin Escobar  San Diego State   
3.12 WR  Terrance Williams  Baylor  from CAR through SF
3.18 DB  J.J. Wilcox  Georgia Southern   
4.17 DB  B.W. Webb  William & Mary   
5.18 RB  Joseph Randle  Oklahoma State   
6.17 LB  DeVonte Holloman  South Carolina   
1.06 DB  Morris Claiborne  Louisiana State  from WAS through STL
3.18 DL  Tyrone Crawford  Boise State   
4.18 LB  Kyle Wilber  Wake Forest   
4.40 DB  Matt Johnson  Eastern Washington  compensatory selection
5.17 WR  Danny Coale  Virginia Tech   
6.16 TE  James Hanna  Oklahoma   
7.15 LB  Caleb McSurdy  Montana   
1.09 OL  Tyron Smith     
2.08 LB  Bruce Carter  North Carolina   
3.07 RB  DeMarco Murray  Oklahoma   
4.13 OL  David Arkin  Missouri State   
5.12 DB  Josh Thomas     
6.11 WR  Dwayne Harris  East Carolina   
7.17 RB  Shaun Chapas  Georgia  from SD
7.49 OL  Bill Nagy  Wisconsin  compensatory pick
1.24 WR  Dez Bryant  Oklahoma State  from PHI through DEN and NE
2.23 LB  Sean Lee  Penn State  from PHI
4.28 DB  Akwasi Owusu-Ansah  Indiana, Pa.  from SD through MIA
6.10 OL  Sam Young  Notre Dame  from MIA
6.27 DB  Jamar Wall  Texas Tech   
7.27 DL  Sean Lissemore  William & Mary   
3.05 LB  Jason Williams  Western Illinois  from CLE
3.11 OL  Robert Brewster  Ball State  from BUF
4.01 QB  Stephen McGee  Texas A&M  from DET
4.10 LB  Victor Butler  Oregon State  from BUF
4.20 LB  Brandon Williams  Texas Tech  from TB
5.07 DB  DeAngelo Smith  Cincinnati  from OAK through ATL
5.30 DB  Michael Hamlin  Clemson  from TEN
5.36 K  David Buehler    compensatory pick
6.24 LB  Stephen Hodge  Texas Christian  from MIA
6.35 TE  John Phillips  Virginia  compensatory pick
7.18 DB  Mike Mickens  Cincinnati   
7.20 WR  Manuel Johnson  Oklahoma  from CHI through TB
1.22 RB  Felix Jones  Arkansas  from CLE
1.25 DB  Mike Jenkins  South Florida  from SEA
2.30 TE  Martellus Bennett  Texas A&M   
4.23 RB  Tashard Choice  Georgia Tech  from CLE
5.08 DB  Orlando Scandrick  Boise State  from CHI through BUF and JAC
6.01 LB  Erik Walden  Middle Tennessee  from MIA
1.26 DL  Anthony Spencer  Purdue  from PHI
3.03 OL  James Marten  Boston College  from CLE
4.04 WR  Isaiah Stanback  Washington  from CLE
4.23 OL  Doug Free  Northern Illinois   
6.04 K  Nick Folk  Arizona  from CLE
6.21 RB  Deon Anderson  Connecticut  from DAL through CLE
7.02 DB  Courtney Brown  Cal Poly  from DET through NYJ
7.27 DB  Alan Ball  Illinois  from NO
1.18 LB  Bobby Carpenter  Ohio State   
2.21 TE  Anthony Fasano  Notre Dame  from NYJ; trade 2006 2.17 also received 2006 6.20, 7.03 (through WAS; trade 2006 2.03, also received 6.20 and 2007 2nd round pick)
3.28 DL  Jason Hatcher    from JAX; trade 2006 3.16, also received 4.28
4.28 WR  Skyler Green  Louisiana State  from JAX; trade 2006 3.16, also received 3.28
5.05 DB  Pat Watkins  Florida State  from NYJ; trade 2006 5.17, 6.20
6.13 DL  Montavious Stanley  Louisville  from PHI
7.03 OL  Paul McQuistan  Weber State  from NYJ; trade 2006 2.17 also received 2006 2.21, 6.20
7.16 OL  E.J. Whitley  Texas Tech   
1.11 DL  DeMarcus Ware     
1.20 DL  Marcus Spears    from BUF; trade draft pick 2004 1.22 used to select QB J.P. Losman
2.10 LB  Kevin Burnett  Tennessee   
4.08 RB  Marion Barber  Minnesota   
4.31 DL  Chris Canty  Virginia  from PHI; trade draft picks 2005 5.12, 2006 4th round (TBD)
6.34 DB  Justin Beriault  Ball State  compensatory pick
6.35 OL  Rob Petitti  Pittsburgh  compensatory pick
7.10 DL  Jay Ratliff  Auburn   
2.11 RB  Julius Jones  Notre Dame  from BUF; trade draft pick 2004 1.22 plus rec'd draft pick 2004 5.12 and 2005 1st
2.20 OL  Jacob Rogers  Southern California   
3.20 OL  Stephen Peterman  Louisiana State   
4.25 DB  Bruce Thornton  Georgia   
5.12 TE  Sean Ryan  Boston College  from BUF; trade draft pick 2004 1.22 plus rec'd draft pick 2004 2.11 and 2005 1st
7.04 DB  Nathan Jones  Rutgers  from OAK; trade draft picks
7.15 WR  Patrick Crayton  N.W. Oklahoma  from TB; trade draft pick 2004 7.05 plus rec'd RB Darian Barnes
7.22 DB  Jacques Reeves  Purdue  from OAK; trade draft picks (was from DAL; compensation DE Kenyon Coleman (2003))
1.05 DB  Terence Newman  Kansas State   
2.06 OL  Al Johnson  Wisconsin   
3.05 TE  Jason Witten  Tennessee   
4.06 LB  Bradie James  Louisiana State   
6.05 DB  B.J. Tucker  Wisconsin   
6.13 WR  Zuriel Smith  Hampton  from KC; trade draft picks
7.05 OL  Justin Bates  Colorado   
1.08 DB  Roy Williams  Oklahoma   
2.05 OL  Andre Gurode  Colorado   
2.31 WR  Antonio Bryant  Pittsburgh   
3.10 DB  Derek Ross  Ohio State   
4.31 RB  Jamar Martin  Ohio State   
5.33 DB  Pete Hunter  Virginia Union   
6.07 OL  Tyson Walter  Ohio State   
6.36 WR  DeVeren Johnson  Sacred Heart   
6.39 TE  Bob Slowikowski  Virginia Tech   
2.22 QB  Quincy Carter  Georgia   
2.25 DB  Tony Dixon  Alabama   
3.31 DL  Willie Blade  Mississippi State   
4.27 LB  Markus Steele  Southern California   
5.06 OL  Matt Lehr  Virginia Tech   
6.08 DL  Daleroy Stewart  Southern Mississippi   
7.07 DL  Colston Weatherington  Central Missouri   
7.40 DL  John Nix  Southern Mississippi   
7.42 OL  Char-ron Dorsey  Florida State   
2.18 DB  Dwayne Goodrich  Tennessee   
4.15 DB  Kareem Larrimore  West Texas A&M   
5.15 RB  Michael Wiley  Ohio State   
6.14 DB  Mario Edwards  Florida State   
7.13 LB  Orantes Grant  Georgia   
1.20 DL  Ebenezer Ekuban  North Carolina   
3.24 LB  Dat Nguyen  Texas A&M   
4.23 WR  Wane McGarity     
6.24 WR  Martay Jenkins  Nebraska-Omaha   
7.23 TE  Mike Lucky  Arizona   
1.08 DL  Greg Ellis  North Carolina   
4.08 DL  Michael Myers  Alabama   
5.07 LB  Darren Hambrick  South Carolina   
6.35 DB  Izell Reese  Ala.-Birmingham   
7.34 RB  Tarik Smith     
1.22 TE  David LaFleur     
3.34 DB  Kenny Wheaton     
4.05 DL  Antonio Anderson     
4.31 WR  Macey Brooks     
7.23 DB  Omar Stoutmire  Fresno State   
2.07 DL  Kavika Pittman  McNeese State   
2.19 LB  Randall Godfrey  Georgia   
3.34 DL  Mike Ulufale     
5.35 LB  Alan Campos     
6.40 DB  Wendell Davis     
3.28 DB  Charlie Williams     
4.31 DB  Alundis Brice     
5.32 WR  Edward Hervey     
5.34 LB  Dana Howard     
7.28 DL  Oscar Sturgis