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Projections & Rankings Update – 8/9/12

By: — August 9, 2012 @ 9:19 am
Filed under: Forecast

Player Projections, Rankings & Cheatsheets
Change Log – 8/9/12


  • Mark Sanchez (-3) Tebow is likely to get his shot sooner or later.
  • Brandon Weeden (+1) We assumed but it’s now official… Weeden will start.
  • Colt McCoy (-6) McCoy’s slide continues. By the time training camp is over, I’m expecting Seneca Wallace to be the No. 2 QB.
  • Kevin Kolb (-5) Poor play in first preseason game has Kolb trending downward.

Running Backs

  • Trent Richardson (-2) Minor or not, surgery is surgery. It’s a red flag that sends Trent to the bottom of the tier. Depending on his progress, he may fall out of the tier 2 in the next update.
  • Kevin Smith (+27) Smith’s value continues to rise with Best and Leshoure on the sidelines.
  • Roy Helu (-8) Still like Helu to lead the team in fantasy production but its anyone’s guess, which one of the RBs Shanahan will play.
  • Evan Royster (+16) Shanahan’s favorite… for now.

Wide Receivers

Tight Ends

  • Robert Housler (+2) This kid would be a stud in a better offense with a better QB.

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