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2021 Dynasty Rookie Draft Results

By Bill Anderson | 5/19/21 |

One of the most fun parts about being in a dynasty league is the annual rookie draft. It’s a chance to rebuild a lineup for non-contending teams and to add depth to teams that are in it to win it this year. For hardcore leagues this draft will often take place very shortly after the NFL draft so owners that have done the most research are often rewarded. I recently completed two dynasty rookie drafts, one traditional setup and one Superflex format. I hope by sharing these drafts with you it will better prepare you for how your own drafts may go so that you may better position yourself to grab the value that you deem attractive.

Draft No.1, May 2nd

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE
0.5 PPR scoring

1.01 RB Najee Harris (Pittsburgh)
1.02 WR Ja’Marr Chase (Cincinnati)
1.03 TE Kyle Pitts (Atlanta)
1.04 RB Travis Etienne (Jacksonville)
1.05 WR Jaylen Waddle (Miami)
1.06 RB Javonte Williams (Denver)
1.07 DeVonta Smith (WR Philadelphia)
1.08 QB Trevor Lawrence (Jacksonville)
1.09 QB Trey Lance (San Francisco)
1.10 WR Rashod Bateman (Baltimore)
1.11 RB Trey Sermon (San Francisco)
1.12 QB Justin Fields (Chicago)

Round 1 Analysis: In a league setup like this, the first 3 picks will be Harris, Chase and Pitts in some order. They make up the first tier as players who are either considered can’t-miss prospects and/or in the case of Harris, a player who landed in a spot where he could be among the league leaders in touches in year 1.

In Tier No.2 you have Etienne, Williams, Waddle, and Smith in some order. The running backs make the tier because of position scarcity and draft capital and the receivers because of combination of draft capital and landing spot. After this tier, most leagues will start to draft quarterbacks, even in a 1 QB setup, simply because of the high upside and the uncertainty at both RB and WR in the next couple tiers. Personally, I would want to trade up if I was outside the top 8-10 picks because I see a drop-off after the top 3 QB’s are off the board.

2.01 RB Michael Carter (New York Jets)
2.02 WR Terrace Marshall Jr. (Carolina)
2.03 WR Elijah Moore (New York Jets)
2.04 WR Rondale Moore (Arizona)
2.05 WR Kadarius Toney (New York Giants)
2.06 WR Dyami Brown (Washington)
2.07 WR Nico Collins (Houston)
2.08 WR Amon-Ra St. Brown (Detroit)
2.10 QB Zach Wilson (New York Jets)
2.11 WR Amari Rodgers (Green Bay)
2.12 RB Chuba Hubbard (Carolina)

Round 2 Analysis: Round 2 in most leagues, is going to be filled with WRs, as the running backs dry up due to a weak class in general and not a ton of good landing spots after Sermon and Carter. I could see a Tight End like Pat Freiermuth slipping into this round based on a team’s needs, but otherwise I think WR will dominate this round, with a sprinkling of RB or QB. If I’m at the top of this round I am probably trading back a few spots. Values in this round are Collins and St. Brown, who could both soak up a lot of targets and outperform guys taken several picks before them as early as year 1.

Draft No.2, May 15th (Superflex)

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 QB/RB/WR
0.5 PPR scoring

1.01 QB Trevor Lawrence (Jacksonville)
1.02 QB Trey Lance (San Francisco)
1.03 QB Justin Fields (Chicago)
1.04 WR Ja’Marr Chase (Cincinnati)
1.05 RB Najee Harris (Pittsburgh)
1.06 TE Kyle Pitts (Atlanta)
1.07 RB Javonte Williams (Denver)
1.08 QB Zach Wilson (New York Jets)
1.09 RB Travis Etienne (Jacksonville)
1.10 WR DeVonta Smith (Philadelphia)
1.11 WR Jaylen Waddle (Miami)
1.12 RB Trey Sermon (San Francisco)

Round 1 Analysis: Similar names but WAY different order in a Superflex format. The top 3 quarterbacks in this draft class offer immense upside as not only great prospects on paper, but also fantasy contributors in year 1, potential difference makers as runners, and solid landing spots. Due to the strength of this QB class, it provides great value for those teams that need WR or RB or TE, as the top guys at these positions fall to the middle of the round. In this format I’m doing everything I can to trade up into the top 10 picks, as the tiers start to drop drastically afterwards. A Superflex format certainly makes this class look much more appealing.

2.01 WR Rashod Bateman (Baltimore)
2.02 RB Michael Carter (New York Jets)
2.03 WR Rondale Moore (Arizona)
2.04 WR Terrace Marshall Jr. (Carolina)
2.05 QB Mac Jones (New England)
2.06 WR Elijah Moore (New York Jets)
2.07 WR Nico Collins (Houston)
2.08 WR Kadarius Toney (New York Giants)
2.09 TE Pat Freiermuth (Pittsburgh)
2.10 WR Amon-Ra St. Brown (Detroit)
2.11 WR Amari Rodgers (Green Bay)
2.12 WR Dyami Brown (Washington)

Round 2 Analysis: A couple new names sneak into this draft but overall it’s mostly the same guys, just in a different order. Once again, if I have an early 2nd round pick I’m either trading up (first choice) or trading back, but not sitting at the top of the round, as you are getting poor value in most cases. If I have a late 2nd I’m sitting and letting the draft come to me, or trading out completely if you are not in love with any of the 3rd and 4th tier players here.

Final Thought

Regardless of format, this looks like a top-heavy draft with solid value thrown in after the top 15 players are off the board. My main objective would be to trade up into the early first round if possible, in basically any format. If I’m holding picks in the late first or early second and can’t trade up I’m looking to trade back in order to maximize value.