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The Shot Caller's Report - WRs
Your Weekly Guide To Fantasy Lineups: Week 16
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Bye Weeks:

Grab a Helmet

Pierre Garcon

Juicy matchup for Garcon in Wk 16.

Pierre Garcon v. DAL: If itís possible to command over 150 targets and still fly almost completely under the radar, this guy has managed to do it in 2013. The Shanahan/Snyder soap opera in D.C. has distracted us from the Skinsí on-field product this season, and thatís really a shame in GarÁonís case because heís having the most complete, and most successful, season of his career (10.0 points/game). The 154 targets rank him third overall at the position (only Andre Johnson and A.J. Green have more) and his 140.5 fantasy points place him firmly in the top 15 through 14 games. If he found the end zone more often, heíd be a surefire top 10 guy. He found it last week despite the quarterback change and stands a pretty good chance of locating it again this Sunday. It doesnít hurt that heíll, presumably, have the Dallas defense providing directions.

Mike Wallace @ BUF: Iíve been pretty hard on Wallace most of this year, primarily because he hasnít (and probably couldnít have) lived up to that huge contract he signed this past off-season. Iíll be danged if he hasnít started to earn some of that cake the last couple weeks, though, helping to vault the Fish into playoff contention in the process. If you throw out a predictably ugly performance against his former mates in Week 14, the one-time Steeler has averaged about 100 yards and a score per game since Week 12 and is more regularly flashing that big-play ability that made him feared in Pittsburgh. This week, he faces a Buffalo defense thatís served up the sixth most points to wide receivers (26.0 points/game). Heís always going to be a gamble (home-run hitters just are), but I like Wallaceís chances of scoring double digits again in Week 16. Better late than never, right?

Keenan Allen v. OAK: Weíve witnessed some eye-popping totals from wide receivers in this, the highest scoring season in NFL history (if current averages hold up the last two weeks), but nobody has authored a more efficient two-game stretch than San Diegoís rookie star. Allen has been targeted eight times by Philip Rivers the past two weeks and has caught five of those balls. Four of them (FOUR!) have gone for scores. What did Chris Berman always used to say about Chris Carter? All he does is catch touchdowns? Even Carter never experienced a stretch quite like that in his storied 16-year career. Itíd be nice if Allen could give us a few more touches per game, but weíll take what we can get if theyíre all gonna be worth at least six points, eh? He scored in the first matchup with Oakland and looks like a pretty good bet to do so again on Sunday. Keep starting him.

Grab Some Wood

Larry Fitzgerald @ SEA: This future Hall of Famer has been an automatic start most of his career and would be against any other opponent this season. Not against this opponent, however, and not this season. The Seattle defense is playing so well right now, they just won 12 of their fans $35,000 apiece. No, Iím not making that up and you should absolutely Google the story if you havenít already heard it. Fitz was essentially non-existent in the first matchup (two catches, 17 yards) and will again be paired up mano-y-mano with the best cornerback in the business come Sunday. Thereís always the chance he successfully stalemates the suffocating Sherman, but betting your fantasy championship on that possibility doesnít sound very wise to me. If you absolutely insist on starting an Arizona receiver, you might wanna consider the other one, Michael Floyd.

Jeremy Kerley, Santonio Holmes, or David Nelson v. CLE: Hard as it may be to believe, there IS a team thatís scored fewer points at the wide receiver position this season than New York (guess). That doesnít mean said team doesnít have some potentially start-able options at the position, as youíd know if you know the answer to that little quiz question. New York clearly doesnít have any of those, though, as even a cursory look at the stats would confirm. Hereís how many times a Jets receiver has topped the 100-yard mark, for instance, in 2013: two (both occurrences in Week 3). Hereís how many times a Jets receiver has managed double-digit receptions in a game: none. Hereís how many times a Jets receiver has managed even double-digit targets in a game: three (Pierre Garcon alone has received double-digit targets 12 times). I could do this all day, by the way, but in the interest of time, Iíll summarize thusly: You didnít get this far by starting Jets at wide receiver, so donít start now.

Roddy White @ SF: In case you needed one last reminder it’s been a crazy year…. Sitting down Fitzgerald and White with championships on the line would have been considered unconscionable back in early September, but you can’t base lineup decisions on what should have been or what could have been. You can only base them on reality and the reality is this: White is just the 75th-ranked receiver in total points heading into Week 14. Oh, you think it’s more realistic to use his points-per-game average because he’s been hurt? Fair enough. He’s just the 82nd-ranked receiver on a PPG basis, just in front of Andre Holmes, Mike Brown, and Rishard Matthews. Full disclosure: I didn’t know who any of those guys were when the season began. White’s got a tough matchup on Sunday night, to boot, so you should just go ahead and write his 2013 off as a huge disappointment and hope he rebounds in 2014.
Good luck, folks!