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Staff Writer
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Name: Chris Eakin
Age: 35
Profession: Marketing Rep
Obsession: Fantasy Football, Texas Hold’em, golf, and contemplating the next 10 years of Portland Trailblazer domination.
First Book Read: The Eagle has Landed by Jack Higgins
Favorite Players: All-Time players are Walter Payton, Bo Jackson, and Joe Montana.
Currently I’m still holding on to the USC glory days of Reggie Bush. I also like Andre Johnson and Brian Urlacher.
Latest Accomplishment: I’m here aren’t I?

Fantasy Football Resume:
  • I’m the rookie brought in to carry everyone’s bags for FFToday.
  • Defending Replacements League Champion
  • Years of fantasy trash talk with my Oregon Boys

Favorite Part of Fantasy Football: Drafting, drafting and more drafting. I do mock drafts every time I get the chance. I am an avid waiver-wire and trade maker during the season as well.

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