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Early Game Alert: The Week 4 ATL/JAX game is being played in London. Any pick for that game must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/1.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
02ranger In BAL DAL SF  
A94heel In JAC TB SEA  
adamedinger In BAL BUF KC  
adg180 In BAL NYG MIA  
ajbrandner In WAS NYG KC  
aminisci In BAL BUF KC  
AntonChigurh In WAS NYG KC  
atasin11 In BAL BUF SF  
audrey In BAL DAL SF  
barkeran77 In BAL DAL MIA  
bbauman In WAS BUF SEA  
bbrooker In BAL DAL SF  
Beaker41 In BAL TB KC  
bench_warmer In WAS DAL KC  
BenNice In BAL BUF SF  
bergerkings In WAS BUF KC  
biggdaddy50505 In WAS TB KC  
bigredxsf In BAL DAL SF  
billthouse In WAS NYG KC  
bloom2708 In BAL BUF SF  
boscori In BAL NYG NE  
bpmoen77 In BAL DAL SEA  
brbolman In WAS DAL KC  
brentgreenwald In BAL BUF KC  
brianmcculley In JAC DAL KC  
Brodie In BAL DAL KC  
bryangard In BAL DAL SF  
bturnmeyer In JAC NYG BUF  
buddha24 In WAS DAL SF  
bytheway In BAL DAL KC  
cah291 In BAL DAL SEA  
CaptainAmerica In WAS DAL KC  
cbetz71 In WAS NYG SF In WAS BUF SF  
chabney In BAL DAL SEA  
Chisoxfan In WAS BUF KC  
cjdewitt1350 In WAS BUF KC  
Claudius In WAS NYG CLE  
cmh6476 In BAL DAL DET  
cmorman40 In ATL BUF SEA  
coachm1999 In ATL BUF SF  
coolbrz515 In WAS NYG KC In WAS BUF SF  
cpanagos In WAS NYG SEA  
creative_name In BAL BUF SEA  
curtandy In JAC BUF SF  
cwspohr44 In BAL BUF MIA  
dabear01 In WAS BUF SEA  
dahoen In WAS PHI SF  
danielj03 In BAL BUF KC  
David_Cleary In WAS DAL SEA  
dburt99352 In BAL DAL KC  
Dcahalane23 In BAL DAL KC  
dcalster In BAL BUF SF  
dcdolan4 In BAL BUF KC  
derricfuchs In PHI DAL KC  
deucerider In BAL IND MIA  
dkrauseuf In BAL NO SF  
dmarino In BAL BUF SF In WAS PIT SEA  
dpaa4 In BAL DAL KC  
Drinkin_Lincoln In BAL TB KC  
d_nafus In BAL DAL KC  
e105969 In BAL DAL KC  
ebraga In BAL BUF KC  
edge In WAS DAL KC  
ejt In WAS NYG SEA  
elizart1897 In WAS NYG SEA  
emoney28 In WAS BUF KC  
erikporter34 In WAS NYG SEA  
erozanski In BAL DAL SEA  
evross3 In BAL BUF KC  
Expresivo In PHI NO SEA  
fecr In WAS IND KC  
FFWinner In BAL BUF SF  
Footer31 In WAS DAL KC  
forster705 In BAL BUF SF  
frank55555 In BAL BUF KC  
frankbama In BAL DAL KC  
frankr17 In JAC BUF SEA  
freedomrings In BAL BUF SF  
fulldeck52 In WAS TB KC  
Gaia_Nostra In BAL DAL SF  
gestir In BAL NYG SF  
giler In WAS BUF MIA  
Glenjammin In BAL BUF KC  
gmiholic In BAL DAL KC  
gncallaway In BAL DAL SF  
gnrslash4life In BAL DAL SF  
goskins94 In BAL BUF MIA  
gregkats In BAL BUF SF  
gwallis In WAS NYG BUF  
g_rhymes In WAS NYG MIA  
halbie In WAS BUF SF  
hereforthebeer4 In BAL BUF SF  
hiwimonkey In BAL DAL KC  
hokiegood In WAS BUF SEA  
horns_fan In WAS DAL KC  

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