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Projections & Rankings Update – 6/23

By: — June 23, 2011 @ 11:56 am
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Player Projections, Rankings & Cheatsheets
Change Log – 6/23


  • Changed the passing attempts and competition numbers for Aaron
    Rodgers, Tony Romo, Matt Schaub, Josh Freeman, Jay Cutler, Tim Tebow,
    Matt Cassel, & Colt McCoy.
  • +3 in the Rankings for Joe Flacco for his consistency the last
    two years.
  • Slight yardage downgrade (-75) for Matthew Stafford as his injury
    risk weighs on my mind.
  • Slight passing yardage increases for Cam Newton and Andy Dalton
    however both rookies remain in Tier 4.
  • Included Vince Young. He’s not expected back in Tennessee
    and has little fantasy value until he finds a home.

Running Backs

  • Changed the rushing attempts and reception numbers for numerous
    players which should help those of you with MyFFT PPR leagues get
    a more accurate view of the projections. Players with these changes
    include Arian Foster, Adrian Peterson, Michael Turner, Matt Forte,
    LeSean McCoy, Peyton Hillis, Michael Bush, & Beanie Wells.
  • -50 receiving yards for Jamaal Charles but Ranking stays the same.
  • Flip-flopped Ryan Torain (38) and Keiland Williams (52). Given
    Shanahan’s track record, I wouldn’t touch any Washington
    RB at this point.
  • +2 in the Rankings for Ryan Mathews. I’m anxious to but him
    in Tier 3 but can’t pull the trigger until on-field workouts
  • +3 in the Rankings for Mark Ingram due to upside.
  • +10 in the Rankings for Marion Barber. I don’t expect him
    to be in Dallas this year but he has more upside value than where
    he was initially ranked.

Wide Receivers

  • Changed the reception numbers for numerous players which should
    help those of you with MyFFT PPR leagues get a more accurate view
    of the projections. Reception totals were changed for Hakeem Nicks,
    Mike Wallace, Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Lloyd, Miles Austin, DeSean Jackson,
    Dez Bryant, Steve Smith (CAR), Jacoby Jones, & Greg Little.
  • -100 yards for Amendola. Trying to predict the Rams receivers at
    this point in time is difficult at best and while I’m bullish
    on Amendola succeeding in Josh McDaniels’s offense, my initial
    yardage total was a little ambitious.
  • +50 yards for Dez Bryant and +2 in Rankings. Bryant’s upside
    is big.
  • Included Eric Decker. He was left out of the initial Rankings by

Tight Ends

  • Slight bumps for Jimmy Graham and Greg Olsen who were both slotted
    a couple spots too low in my initial Rankings.
  • I still haven’t gathered my thoughts on Shockey and how much
    he’ll be a factor in the passing game but he does move up a
    few notches for the time being.
  • Reception numbers were altered for Owen Daniels, Todd Heap, Ben
    Watson, and Tony Moeaki.
  • I’m predicting a down year for Gonzalez as he comes to the
    end of a fabulous career, but my initial projections were too low.
    A slight bump for Tony G.

  • Nice recap so we can see exactly what is going on with the changes!

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