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Eric Fairbanks | Archive | Email  
Staff Writer

Name: Eric Fairbanks
Age: 43
Profession: Freelance Copywriter/Marketing Writer
Obsession: Football, Beach Volleyball (playing), Ferret-legging
First Book Read: I reckon one of the Dick and Jane classics.
Favorite Players: LT Dos, Trent Dilfer, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Drew Brees, Antonio Cromartie, MJD, AP
Latest Accomplishment: Got out of bed. Wait a sec…

Fantasy Football Resume:
  • Winning my main league’s Toilet Bowl last year
  • Cruising to an easy win in an inaugural work league last bragging rights
  • Convinced my co-manager last year to pick up an unknown fourth-string Green Bay rb off the waiver wire who went on to take us to the finals

Favorite Part of Fantasy Football: The over-analyzed roster change two minutes before gametime that results in a one-point loss. Been there?

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