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Jeff is a long time Saints fan living in Chicago. He believes the threat of Bears games every Sunday was the primary reason for him to purchase his satellite dish.

He has played fantasy for the past nine years in traditional and non-traditional leagues. His proudest moments include winning his league after selecting Jeff George as Randall Cunningham's backup in '99 and winning it again the next year after choosing Daunte Culpepper in his breakout year.

His darker moments include drafting both Kareem Abdul Jabar and Anthony Thomas before they crashed and burned and thinking my friend was fool for drafting Priest Holmes last year. Sorry Brett!

Likes: The slant, the pump fake and go, cold German beer, old Simpsons episodes, getting a score from your defense, when your team is getting stomped, but your guys keep putting up meaningless points, long field goals and the moment where you know the touchdown your guy scored shouldn't count and the kicking team is racing out to kick the extra point before it is reviewed. That is drama and fun all at the same time.

Dislikes: Excessive celebration for routine plays, Chris Berman, starting the season on Thursday and Warren Sapp.

Jeff swears by The Sporting News but never by his mother.

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