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Early Game Alert: The Week 7 NYG/LAR game is being played in London. Any picks for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/23.

Results for All Entries

Name Wild-CardDivisional
Super Bowl
12xuser In        
1wjdmail1 In        
2bmayhem In        
aciafre33 In        
adombek1 In        
ajbrandner In        
alanr In        
altoonasmack In        
AMaxS69 In        
amorrow836 In        
AnthonyUngerman In        
atasin11 In        
BadgerDave In        
bageldoggies In        
bambam72 In        
barrylicious In        
bdrohland In        
beagleyx2 In        
beaker420 In        
Bean2k5 In        
beerarmy In        
berto1972 In        
BigDrinky In        
bigredtopper1998 In        
BigTymeShocker In        
bigwheeel71 In        
billybry In        
billyjoel234 In        
blaylock In        
bonobo4 In In        
bpmoen77 In        
bpossum In        
bpperry In        
Brad12 In        
brandoneck In        
brbolman In        
brentgreenwald In        
brianh In        
bricks447 In        
bschumm In        
bud_fox In In        
byerdon In        
bytheway In        
CaptainAmerica In        
Cash_Hounds In        
CAWAVES In        
Cbrew In        
Ccudzilo In In        
cfavre In        
chasepi In        
cherns1927 In        
ChicagoTK In        
Chisoxfan In        
choboy In        
Cigz68 In        
Clarkinators In        
clavin88 In        
cmcdjj37 In        
cmelleno In        
cmh6476 In        
coachm1999 In        
codeslammer In        
corcoram In        
cpot In        
craigomaniac In        
craigzach In        
crog100 In        
ctiz In        
cyberhap In        
d2dier In        
dagame In        
DaJoker693 In        
DaveyJNMU32 In In        
deblitz In        
depere In        
dhurley1 In        
DizzyDSki In        
dlarock In        
dlaves In        
donghill72 In        
dpcoke In        
dragonstring In        
DrEvil In        
drswede In        
dscotta In        
dumbassmax2001 In        
e06503axm In        
erett In        
erothstein In        
erozanski In        
everjc In        
evross3 In        
fantasy_star15 In        
feltersm In        

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