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Early Game Alert: The Week 7 TEN/LAC game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/21.

Results for All Entries

Name Wild-CardDivisional
Super Bowl
acharpel In        
annebradsmith In        
b0bw0j0 In        
bertox In        
Cash_Hounds In        
chickmag In        
Clarkinators In        
colajokers In        
costard In        
darkness_awc In        
davis2543 In        
dominick In        
dpwpi In        
dscotta In        
falcaineer In        
islandviking In        
jakewgeorge In        
jamorosso In        
jaymillstone In        
kazz63758 In        
kmcmillen33 In        
McFfl In        
mnunnenkamp In        
pawilhelm In        
payney88 In        
rcatkins In        
robertsdr In        
scalesse27 In        
siberianex In        
siegler In        
T-Ramp13 In In        
warcholc_2 In        
clayalt Out        
danrivera09 Out        
azinker Out        
BigDrinky Out        
cd987bd Out        
DrEvil Out        
fecr Out        
houcowboy Out        
JamieK_2 Out        
nrheinhardt Out        
pitafortwo Out Out        
richb435 Out        
samzstuff Out        
sbillmire Out        
tmc185 Out        
amjja Out        
estahl Out        
govexp Out        
misbe Out        
vjoinz Out        
ZenMatter Out        
02ranger Out        
2bmayhem Out        
aclutz17 Out        
adamedinger Out        
ajlabatt Out        
Aoands Out        
aquinn02 Out        
astegem Out        
avengedcountry Out        
Backstroke03 Out        
barcaloungers Out        
bbradley777 Out        
bear261 Out        
bench_warmer Out        
bergerkings Out        
bgladney1 Out        
Bigdeal Out        
BigMickH Out        
bigredtopper1998 Out        
bigredxsf Out        
bigwheeel71 Out        
Big_Cat Out        
billyjoel234 Out        
BinkDeBook Out        
bito17 Out        
Bizarro Out        
blaylock Out        
bluegold85 Out        
bnsrenner Out        
bombdiggity_2 Out        
Bosoxfan Out        
bpmoen77 Out        
bpossum Out        
bradtmb Out        
brbolman Out        
brianh Out        
BroAs Out        
BromosDad Out        
brooksml Out        
buddha24 Out        
butchdi Out        
bwalker74 Out        
bwynhasn Out        
bytheway Out        
cafaac40 Out        

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