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Early Game Alert: The Week 4 IND/JAC game is being played in London. Any picks for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/2.

Results for Guest

NameWk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
unc2457 In SEA CAR MIA  
urban22 In KC BAL MIA  
utex99 In HOU CAR DAL  
uw_fass In SEA BAL MIA  
val2 In GB DEN DAL  
vandrex In SEA BAL DAL  
vandyneviolaters In HOU NE MIA  
wall_bangers In SEA DEN MIA  
warcholc_2 In KC NYG MIA  
warlord8969_2 In SEA CAR GB  
wastingtime In KC NE DAL  
wazu In KC CAR SEA  
wchamil In HOU CAR MIA In GB CAR MIA  
whitey2876 In SEA CAR MIA  
Willie_10 In SEA ARI GB  
williswizard In KC CAR SEA  
winkerman In PHI ARI MIA  
wisref In KC ARI DAL  
wjsrls In SEA CAR MIA  
Wolffman In HOU BAL MIA  
wolverines2 In PHI BAL MIA  
WoodysHaze In SEA CAR MIA  
wpyoung In KC BAL MIA  
wrona2507 In SEA CAR MIA  
wtros001 In SEA BAL MIA  
wu1j In SEA CAR MIA  
wuffy In SEA CAR DAL  
wutan_6 In KC DEN GB  
yale006 In SEA CAR MIA  
ying In GB CAR MIA  
yoster47 In PHI ARI DAL  
z28lt1 In SEA ARI MIA  
zazzi20 In SEA CAR MIA  
ZeroTolerance In SEA CAR MIA  
acharpel Out SEA CAR ARI  
adamedinger Out SEA CAR NYG  
ajaoun Out SEA CAR TB  
aminisci Out SEA CAR ARI Out SEA NYG ARI  
Beastman710 Out SEA BAL CAR  
bee1970s Out MIN ARI PIT  
Berniesp98 Out KC BAL ARI  
bertox Out KC BAL CAR  
bgallant17 Out KC CAR TB  
BillsBigshots Out SEA CAR PIT  
bk13 Out HOU CAR TB  
BlackNGoldTMS Out NYG BAL [No Pick]  
Blackstar Out HOU CAR PIT  
bradgray Out KC ARI CAR  
bricarlidge Out SEA CAR ARI  
broc3572 Out SEA NE NYG  
bryanmar1 Out SEA NE CAR  
bturk22 Out SEA CAR TB  
c5miket Out GB CAR ARI  
cantputt00 Out KC CAR [No Pick]  
carpish Out HOU BAL TB  
cbnub Out GB NE [No Pick]  
cdubs10 Out KC CAR TB Out SEA CAR ARI  
chickmag Out SEA ARI CAR  
clayalt Out SEA BAL TB  
climes Out SEA BAL NYG  
coachmad Out PHI BAL ARI  
Convictions03 Out SEA CAR NO  
counterfit Out SEA CAR [No Pick]  
cterry35 Out GB CAR ARI  
czneko Out HOU BAL CAR  
dannyp22 Out GB CAR NYG  
darylech Out KC CAR ARI  
dcreamer Out SEA BAL CAR  
dcstevens06 Out KC CAR ARI  
dhighlander Out KC ARI TB  
Diceman_10 Out GB ARI CAR  
doc1974 Out SEA BAL ARI  
dougbarefoot Out SEA CAR [No Pick]  
dqt00 Out SEA CAR CIN  
drudy76 Out HOU BAL [No Pick]  
earth333 Out SEA ARI PIT  
Expresivo Out OAK CAR ARI  
fboehler Out SEA CAR PIT  
frank55555 Out GB ARI CAR  
freedomrings Out SEA CAR TB  
Gdannegger Out SEA ARI CAR  
geolira Out KC BAL TB  
glenmccoy Out KC CAR TB  
govexp Out PHI ARI CAR  
gpdtaxman Out SEA BAL ARI  
GrandWazoo Out PHI ARI CAR Out HOU DEN [No Pick]  
gwallis Out SEA CAR PIT  
handerb Out SEA HOU CAR  
hatchetnid Out SEA CAR PIT  
hfa6021 Out SEA CAR ARI  
hitking4192 Out HOU BAL TB  
ibrisky Out SEA BAL TB  
iceman9099 Out HOU BAL CAR  
iporat Out SEA CAR TB  
jackrabbit_slims Out HOU CAR PIT  
jakewgeorge Out KC ARI CAR