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Early Game Alert: The Week 3 BAL/JAC game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 9/24.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
lkramer18 In   SEA In ATL SEA    
llebob22 In ATL OAK    
Lomax2Green In BUF OAK    
Longhrn77 In BUF OAK    
loserbrothers In PIT OAK    
Lovehandles_2 In ATL SEA    
lpompeo In CAR SEA    
lsutoad_3 In PIT OAK    
ludyee In BUF ARI    
LunaTick In PIT ARI    
LVGambler In BUF OAK    
lvpack3 In BUF OAK    
lwhamm In PIT OAK    
macair747 In PIT SEA    
Machina In PIT OAK    
mackrichey In PIT BAL    
madabrown In PIT OAK    
Mahopacs In LAR OAK    
mallicks In LAR OAK    
marcfargo In PIT OAK    
Marco.Esquandolas In BUF OAK    
Mark01cro In BUF SEA    
markm2187 In PIT SEA    
markupton In LAR ARI    
Master_Brewer In PIT OAK    
mathomas In BUF OAK    
matt82377 In CAR OAK    
matthew.walters In BUF SEA    
max2230 In CAR SEA    
maynardum In LAR ARI    
mccarollo In ATL OAK    
McFfl In GB SEA    
mcocozza In PIT OAK    
mdickant In PIT OAK    
meatman02 In LAR OAK    
Meat_Curtains In BUF OAK    
medcity80 In ATL OAK    
meisenberg In LAR SEA    
mel22 In LAR SEA    
melkins31 In LAR OAK    
Melo In PIT OAK    
metjpw In ATL OAK In ATL SEA    
mfalejczyk In PIT OAK    
mhobson78 In BUF BAL    
michaelpangallo In PIT OAK    
michaelprjr In BUF OAK    
michbb In ATL OAK    
mikeashnm In BUF OAK    
MikeDieterle In ATL OAK    
mikeh52 In BUF ARI    
mikejanuszka In PIT OAK In CAR SEA    
mistrhatt In BUF OAK    
mizzoin In BUF OAK    
mjacobs45 In CAR OAK    
mjwebe In PIT      
mkvalentine1 In PIT OAK    
mlass In LAR OAK    
mmarino998 In BUF BAL    
mmundorf In BUF OAK    
mnunnenkamp In PIT OAK    
moffman17 In BUF OAK    
MoGrizzled In ATL OAK    
moguls27 In PIT ARI    
Montazuma In LAR OAK    
moonjaker In PIT OAK    
Morphy666 In LAR OAK    
mosslong In LAR OAK    
mpbrunn In CAR OAK    
Mr. Otto In BUF OAK    
mraveling In DAL SEA    
mrpibtg232 In PIT ARI    
mselfridge In BUF TB    
msgeueke In BUF HOU    
msgriz29 In BUF OAK    
msinn In BUF TEN    
mully300 In LAR ARI    
mushman66 In PIT OAK    
muskrat In LAR BAL    
mventrone In BUF OAK    
mweyand57 In LAR OAK    
mwunder In ATL SEA    
nakedboot In DEN OAK    
NathanJM In GB SEA    
navywings In ATL OAK    
nawyee_2 In ATL SEA    
NC99336 In PIT SEA    
ngedeonjr In ATL SEA    
nickm In PIT NE    
nick_3674 In PIT OAK    
nijer In PIT SEA    
nlgadmin In CAR OAK    
Norberg5 In BUF ARI    
npteotia In PIT SEA    
NYBurgh79 In PIT OAK    
oceanguy In PIT OAK    
oilagan In PIT SEA