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Updated: 1/2/03

Each Week during the season, FF Today Staff Writer, Mark Bunster, and FF Today Owner, Mike Krueger, will throw out opinions as to what fantasy players will shine brightest during the upcoming week.

On Tuesday of every week, we will grade our "Prime Matchups" on a subjective basis and keep a running total of our fantasy football GPA throughout the season.

Our "Prime Matchups" will include 1 QB, 2 RBs, and 2 WRs every week. The idea behind these picks is not to advise you on starting Randy Moss or Kurt Warner, but to merely point out players who we think may perform above their average based on their weekly matchup.

Here are the picks and recaps for Week 17!

Week 17
Running Backs
Wide Receivers

G P A ' S :  2002 Season
FF Geek QBs RBs WRs Overall
Krueger 3.91 2.45 2.23 2.66
Bunster 2.38 2.59 1.89 2.27

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