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Regular Season, Updated: 9/2/14
Change Log: 9/2

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 Ryan Nassib, NYG (Bye: 8)
Height: 6’3”   Weight: 230   DOB: 1990-03-10   Age: 25
College: Syracuse   Draft: 2013 Round 4 (13)   Experience: 1
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2014 (Projected)NYG 9 14 95 0 0 1 3 0 5.1  

 Cam Newton, CAR (Bye: 12)
Height: 6’5”   Weight: 244   DOB: 1989-05-11   Age: 26
College: Auburn   Draft: 2011 Round 1 (1)   Experience: 3
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011CAR16310 517 4,051 21 17 126 706 14 441.2 27.6
2012CAR16280 485 3,869 19 12 127 741 8 391.6 24.5
2013CAR16292 473 3,379 24 13 111 587 6 359.7 22.5
2014 (Projected)CAR 275 459 3,350 22 13 104 572 5 342.7  

Outlook: Cam Newton set the bar high as a rookie and he has yet to reach that same level of fantasy production in the past two years. Newton has matured as a passer, posting gains in completion percentage and passing touchdowns during the 2013 season. As his confidence as a passer rose, his need to run decreased. The dip in rushing stats was enough to knock him down a peg or two from the position's elite. More troubling for those considering him for the 2014 season is his lack of proven options in the passing game. Losing a future Hall of Fame receiver in Steve Smith would hurt any quarterback, but when a quarterback who has struggled to maintain a completion percentage above 60 percent loses his most dynamic threat the loss is even more significant. Furthermore, Newton's other starting wide receiver from the 2013 season, Brandon LaFell, signed with New England during the offseason. In the wake these losses the team added a pair of veterans Jericho Cotchery and Jason Avant as well as rookie Kelvin Benjamin.

Not only does Newton need to develop chemistry with an entire set of new targets, he will have to do it on a left ankle that was surgically repaired this offseason. Carolina has been cautious with Newton so far and he will likely need the entire preseason before feeling fully healed. This may have a direct impact on Newton's rushing totals this season, placing increased pressure on his ability to perform in the pocket to be a viable fantasy starter. This uncertainty keeps Newton outside the top five at the position and depending on your risk tolerance it is perfectly reasonable to drop him further down into the last tier of QB1s. Derek Anderson will be ready if called upon as the team's backup quarterback but does not offer much upside in an already ordinary offense.

Comment: Newton has a hairline fracture in his ribs. The injury concerns are justified, but Newton remains a value pick in the middle rounds of your draft. ~ Mike Krueger

 Kyle Orton, BUF (Bye: 9)
Height: 6’4”   Weight: 225   DOB: 1982-11-14   Age: 32
College: Purdue   Draft: 2005 Round 4 (5)   Experience: 8
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011KC459 97 779 1 2 6 -4 0 42.6 10.6
2012DAL19 10 89 1 0 0 0 0 8.5 8.5
2013DAL233 51 398 2 2 1 8 0 28.7 14.4
2014 (Projected)BUF 59 99 665 5 4 4 11 0 54.4  

 Brock Osweiler, DEN (Bye: 4)
Height: 6’7”   Weight: 242   DOB: 1990-11-22   Age: 24
College: Arizona State   Draft: 2012 Round 2 (25)   Experience: -
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2012DEN52 4 12 0 0 8 -13 0 -0.7 -0.1
2013DEN211 16 95 0 0 3 2 0 5.0 2.5
2014 (Projected)DEN 7 13 89 0 0 0 0 0 4.5  

 Carson Palmer, ARI (Bye: 4)
Height: 6’5”   Weight: 235   DOB: 1979-12-27   Age: 35
College: -   Draft: 2003 Round 1 (1)   Experience: 11
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011OAK10199 328 2,753 13 16 16 20 1 197.7 19.8
2012OAK15345 565 4,018 22 14 18 36 1 298.5 19.9
2013ARI16362 572 4,274 24 22 27 3 0 310.0 19.4
2014 (Projected)ARI 357 576 4,150 23 17 9 17 0 301.2  

Outlook: He’s getting a little long in the tooth as he heads into his 12th NFL season, but Arizona quarterback Carson Palmer may still have some fantasy relevance left in his arm. In 2013, Palmer threw for a career-high 4,274 yards, which was certainly nice to see from a fantasy standpoint. One glaring problem still remains in his game, though. After all these years, Palmer still throws too many passes to players wearing opposite-colored jerseys. Palmer’s career-high in yardage was offset by a career-high in interceptions (22). In fact, only Eli Manning (27) threw more picks than Palmer. While there is still reason to believe that Palmer will have games where he lights up the fantasy scoreboard – especially considering the duo of talented, big-bodied wide receivers that he has to throw to – the truth is that Palmer will probably never be a consistent fantasy starter again. He will play six in-division games against arguably the toughest defensive division in the league and that will almost certainly mean a high enough rate of interceptions that he should go off the board as a low-end QB2 or even potentially remain undrafted in most leagues.

Comment: Offense should move forward but Palmer is better as a QB2 with low-end QB1 upside. ~ Mike Krueger

 Philip Rivers, SD (Bye: 10)
Height: 6’5”   Weight: 228   DOB: 1981-12-08   Age: 33
College: North Carolina State   Draft: 2004 Round 1 (4)   Experience: 9
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011SD16366 582 4,624 27 20 26 36 1 348.8 21.8
2012SD16338 527 3,606 26 15 27 40 0 288.3 18.0
2013SD16379 545 4,478 32 11 28 72 0 359.1 22.4
2014 (Projected)SD 363 568 4,259 29 14 27 49 0 333.9  

Outlook: Former top-five fantasy quarterback Philip Rivers and his incredible bounce-back 2013 season gave fantasy owners something to look forward to heading into this year. His six games with three or more touchdown passes made him a high reward player, but he was also incredibly consistent, throwing at least one touchdown pass in every game. Rivers' chemistry with rookie wide receiver Keenan Allen creates fantasy excellence, but the lack of high-end pass-catching talent among the rest of the players should concern fantasy owners. The departure of offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt could be another reason to be worried, or maybe not, as Rivers has produced in the past without Whisenhunt calling the plays.

 Aaron Rodgers, GB (Bye: 9)
Height: 6’2”   Weight: 225   DOB: 1983-12-02   Age: 31
College: California   Draft: 2005 Round 1 (24)   Experience: 8
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011GB15343 502 4,643 45 6 60 257 3 455.9 30.4
2012GB16371 552 4,295 39 8 54 259 2 408.7 25.5
2013GB9193 290 2,536 17 6 30 120 0 206.8 23.0
2014 (Projected)GB 368 558 4,460 37 11 51 228 2 405.8  

Outlook: It's strange to look at quarterback rankings from 2013 and see a double-digit number next to Aaron Rodgers's name. He still finished tied for fourth in FPts/G. A broken collarbone sunk his stats and nearly the Packers' season before he came back in heroic fashion to save their season in week 17 against Chicago. Rodgers has remained at the top of nearly every important fantasy quarterback stat for the past six years and he's always in the running for first quarterback off the board. Will Rodgers pick right up where he left off and continue to make Green Bay's offense a fantasy factory?

Let's not be silly, if Rodgers is your starting quarterback, your roster will be in great hands. Coaches and players lie, but numbers usually don't. If Rodgers had played the full season, he would have finished 2013 with roughly 4,500 yards, 30 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Those numbers would have put him in the low end of the top 10 and approached his career starter lows.

There are a few factors to consider before making that all-important quarterback selection, though. First, the emergence of Eddie Lacy. The rookie runner carried the ball 285 times and 11 scores last year and proved to be the reliable and efficient running back the Packers have been looking for since Ryan Grant in 2009. Grant's numbers from that year are eerily similar to those of Lacy last year: 1,100 yards with 11 touchdowns. Rodgers in 2009: 4,400-30-7, very close to his 16-game projection for 2013. Another factor to consider is the change in player personnel. In consecutive offseasons Rodgers has lost familiar veteran pass catchers in Greg Jennings, James Jones and Jermichael Finley. Their talent will be easy to replace, as Rodgers makes the players around him better. Working with younger receivers in Randall Cobb and Jarrett Boykin and a potential rookie tight end could affect his consistency, especially early in the year. The bottom line here is that Rodgers is one of the league's best, but baring major injury to the running back corps, he won't be asked to carry this team like in 2011 and 2012. Expect numbers to be closer to that of mere mortals, but still good enough to make him a top QB1 selection.

Comment: With a healthy running game, a return to the fantasy top five is in the cards for Rodgers. ~ Mike Krueger

 Ben Roethlisberger, PIT (Bye: 12)
Height: 6’5”   Weight: 241   DOB: 1982-03-02   Age: 33
College: -   Draft: 2004 Round 1 (11)   Experience: 9
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011PIT15324 513 4,077 21 14 31 70 0 294.9 19.7
2012PIT13284 449 3,265 26 8 26 92 0 276.5 21.3
2013PIT16375 584 4,261 28 14 26 99 1 341.0 21.3
2014 (Projected)PIT 366 581 4,182 26 13 27 84 1 327.5  

Outlook: Unlocking Ben Roethlisberger's fantasy value seems like a seasonal guessing game. He has had seasons of 30 touchdowns and 4,000 yards passing, only to follow up with years of 17 touchdowns and barely 3,000 yards passing. Over the past five seasons, Roethlisberger has either been a borderline QB1 or a low tier QB2. His ebb and flow of statistical lines make him a headache to evaluate and perennially place him one of the more overdrafted or underdrafted quarterbacks in fantasy football. Will Roethlisberger stand on the precipice of fantasy starterdom in 2014 or return to the basement of fantasy irrelevance?

Over the first eight games of the 2013 season, Big Ben played more like a small, busted alarm clock. In the second year of offensive coordinator Todd Haley's system, Roethlisberger looked uncomfortable and erratic. Without the extra possessions that the defense had historically provided combined with a lack of a reliable running game, the Steelers offense struggled as a unit. They lacked threats beyond Antonio Brown. Roethlisberger got off to a poor start, throwing for 12 touchdowns and nine interceptions over the first eight games. But something happened in Week 9 that shook this team up. Following an embarrassing 55-31 disaster against the rival Patriots, the Steelers coaching staff seemed to realize the “ball-control, let the defense carry us” philosophy of the past few years wasn't working. Much to the delight of Roethlisberger, Haley was willing to open up the offense, increase the tempo and give his quarterback more control at the line of scrimmage. The result was a 16-5 touchdown to interception ratio over the final eight games and a 6-2 record that nearly put the Steelers into the playoffs.

This offseason the Steelers have talked about keeping this up-tempo (the new NFL buzzword) style as part of their regular game plan, and despite their sometimes rocky relationship, Roethlisberger has enjoyed statistical success under Haley, throwing for 4,000+ yards and 20+ touchdowns in back-to-back seasons for the first time in his career. Expect this trend to continue, as Roethlisberger should have a full season of Le'Veon Bell behind him in the backfield and has a mix of young, explosive receivers (Antonio Brown, Markus Wheaton) and shrewd veterans (Lance Moore, Heath Miller). Be patient and practical. Wait to draft Roethlisberger when the run of QB2s begin. In his 10th year, Big Ben could be poised to have one of his better fantasy seasons to date and once again bring his fantasy owners some terrific value.

 Tony Romo, DAL (Bye: 11)
Height: 6’2”   Weight: 228   DOB: 1980-04-21   Age: 35
College: Eastern Illinois   Draft: -   Experience: 9
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011DAL16346 522 4,184 31 10 22 46 1 343.8 21.5
2012DAL16425 648 4,903 28 19 30 49 1 368.1 23.0
2013DAL15342 535 3,842 31 10 20 38 0 319.9 21.3
2014 (Projected)DAL 362 566 4,129 29 14 24 50 1 333.5  

Outlook: Tony Romo underwent back surgery to repair a herniated disc in December, but is expected to be 100 percent by the start of training camp. Head Coach Jason Garrett believes Romo is in the prime of his career, but considering the quarterback is now 34 years old, that statement is likely May/June “coach speak.” On the plus side, the Cowboys have hired Scott Linehan as their new passing-game coordinator, a move the veteran Romo is reported to be thrilled with. Under Linehan, the Lions' Matthew Stafford averaged 4,885 passing yards over the last three seasons, and he never attempted fewer than 630 passes. Contrast that with Romo, who has only surpassed 550 attempts once in his career. Romo is perpetually underrated in fantasy circles and should prove to once again be a boon for owners who wait on drafting a QB. In four of his eight seasons as an NFL starter, he has topped 4,000 yards in passing, and he threw for 3,828 yards with 31 TDs in 15 games last season. If his attempts were to rise significantly under Linehan, Romo could put up a career year even at 34 years of age.

Comment: Romo (back) will be watched closely during training camp. He'll be moving up the rankings as his progress improves. ~ Mike Krueger

 Matt Ryan, ATL (Bye: 9)
Height: 6’4”   Weight: 220   DOB: 1985-05-17   Age: 30
College: Boston College   Draft: 2008 Round 1 (3)   Experience: 5
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011ATL16347 565 4,177 29 12 37 84 2 345.3 21.6
2012ATL16422 615 4,719 32 14 34 141 1 384.1 24.0
2013ATL16439 651 4,515 26 17 17 55 0 335.3 21.0
2014 (Projected)ATL 421 638 4,720 28 16 22 76 1 361.6  

Outlook: Atlanta continued its transition to a more open passing offense in 2013 as Matt Ryan set career highs in pass attempts, completions and interceptions. Expect more of the same from the veteran signal caller in 2014. In fact, he might be even better, considering the 26 TDs he threw last year were his lowest total since 2009. If Ryan is to be a top-five fantasy quarterback this year it will start with a healthier offensive line. First-round draft pick Jake Matthews will be plugged in at right tackle, while Sam Baker returns from a knee injury on the left side. Additionally, Jon Asamoah was brought in from Kansas City to help inside, and the whole group will be coached up by Mike Tice. New faces do not always translate into success, but Atlanta has definitely upgraded its talent level across the line, which should translate into less sacks and more time for Atlanta’s offense to work downfield. Add the healthy return of Julio Jones' dynamic playmaking ability, along with the steadiness of Roddy White, and Matt Ryan is likely to see his stock rise back to where it was before injuries derailed the offense. It also doesn't hurt to have a pair of running backs who could combine to catch 100 balls in Steven Jackson and Jacquizz Rodgers. Surrounded by playmakers, Ryan has a good shot at posting his second career 30-TD season and should be taken after Brees, Rodgers and Manning are called on draft day.

Comment: The Falcons threw the ball more than any other team last season, yet Ryan's fantasy numbers dipped. A healthy Julio Jones and Roddy White will go along way in making Atlanta's QB a fantasy force once again. ~ Mike Krueger

 Mark Sanchez, PHI (Bye: 7)
Height: 6’2”   Weight: 225   DOB: 1986-11-11   Age: 28
College: -   Draft: 2009 Round 1 (5)   Experience: 4
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011NYJ16308 542 3,474 26 18 37 103 6 324.0 20.3
2012NYJ15246 453 2,883 13 18 22 28 0 199.0 13.3
2014 (Projected)PHI 19 31 214 0 0 1 2 0 10.9  

 Matt Schaub, OAK (Bye: 5)
Height: 6’5”   Weight: 239   DOB: 1981-06-25   Age: 33
College: Virginia   Draft: 2004 Round 3 (27)   Experience: 9
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011HOU10178 292 2,479 15 6 15 9 2 196.9 19.7
2012HOU16350 544 4,008 22 12 21 -9 0 287.5 18.0
2013HOU10219 358 2,310 10 14 5 24 0 157.9 15.8
2014 (Projected)OAK 56 93 639 4 2 32 16 0 49.6  

Outlook: It took just one season for the Houston Texans to fall the way from vying for the top seed in the AFC playoffs to picking No. 1 overall in the NFL Draft. Although the team went through a number of changes, the lack of quality quarterback play seemed to be the biggest problem that the team faced. A horrendous start to the season from Matt Schaub led to the formerly-considered “franchise” quarterback being benched after Week 6. Although Schaub would see some playing time again in a few spot starts, it was clear that his time in Houston had passed and it was time for both parties to go their separate ways. Schaub now finds himself in an equally terrible situation, but this time he will be without his safety blanket Andre Johnson. Instead Schaub will be working with a hodgepodge group of receivers that he has no chemistry with, on a team that is unlikely to be competitive in many games. Schaub may become a bye week fill-in, but he is unlikely to be drafted in most fantasy leagues and should not be trusted until he can prove that his days of touchdown streaks to the opposing team are behind him.