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Early Game Alert: The Week 3 BAL/JAC game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 9/24.

Results for All Entries

Name Wild-CardDivisional
Super Bowl
Sambone11 In        
SammyOD In        
samoi210 In        
sampatel99 In        
Samson41 In        
santek In        
sarmoung In        
sayhaykid In        
scalesse27 In        
scarter8 In        
scduff In        
schotz600 In        
sckinder In        
scott.haywood In        
scottnord In        
sdaly01 In        
sdc90291 In        
seahawkfan89 In        
Seattlesbest26 In        
seegie In        
sellhi In        
Septimia7 In        
shaas31 In        
showboat2012 In        
siberianex In        
skalski In        
skee801 In        
skroll In        
slacker13 In        
slacker1989 In In        
sledgehammer In        
slob In        
Sluggo_2 In        
sodell In        
Sofaking33 In        
sonys In        
sostrovecky In In        
spandolfo In        
Specz In        
spini19 In        
sportszone21 In        
spott77 In        
spradj89 In        
Squasher33 In        
srhpdx In        
ss010552 In In        
sshoboken In In        
sstoll In        
staapbeer In        
staffbb43 In        
staylor63 In        
steamingheap In        
steelerhaters In        
steinba1 In        
SteroidJunkies In        
steve.b In        
SteveLeik In        
Stinky Pete In        
stopper22 In        
Subsoiler In        
Swanny1981 In        
sweeper9592 In In        
szczepam In        
T-Ramp13 In        
takeover In        
Talisker1848 In        
TAM2020 In        
tator2k In        
tbacalja In In        
TBayXXXVII In        
Tbeaudry In        
tbohan In        
tcooper In        
tcstr8 In        
tcurlster In        
tcwil88 In        
teachhhh In        
tedreyes In        
Testiculon In        
TexasLynn In        
thedean75 In        
theilmann In        
thekinn In        
themichaelf In        
themouse2258 In In        
Therndon In        
The_Banog In        
The_grifters In        
thynob In        
tiggo25 In        
tjadams2 In        
tkullgren In        
tmcdill In