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Early Game Alert: The Week 3 BAL/JAC game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 9/24.

Results for All Entries

Name Wild-CardDivisional
Super Bowl
ganryu_2 In        
garetharogers In        
garmargregmaddy In        
Gator0516 In        
gcane1216 In        
Gdannegger In        
GDH88 In        
geolira In        
GHidden In        
giler In        
gkuruc In        
gladiator666 In        
Glenjammin In        
glenmccoy In        
gmedford In        
gmiholic In        
gncallaway In        
gnrslash4life In        
go42na In        
goskins94 In        
gpdtaxman In        
graysdoug In        
gregeol In        
gregkats In        
gregrandall In        
grimreaper20 In        
grimreapers In        
Grudge In        
gsantinelli In In        
gschulz In        
gsekelsky In        
gsg3 In        
gtb112 In        
gummo_dude In        
GustavAn In        
gvburris In In        
gwallis In        
g_rhymes In        
hackblack In        
HairyIrishman In        
halbie In        
hamsdean In        
Hanlon In        
harleyo In        
henrock7499 In        
hereforthebeer4 In        
Hinks76 In        
hiwimonkey In        
horns_fan In        
Hosker In        
Hossmen In        
houcowboy In        
HskrNaz In        
hunter.paulw In        
huskerdave In        
ifflelvi In        
illskillz In        
intara5 In        
islandviking In        
itsgoodtobetheking In        
itsrvd In        
I_Suck In        
J-bob In        
jackrabbit_slims In        
jacksonray In        
Jaeger34 In        
jafokdr In        
Jakoplic In        
jamatz In        
james2229 In In        
jariah330 In        
jarosenb In        
Jasoncharles In        
jaychitnis In        
JayDee In        
jaymillstone In        
jbkb98 In        
jbscruffy In        
jcargo93 In        
jcedwards In        
jcowdogg In        
jcrummett In        
jcrwfrd In        
jdaniel82 In        
jdgolfer In        
JDKeene In        
jdub081 In        
Jedihanna In        
Jeff24 In        
jeffniels In        
Jerded In        
jeremiah.crocker In        
Jeremyran In        
JerseyMick In        
jester01 In        
jfischer7 In        
jflors In