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Results for All Entries

Name Wk 13Wk 14Wk 15Wk 16Wk 17
6_million_dollar_faulk In          
alpaca7 In          
altoonasmack In          
aminisci In          
andymedendorp In          
Aoands In          
ashmouth In          
barrylicious In          
bigdaddy5959 In          
blkngld4ever In  In          
bwohl22 In          
c5miket In          
CalDelaplain In          
cfolson In          
chakabens In          
Championship In          
Chestolnikov In          
Chisoxfan In          
chrisandsn In          
circusman In          
codeslammer In          
Czues10 In          
daboys23 In          
danielharms9 In          
denman9999 In          
dope In          
dpascoe In          
edhong In          
erosen In          
frankv24 In          
FuriousB In          
gene_schulz_2 In          
geonoc In          
g_rhymes In          
henrock7499 In          
Jakoplic In          
jamatz In          
jamorosso In          
jessew In  In          
jonguess In          
jq27hhh In          
keith6969 In          
kevinacgi In          
ljs44 In          
llebob22 In          
logston145 In          
mccoy86 In          
meatman02 In          
michaelpangallo In          
Mike FF Today In          
mlendl In          
mosslong In          
mpblume In          
Mr. Otto In          
mwallace7982 In          
nest_joseph In          
nijer In          
pacbb In          
paulterp In          
Pirate77 In  In          
popstarr In          
rid.khan In          
rocco.bacelli In          
rtalamante In          
scalesse27 In          
scotte In          
seamonkeyofdeath In          
sethking3 In          
sirnose In          
Slumpbuster44 In          
staylor63 In          
therawhides In          
thermoman In          
tjlaboo In          
tomvaccaro In          
trws In          
trzan11 In          
vflcommish05 In          
Warlord8969 In          
wutan_6 In          
yoster47 In          
zazzi20 In