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Early Game Alert: The Week 4 IND/JAC game is being played in London. Any picks for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/2.

Results for Guest

NameWk 13Wk 14Wk 15Wk 16Wk 17
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Results for All Entries

Name Wk 13Wk 14Wk 15Wk 16Wk 17
bytheway In          
CameronCrazieDmb In          
cam_raptor97 In          
CanOWhoopass In          
CaptainAmerica In          
Cash_Hounds In          
CAWAVES In          
CB3D21 In          
CBB In          
cbetz71 In          
Cbrew In          
cbruciak In          
Ccudzilo In  In          
cdb1397 In          
cdebarros In          
cerow01 In          
ceymick In          
cfavre In          
cfolson In          
chadskinner In          
chasepi In          
cherns1927 In          
Chestolnikov In          
ChicagoTK In          
Chillidog In          
chipdivot In          
Chisoxfan In          
choboy In          
chorak17 In          
Cigz68 In          
cjguinan In          
ckana21 In          
Clarkinators In          
clavin88 In          
clavo40 In          
Clintsburgh In          
cmcdjj37 In          
cmelleno In          
cmh6476 In          
coachm1999 In          
cobracones In          
codeslammer In          
collisb In          
coolbrz515 In          
corcoram In          
cotty10 In          
couchpotato In          
cpot In          
craigomaniac In          
craigzach In          
crog100 In          
ctiz In          
CunningRunts In          
curtp003 In          
cwallace14 In          
cwgeorge In          
cyberhap In          
c_cubed14470 In          
d2dier In          
dabeers In          
dagame In          
dahoen In          
DaJoker693 In          
Damion57 In  In          
danrinn In          
darkness_awc In          
Darkstar929 In          
Dartdan_2 In          
DAVE22 In          
Daveprops In          
DaveyJNMU32 In          
David_Cleary In          
dbn711 In          
dc1carlson In          
ddamon In  In          
ddiamond1508 In          
deblitz In          
deejay In          
deepsunone In          
defensive dude In          
dep24 In          
depere In          
depppp In          
derno In          
dga7882 In          
dguillozet In          
dhaberman In          
dhamel In          
dhurley1 In          
dingo37 In          
DizzyDSki In          
djt_2 In          
Dketch In          
dlarock In          
dlaves In          
dlwalker6 In          
dmarino In