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Early Game Alert: The Week 4 NO/MIA game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/1.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 13Wk 14Wk 15Wk 16Wk 17
02ranger In          
1303goliath In          
2for3champ In          
6_million_dollar_faulk In          
72jb27 In          
AAAGanGanRaiders In          
acccjohnson In          
accolorado In          
aclutz17 In          
ACobb17 In          
adbgrant In          
adg180 In          
ajaoun In          
ajbrandner In          
akdeuce2 In          
AMaxS69 In          
amorosech In          
andyleetracy In          
AnthonyUngerman In  In          
aquinn02 In          
araub In          
ariz099 In          
arnoldsdolphins In          
ashmouth In          
astegem In          
atasin11 In          
awang13 In          
ayemac In          
azinker In          
b0bw0j0 In          
Backstroke03 In          
baddognobiscuit In          
bati0016 In          
bbeenhouwer In          
bbrooker In          
bdrohland In          
beagleyx2 In          
beaker420 In          
beej9 In          
beerarmy In          
BenNice In          
betheballdanny In          
betterhalf In          
bgallant17 In          
bgarcia In          
BigDrinky In          
BigMickH In          
bigredtopper1998 In          
biilyzac In          
billyjoel234 In          
bito17 In          
blaylock In          
bnsrenner In          
bobbyc59 In          
bobmalouf_2 In          
Bongobob42 In          
bonobo4 In          
Bosoxfan In          
bradgray In          
bradmorsetx In          
Brandond10 In          
brentgreenwald In          
brianh In          
Brianmattewwheeler1213 In          
bricarlidge In          
BroAs In          
Brodie In          
brooksml In          
Bryanburke In          
bschumm In          
Busboy15 In          
butchdi In          
bwynhasn In          
bytheway In          
cah291 In          
CaptainAmerica In          
cartmelldd In          
Cash_Hounds In          
Catechuman In          
CAWAVES In          
CB3D21 In          
cbnub In          
Cbrew In          
Ccp007 In          
Ccudzilo In          
cfavre In          
cfolson In  In          
chakabens In          
charlieweber In          
cherns2727 In          
chfell In          
chickmag In          
ChiefEsk In          
chito6115 In          
choboy In          
chorak17 In          
chriskoci In  In          

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