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Early Game Alert: The Week 3 BAL/JAC game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 9/24.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
tiggo25 In        
tjadams2 In        
tkullgren In        
tmcdill In        
tmleafs26 In        
tmorriso In        
toddmac101 In        
tommymac69 In        
Tomsdad In        
tomvaccaro In        
top_jimmy44 In        
tporter In        
tpowers In        
trexmedia In        
treyjay In        
trianglenc In        
trib4c In        
TroyWeezy22 In        
tsitter In        
ttinsley4 In        
ttippel In        
twilson74 In        
twright_il In        
tykerk In        
uglyslidedave In        
ugopi_15 In        
ukcats43 In        
um-terps In        
UnderDog_2 In        
UofL In        
urban22 In        
Urinalmints In        
uw_fass In        
val2 In        
vandyneviolaters In        
varedneck66 In        
VFLCommish05 In        
VICKERSBM In        
Vikingsfan28 In        
vjoinz In        
vziringer In        
walczak In        
wallibees In        
wallosoup In        
wall_bangers In        
walter606 In        
warlord8969 In        
Washelesky In        
wastingtime In        
wayniacc In        
wazu In In        
wheeldude In        
Whitey2876 In        
whozdatdude In        
williajp In        
williamjw In        
williswizard In        
Winesteward In        
wingman12 In        
winkerman In        
wjbelden In        
wll0yd In        
Wolffman In        
wolverines2 In        
WoodysHaze In        
wpyoung23 In        
wrona2507 In        
wu1j In        
wutan_6 In        
yale006 In        
zazzi20 In        
ZeroTolerance In        
zhalpern In        
zipperian In        
zoco In        
zruffin In        
2bmayhem Out        
7mantle7 Out        
adamartho Out        
adamschaub Out        
akuhnri Out        
alopresti23 Out        
AndrewCrust Out        
Atlantavike Out        
aturner75 Out        
AverageJoe1970 Out        
awesomenossum Out        
barkeran77 Out        
barrylicious Out        
Bartman2005 Out        
Beastman710 Out        
bigred23 Out        
bigredxsf Out        
bigwave13 Out        
bigwheeel71 Out        
billyh7 Out        
bongohip Out        
bpperry Out        
bradyc Out