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Early Game Alert: The Week 4 IND/JAC game is being played in London. Any picks for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/2.

Results for Guest

NameWk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
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Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
sampatel99 In        
Samson41 In        
scarter In        
schotz600 In        
schumar In        
sconn90 In In        
scott.haywood In        
scottd01 In        
scottnord In        
SCPATS1 In        
sdbrev210 In        
sdunlop In        
seahawkfan89 In        
seamonkeyofdeath In        
sellhi In        
shaas31 In        
shcampbell In        
siberianex In        
sigipickl In        
Sippycable In        
sixshooter In        
skee801 In        
sleeper01 In        
slob In        
Slobknocker In        
Slumpbuster44 In        
smardwig In        
smd5049 In        
smithers215 In        
smolnar In        
sn1ffb0 In        
snookr88 In        
sodell In        
somersc In        
sonxfan In In        
spc10121980 In        
sproffit In        
sshoboken In        
sskornia In        
staylor63 In        
steamingheap In        
steve.b In        
stevenzwol In        
stltmk In        
stopper22 In        
Subsoiler In        
supe1 In        
Swanny1981 In        
sweeper9592 In        
szczepam In        
sziabo In        
T-Ramp13 In        
takeover In        
Talisker1848 In        
tapman316 In        
tardogs In        
tbacalja In        
Tbeaudry In        
tbohan In        
tcatania95 In        
tcooper In        
tcstr8 In        
teamfear In        
teb24 In        
teo010 In        
tepoa58 In        
Thebigousa In        
TheCustodian In        
TheHolmes In        
theilmann In In        
Therndon In        
thewizard531 In        
The_grifters In        
thrillfan22 In        
thynob In        
tim3622 In        
timcocchia In        
tinman0707 In        
tkullgren In        
Tmantony14 In        
tmorriso In        
toddmac101 In        
toddratliff In        
tomvaccaro In        
tory In        
tpowers In        
travstein2 In        
treyjay In        
troy524 In        
tschaible In        
tsitter In        
TSwish1 In        
Turq93t In        
tykerk In        
tylerhirsch In        
uglyslidedave In        
ukcats43 In