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Must Start: The Top 10

1. Peyton Manning v. PIT – The revamped defense finally looked vulnerable last Sunday, allowing 37 points and nearly 500 yards to Carson Palmer and the Bengals. Lucky for Indy, Peyton and the boys picked up the slack…and then some. He’s now thrown for three scores in each of his last three tilts and looks every bit as unstoppable as he did last season. Those ’72 Dolphins must be getting awfully thirsty.

2. Carson Palmer v. BAL – If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Indy should definitely pat itself on the back. These Bengals bear a striking resemblance to the ’04 Colts. All that’s missing now is a defense to complement the absurdly talented offense (sound familiar, Indy fans?) They’ll need more playmakers on that side of the ball to take the next step but everything’s looking groovy on offense. Start Palmer against the short-handed Ravens this week.

3. Tom Brady @ KC – Nobody’s talking about the Pats these days but if you ask me, that’s a huge mistake. Yes, they’re 6-4. They’re also two games clear in the AFC East and eyeing a return to the playoffs, where Mr. Brady tends to shine. I’m not sure they’ll get the win against a Chiefs team that needs it more this weekend, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be because of him. Expect 300 yards and a couple scores against the dubious KC secondary.

4. Trent Green v. NE – Not that KC has the market cornered on dubious secondary play. In fact, New England’s pass defense is even more porous statistically, having yielded over 260 yards and two scores per game thus far. Maybe THAT’S why nobody’s talking about the Pats? Regardless, the disappointing Green should have no trouble moving the football against them in Week 12. Give him another chance if you’ve relegated him to the bench in recent weeks.

5. Kerry Collins v. MIA – There are plenty of things wrong with the Raiders this season but he’s not one of them, despite what some analysts say. He’s averaging over 265 yards/game (good for second in the league) and is on pace for 11 picks, well below his career average. That makes him a pretty good play the rest of the way, starting this weekend against a run-of-the-mill Dolphins group.

6. Drew Brees @ WAS – Nothing run-of-the-mill about this guy. He’s averaging over 300 yards and almost three scores per over his last three games (all wins) and is clearly playing well enough to boost San Diego into the second season. Whether they get there or not could depend a lot on this Sunday’s cross-country clash with the reeling Redskins. I think they get the “W,” thanks to a solid day from Brees.

7. Byron Leftwich @ ARI – The Bolts will need that “W” ‘cuz the Jags (their primary competition for a wildcard spot) keep on winning. The reason? Leftwich. He still hasn’t posted a 300-yard day yet but did throw for three scores last week (finally) and is starting to discover he has other options at receiver. If Arizona can’t match up with the super-sized Jax wideouts, he could be in for another large day in the desert. Mark him down for 200+ yards and a couple TD strikes.

8. Matt Hasselbeck v. NYG – Hasselbeck faces another of those dubious secondaries in the Emerald City this Sunday, just in time to clinch the NFC West title. If he does what he’s been doing, they can start setting their sights on home field advantage throughout the playoffs. If you’ve ever been to the good ol’ Pacific Northwest in the wintertime, you know they’ll be tough to beat at home come January.

9. Jake Delhomme @ BUF – Carolina looked like the class of the NFC a couple weeks back but then promptly went out and scored three points against the upstart Bears. Delhomme was largely to blame, throwing two picks in the loss. He should bounce back this weekend against the Bills but will need to stay off his backside (eight sacks in Week 11) to get the job done. I suspect he will.

10. Eli Manning @ SEA – Kid Bro rebounded from a ruinous Week 10 performance (four INTs) to post stellar numbers against the Birds last Sunday (218 yards and three scores). This week, he draws the Seahawks in a game that will go a long way toward clearing up the NFC playoff picture. Expect 250 yards and a couple scores, albeit in a losing effort. He still doesn’t have that marquee road win under his belt.

Grab A Helmet:

Brett Favre @ PHI – The 20 turnovers tell me he’s trying to do too much with too little. Alternatively, the 18 TD strikes tell me he’s still got some gas left in the tank. If you can live with the miscues, give him another look. He isn’t gonna stop slinging it around (who else does the Pack have?) and that means 200+ yards and a couple scores is an attainable goal against Philly this Sunday.

Mike McMahon v. GB – Favre’s opponent, the intriguing McMahon, looked pretty decent against Dallas in Week 11 (295 yards and two scores, one on the ground) but definitely needs some more polish to be a legit starting option. Well, that or a matchup against one of the league’s fluffiest defenses. Expect 200+ yards and two more scores as the Eagles send Green Bay spiraling toward the NFC basement.

Kurt Warner v. JAX – Think he was pretty jazzed to get win no. 1 against his old mates in St. Louis last weekend? He’s played well enough to win a few more but doesn’t have the surrounding cast to make it a regular occurrence. It’s back to reality time this Sunday against the tough Jags, though Warner should still post good numbers.

Jamie Martin @ HOU – The guy who replaced the guy who replaced Warner in St. Louis looked pretty solid in relief last weekend, throwing for 161 yards and a score in the loss. This week, he draws a Texans squad that has only tallied three picks all season (against 17 touchdowns). If he sticks to the game plan and doesn’t force things, he should post surprisingly good numbers in Week 12.

Steve McNair v. SF – Ditto for McNair. He’s clearly nearing the end of the line but is still solid enough and veteran enough to make San Francisco’s horrible secondary look foolish this Sunday. Though I don’t like his wideouts, they shouldn’t prevent him from putting up nice numbers at Monster Park. Start him.

Grab A Clipboard:

Kyle Boller @ CIN – The only thing worse than watching Boller v. Maddox last weekend? Watching them for a “bonus” ten minutes in OT. The former Golden Bear emerged victorious but did nothing to dispel the notion that he is simply not the answer at QB for the already offensively-challenged Ravens. This week, he squares off against an opportunistic Bengals D that was dressed down by Peyton and Co. in Week 11. I smell turnovers…lots of them.

J.P. Losman v. CAR – Unlike Boller, Losman is likely to improve in the coming weeks and could even emerge as a legit option in ’06. Between now and then, he’s got some learning to do. The on-the-job training doesn’t get any easier in Week 12, as he’ll be forced to contend with a Panthers D that is both extremely talented and extremely rough on young field generals (see the last three weeks for proof).

Kyle Orton @ TB – Orton’s the only one of those young field generals to emerge victorious against the Panthers this season, though his numbers were nothing to write home about (136 yards, a score, and a pick). Then again, that’s about par for the course for him (he averages 139 per contest). That might be good enough for the Bears but it isn’t good enough for you. Find someone else.

Chris Simms v. CHI – The reason Chicago can stomach Orton’s less-than-stellar figures? Take a look at that defense. They’re yielding barely 11 points and 252 yards per contest, numbers that compare favorably to another Bears defense from days of yore. The Monsters of the Midway they may not be…but give them time. Oh, and sit down Simms while you’re at it.

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