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Round By Round Recap
By: T.J. Thomas
Recap: By Round | By Team

This is a 12-team, serpentine draft with 16 rounds to field a 1 QB/ 2 RB/ 3 WR/ 1 TE/ 1 K/ 1 DEF line up.

The Scoring System is standard.

While these may be the “dog days” of the summer, for the fantasy football owner with delusions of grandeur, this is the time when the best GMs are already knee-deep in preparation, well on their way to chase down yet another fantasy league title.

Last week, several of the great fantasy football minds at FF Today got together one evening and put together another solid mock draft, one in which we hope will not only encourage debate on the FF Today Board, but will also give our readers a realistic view of how some of the knowledgeable writers from this site believe the draft should shake down.

What follows is just one man’s opinion and overview. I encourage every reader to take some time to browse the Q&A section that supplements this piece in which every owner details their strategy, best and worst picks, and so on. In a 12-team league draft, it’s quite likely there are 10-12 different drafting philosophies at work, so it certainly can’t hurt to take them all into account when it is time to step into the draft room yourself.

 1st Round
Pick # Pos Player Team Mocker
1.01 1 RB LaDainian Tomlinson SD Fatboys
1.02 2 RB Joseph Addai IND Coxsackie Virus
1.03 3 RB Adrian Peterson MIN Wildman
1.04 4 RB Brian Westbrook PHI Dookie
1.05 5 QB Tom Brady NE Gwave
1.06 6 RB Steven Jackson STL Rookies
1.07 7 WR Randy Moss NE The Prototype
1.08 8 RB Frank Gore SF Dr. Mocktopus
1.09 9 RB Marion Barber DAL Kilroy
1.10 10 RB Marshawn Lynch BUF Compiler Guy
1.11 11 RB Ryan Grant GB Dallas Dynasty
1.12 12 WR Terrell Owens DAL Team Marx

Summary: There is very little to quibble about here. We added two teams since our last draft, so this time around, we introduce Lynch, Gore and Owens to the first round but say goodbye to Larry Johnson. Otherwise, slight fluctuation from the first round in June’s mock means that heading into August, the folks here at FF Today are feeling pretty good about who belongs in the first round. If I may the devil's advocate for a second, I would have liked to seen Addai and Jackson switch places in the first round. But once again, not much to argue with here.

Best Value: Steven Jackson. I have him rated #2 overall behind LT, so just as I was in June's mock, I'm once again pretty high on him. The Rams sent out a different starting offensive line almost every game and Jackson missed four games but still turned a productive, albeit slightly disappointing fantasy season for where he was drafted. That said, the probability is that, this season, all parties will stay healthier, meaning Rookies may have landed next season's overall #1 pick if things go right in St. Louis.

Biggest Reach: Joseph Addai. Value is relative in the first round because, quite honestly, in a draftroom full of knowledgeable drafters, no one is going to make that big of a goof. With that in mind, however, I don't like Addai to maintain his consistent ways from 2007 with Dominic Rhodes back in the fold. Will he be up-and-down as he was in 2006? No. Will he repeat last season? I doubt it. The case can be made to take Addai at #5 or #6, but #2 is a bit high for my tastes.

 2nd Round
Pick # Pos Player Team Mocker
2.01 13 WR Reggie Wayne IND Team Marx
2.02 14 RB Clinton Portis WAS Dallas Dynasty
2.03 15 WR Larry Fitzgerald ARI Compiler Guy
2.04 16 RB Maurice Jones-Drew JAX Kilroy
2.05 17 RB Willis McGahee BAL Dr. Mocktopus
2.06 18 RB Larry Johnson KC The Prototype
2.07 19 WR Andre Johnson HOU Rookies
2.08 20 WR Braylon Edwards CLE Gwave
2.09 21 WR Marques Colston NO Dookie
2.10 22 WR T.J Houshmandzadeh CIN Wildman
2.11 23 QB Tony Romo DAL Coxsackie Virus
2.12 24 QB Peyton Manning IND Fatboys

Summary: Wayne is a solid second-round pick this season, but with a healthy Marvin Harrison likely returning to the fold, I don't like him being a top-tier WR so much as a tier-two wideout. (In other words, I would prefer the top end of that second group - such as Andre Johnson or Braylon Edwards - over him.) The selection of Portis for Dynasty has to tear at him a little for obvious reasons, but a solid pick nonetheless. Jones-Drew over Johnson is an interesting call by Kilroy, one that looks brilliant if Fred Taylor succumbs to Father Time and not-so-smart if the Chiefs line even performs anywhere close to average. After my selection of LJ, we see receivers go with seven of the next nine picks, something many drafters reading this article should expect in their drafts. I believe it is getting more and more important to select a cornerstone WR in the first two rounds, otherwise, the chances of landing Anquan Boldin, Plaxico Burress or Brandon Marshall as a #1 fantasy WR go way up, and I'm not sure as an owner I'm all that comfortable with that notion with that trio. While those three are still at the top end of WRs, they are not elite fantasy options, if for no other reason, due to their propensity for injury. As a side note, a great start for Fatboys, who could not have expected to land LT and Manning in the first two rounds.

Best Value: Peyton Manning. He was the best value in the first draft and I believe he is again in this one as well. If his knee surgery were a major one and would have come during training camp, I would not feel this way. However, Manning, more than anyone else on the board, produces year after year. I know I considered him at my pick even though I had yet to take a RB, so he represents incredible value here.

Biggest Reach: Maurice Jones-Drew. One of these years, MJD will either steal the starting job from Taylor or will take advantage of an injury to his mentor. That said, I think the #16 overall pick is a bit too high to be taking a chance on a player who may or may not see any more action than he did last season. As I said in the summary, this pick looks great if Taylor slips or is injured, but no-so-good if Taylor squeezes one more Pro-Bowl-worthy year out of himself.

 3rd Round
Pick # Pos Player Team Mocker
3.01 25 WR Steve Smith CAR Fatboys
3.02 26 WR Chad Johnson CIN Coxsackie Virus
3.03 27 WR Torry Holt STL Wildman
3.04 28 RB Jamal Lewis CLE Dookie
3.05 29 RB Laurence Maroney NE Gwave
3.06 30 QB Drew Brees NO Rookies
3.07 31 WR Plaxico Burress NYG The Prototype
3.08 32 WR Anquan Boldin ARI Dr. Mocktopus
3.09 33 WR Brandon Marshall DEN Kilroy
3.10 34 RB Earnest Graham TB Compiler Guy
3.11 35 WR Wes Welker NE Dallas Dynasty
3.12 36 RB Brandon Jacobs NYG Team Marx

Summary: Fatboys takes a page out of my book when I draft from the top spot, that is, taking a possible #1 overall player (or at least top five) from as many of the "important" positions as possible (i.e. QB, RB, WR). The top of the round continues the run on low-end #1 WRs that began at the end of round 2. When Marshall came off the board, it ended a stretch that saw nine receivers fly off the board in a matter of 15 picks. I've come around a bit on Lewis and Maroney since the last mock and fully defend their selections in the middle of the third, although there is still reason to doubt both RBs. Burress was a nice surprise at my pick in this round, even though I used the entire 90-second clock alternating between him and Jacobs. In the end though, he should be a solid #2 WR who certainly has the potential produce like a #1 fantasy wideout. Boldin and Marshall end the aforementioned run on receivers and are solid in the roles they will be used for with Dr. Mocktopus and Kilroy, that is, as a #1 WR on a team that already has two solid threats at RB. In my estimation, Graham is a slight reach here with other RBs on the board who don't have a Warrick Dunn to share 25-30% of their touches with in Tampa. Team Marx has to be happy to land a solid producer like Jacobs after going WR-WR with his first two picks. That said, Jacobs presents an injury risk and may end up sharing more touches with Ahmad Bradshaw than expected.

Best Value: Brandon Jacobs. While I already touched on the reasons on why an owner may want to hold off a bit on him, the Giants' lead back will score and runs behind one of the best run-blocking lines in the league. Considering he went five picks after I was considering him with my pick and considering how much Team Marx needed a decent back, I think the value of this pick is the best this round has to offer. Furthermore, Jacobs is playing for a new contract this season.

Biggest Reach: Earnest Graham. While I already touched on why I would avoid Graham in the third round, I'll go a little deeper here. While he appears to have much in common with Jacobs, HC Jon Gruden is said to love Dunn, and it is a reasonable assumption to make that Dunn will steal a lot of Graham's receptions and also take some of his between-the-20s carries as well. Furthermore, Graham just got his deal done in the offseason, and while it may provide him some assurance he will be with the Bucs for a while, it was hardly the type of contract that feature backs "settle" for nowadays.

 4th Round
Pick # Pos Player Team Mocker
4.01 37 TE Antonio Gates SD Team Marx
4.02 38 TE Jason Witten DAL Dallas Dynasty
4.03 39 RB Edgerrin James ARI Compiler Guy
4.04 40 WR Dwayne Bowe KC Kilroy
4.05 41 WR Greg Jennings GB Dr. Mocktopus
4.06 42 RB Michael Turner ATL The Prototype
4.07 43 WR Santonio Holmes PIT Rookies
4.08 44 RB Willie Parker PIT Gwave
4.09 45 RB Ronnie Brown MIA Dookie
4.10 46 RB Reggie Bush NO Wildman
4.11 47 RB Matt Forte CHI Coxsackie Virus
4.12 48 WR Roy Williams DET Fatboys

Summary: Round 4 brings about the first bit of intrigue in this draft, especially Team Marx, who opted to go with a rehabbing Gates over Witten and did so knowing he would miss out on the next wave of RBs even though he had only one to this point. While the top of the fourth is a bit too pricey for Witten in my opinion, I can certainly understand why an owner would want to go in that direction. James was another slight reach in my opinion, as I tend to believe another RB on the roster will steal his red-zone carries (Tim Hightower) and because he isn't used near as much in the passing game as he was as a Colt, his rushing totals will provide most of his fantasy numbers. I don't see Turner turning water into wine in Atlanta, but I do think he is one of the few backs that has the ability to make a line look a bit better than it is as he possesses a great combination of decisiveness, power and speed, qualities that will serve him well as the Falcons rebuild. I can't envision a scenario quite yet in which I want to count on Brown this season. I don't remember too many backs that were fantasy-relevant following ACL surgery, making me very iffy on his prospects in 2008. Bush is once again a solid pick (more on that below) while Forte may be a bargain pick in drafts in which he falls into the fifth round because of owners who will fear the worst with the signing of Kevin Jones.

Best Value: Reggie Bush. Perhaps I'm the only one still wondering how Bush fell so fast from last year to this year. His role hasn't changed and his supporting cast will be going into their third year together. For a back that is similar in production to Jones-Drew, I'm at a loss to explain how he can fall a full two rounds behind him, which is why Bush is a value pick in this draft, just as he was in the June mock.

Biggest Reach: Edgerrin James. I understand this pick, but I tend to believe James could have been had a bit later and given the way that RBs somehow weren't flying off the board in this draft, he could have waited on him (more than likely) and got a similar back in the next round (which he did).

 5th Round
Pick # Pos Player Team Mocker
5.01 49 TE Kellen Winslow CLE Fatboys
5.02 50 WR Lee Evans BUF Coxsackie Virus
5.03 51 QB Ben Roethlisberger PIT Wildman
5.04 52 WR Roddy White ATL Dookie
5.05 53 RB LenDale White TEN Gwave
5.06 54 RB Darren McFadden OAK Rookies
5.07 55 QB Carson Palmer CIN The Prototype
5.08 56 WR Calvin Johnson DET Dr. Mocktopus
5.09 57 WR Chris Chambers SD Kilroy
5.10 58 RB Thomas Jones NYJ Compiler Guy
5.11 59 WR Kevin Curtis PHI Dallas Dynasty
5.12 60 RB Rudi Johnson CIN Team Marx

Summary: Fatboys just continues landing top-tier talent to fill out his solid squad, highlighted by the selection of Winslow. Evans is a tough sell for me as anything more than a #3 WR as he is too hit-or-miss. While his schedule doesn't line up to be as tough as it was in 2007, I have yet to see anything to convince me he is much more than a deep threat. I thought Big Ben going ahead of Palmer was a bit odd, but considering last year's results, it is certainly understandable. White is similar to Evans in a lot of ways (see below) and not someone I want on my team before the sixth round. McFadden will continue to be a hot-button topic until we actually discover his role, but a mid-fifth round grade is about right at this point. I believe there is a ton of value at the back end of this round, as Palmer will continue to be a top 5 QB candidate as long as he has Chad Johnson and Houshmandzadeh to throw to in Cincy. People have soured a bit on Calvin Johnson because of his back injury and the departure of OC Mike Martz, but he may assume the title of #1 WR in Detroit as early as this season, if healthy. I'm very high on Jones' prospects this season and it is more than just the arrival of G Alan Fanaca. He is also getting FB Tony Richardson, a player that has helped Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson and Adrian Peterson in recent years become very fantasy relevant. People have also soured on Rudi Johnson, saying that his "wheels are falling off". Don't buy it. Anyone that has suffered a serious hamstring injury knows the recovery timetable is far from a sure thing with that kind of injury. Mix in a banged-up offensive line and you have a recipe for a down season. Rudi has never been an explosive back, but to use an analogy, it doesn't matter how much horsepower a truck has if one of the tires is flat.

Best Values: Rudi Johnson, Thomas Jones and Carson Palmer. Much like Bush last round, people are devaluing Johnson to the point where he is getting to be a bargain. I was actually quite pleased with the way he looked before his hamstring injury. But he never recovered fully and when he did play, he did behind a line that never got a chance to develop because of injury. However, HC Marvin Lewis wants to re-establish the power-running game, something only one RB on the Bengals' roster can do. There is simply no reason Jones should fail this season. As mentioned above, Fanaca, Richardson has me thinking career-high numbers across the board for TJ. I passed on Johnson to get Palmer, meaning I think Palmer will rebound from a slightly disappointing campaign in a big way. The addition of TE Ben Utecht and return of RB Chris Perry will go a long way in making that happen.

Biggest Reach:: Roddy White. If memory serves, Lee Evans' fantasy value didn't exactly skyrocket when new Falcons OC Mike Mularkey was running the offense during his stint as head coach in Buffalo. White is a similar receiver and while his game has vastly improved, he will be playing in a conservative offense and behind an offensive line that will be hard-pressed to give likely starter Matt Ryan enough time to go deep, which is what White does best. Furthermore, a rookie QB rarely ever enhances the value of a receiver, just another reason I would opt against White as anything more than a #3 WR.

 6th Round
Pick # Pos Player Team Mocker
6.01 61 RB Jonathan Stewart CAR Team Marx
6.02 62 QB Donovan McNabb PHI Dallas Dynasty
6.03 63 QB Derek Anderson CLE Compiler Guy
6.04 64 TE Tony Gonzalez KC Kilroy
6.05 65 RB Julius Jones SEA Dr. Mocktopus
6.06 66 TE Chris Cooley WAS The Prototype
6.07 67 RB Selvin Young DEN Rookies
6.08 68 WR Marvin Harrison IND Gwave
6.09 69 QB Matt Hasselbeck SEA Dookie
6.10 70 WR Donald Driver GB Wildman
6.11 71 TE Dallas Clark IND Coxsackie Virus
6.12 72 WR Hines Ward PIT Fatboys

Summary: In continuing my fascination with the corner drafters, Team Marx landing Stewart had to be a welcome surprise. He is a player that should, at the very least, start off as a strong #3 RB before assuming the majority of the workload later in the season. McNabb going ahead of Anderson can be questioned, but really comes down to more of a personal preference than anything. Do you want an injury-prone QB or a signal-caller that may be a one-year wonder? Assuming good health though, both should produce, making the whole discussion moot. Gonzalez just keeps on rolling and the only reason to expect a slowdown is if there is absolutely no growth in QB Brodie Croyle's game. As it was on a sad Chiefs' team last season, this TE still hauled in 99 balls and went over 1,000 yards yet again. I'm not ready to count on Julius Jones quite yet, but I think he is a solid breakout candidate and a good pick as a #3 RB, exactly where Dr. Mocktopus landed him. I'll detail why I'm not high on Young's prospects below, but the close of this round is strong with Harrison likely healthy, Hasselbeck and Ward being very consistent, Driver likely in line to see an increase in TDs and Clark figuring to be a viable scoring threat again.

Best Value: Jonathan Stewart and Derek Anderson. One has to think that when Stewart was drafted, HC John Fox immediately had visions of Stephen Davis' downhill-running style dancing in his head. While I'm not going to say Stewart is that powerful quite yet, he could get there. At the very least, Stewart should handle most of the inside and red-zone running for the Panthers in what should be a much better offense in 2008 assuming it can stay healthier than it did last season. By the end of the season, Stewart should be performing as a top-end #2 fantasy RB, if not a #1. Despite fears of being a one-year wonder, Anderson has too many Pro Bowl-caliber weapons around him to fail. Sure, there is always a chance of injury or calls for Brady Quinn to take his place if Anderson puts together a string of bad games, but Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards (and to a much lesser degree, Donte Stallworth) should ensure Anderson turns in at least a repeat of 2007.

Biggest Reach: Selvin Young. I think I held on to the belief one year longer (or more, depending on how many times an owner has been burnt by Bronco RBs) than most people did with Denver rushers. Anymore, I only want to hear one name in regards to Mile High RBs: Terrell Davis. HC Mike Shanahan has had doubts since acquiring Young regarding his ability to be the workhorse, leading me to believe the RB that several have already touted as "Davis-like" (Ryan Torain), is the only Denver rusher I want...late in the draft.

 7th Round
Pick # Pos Player Team Mocker
7.01 73 RB Kevin Smith DET Fatboys
7.02 74 WR Derrick Mason BAL Coxsackie Virus
7.03 75 RB Rashard Mendenhall PIT Wildman
7.04 76 RB Chester Taylor MIN Dookie
7.05 77 TE Jeremy Shockey NYG Gwave
7.06 78 WR Jerricho Cotchery NYJ Rookies
7.07 79 RB Fred Taylor JAX The Prototype
7.08 80 QB Eli Manning NYG Dr. Mocktopus
7.09 81 RB Felix Jones DAL Kilroy
7.10 82 WR Joey Galloway TB Compiler Guy
7.11 83 WR Anthony Gonzalez IND Dallas Dynasty
7.12 84 QB Jay Cutler DEN Team Marx

Summary: It is difficult to find much fault with Round 7. Smith is a back that should have little trouble overtaking Tatum Bell and could very easily challenge for Rookie of the Year honors in Detroit's new run-heavy offensive philosophy. I don't seem to be as high as some on Mendenhall's fantasy prospects this season (Willie Parker and a declining o-line are to blame), but there is also reason to believe he could push 10 TDs if things work out right in Pittsburgh. I felt Taylor and Shockey were slight reaches, but I love the selection of Cotchery as a #3 WR. Last season made me a believer (for one more season anyway) in Taylor as a #3 RB. I would hate count on the younger Manning brother to be my #1 fantasy QB, but if he can make the type of decisions he was making in the playoffs last season, he will be just fine in that role. Jones was a value pick late in this round, but drafters may want to note that the handcuff to Barber may very well end up being fellow rookie Tashard Choice, not Jones. Either way, Kilroy has both Cowboys RBs and should be guaranteed a nice number of points from that offense. I'll end by talking up Cutler, who is one of the few players still left at his position I would feel halfway comfortable with as my #1 QB in 2008. With his diabetes now being addressed, the chances that he will remain strong in second half are very good. Even though he reportedly lost 35 pounds during last season, Cutler's numbers did not suffer all that much. With a solid WR corps behind him now, he's a player to roll the dice on in 2008.

Best Value: Kevin Smith. Given the chance last season, I saw enough from the Lions' offensive line to make me believe that if they ever become a run-oriented team, they could fare pretty well at it. Insert Smith, who certainly has some Marcus Allen qualities to him, and I believe that Fatboys landed a potential #2 fantasy back in the seventh round. A note to all Smith owners, however, his second half schedule does him absolutely no favors, so be sure to eye him as nothing more than a #3 RB this season.

Biggest Reach: Jeremy Shockey. I don't need to go chapter-and-verse on this one. Shockey is a likely holdout and his playing status (as in which team he will play for) is about as cloudy as any player available in the fantasy draft pool. With TEs like Heath Miller, Vernon Davis and Todd Heap still around, I thought this selection was a bit hasty.

 8th Round
Pick # Pos Player Team Mocker
8.01 85 WR Santana Moss WAS Team Marx
8.02 86 RB Justin Fargas OAK Dallas Dynasty
8.03 87 WR Bobby Engram SEA Compiler Guy
8.04 88 RB DeAngelo Williams CAR Kilroy
8.05 89 WR Vincent Jackson SD Dr. Mocktopus
8.06 90 WR Laveranues Coles NYJ The Prototype
8.07 91 WR Nate Burleson SEA Rookies
8.08 92 WR Deion Branch SEA Gwave
8.09 93 TE Heath Miller PIT Dookie
8.10 94 WR Bernard Berrian MIN Wildman
8.11 95 WR Sidney Rice MIN Coxsackie Virus
8.12 96 WR Donte Stallworth CLE Fatboys

Summary: I'm sure Team Marx isn't any more thrilled with Moss as his #3 WR than I was with him as my #4 WR in the June mock. Regardless, Marx needs only minimal production from his #3 WR spot with Terrell Owens and Reggie Wayne as his first two players at the position. Fargas is a nice catch this late considering he will likely see at least 250 touches, if he can stay healthy. Engram may not approach his totals from last season if the Seahawks WR corps can stay healthier. That said, he makes for a nice low-end #3 WR option in 12-team leagues. I like Williams to contribute earlier in the season as Jonathan Stewart gets his feet wet, but it will probably only be a matter of time until the rookie takes the job on a more full-time basis. With the exception of Miller, this round closes out with seven straight WRs. (I'll chalk up the drafting of WR teammates back-to-back twice in this round as coincidence (Burleson-Branch followed closely by Berrian-Rice), but the pair I would like to focus on is Jackson and Coles. Jackson has the size and the talent to be a weekly fantasy option, and perhaps Gates' toe injury is just what he needs to make himself become a regular contributor in the passing game. As for Coles, he is just a year removed from a career-high 91-catch season, the fourth time in five seasons he had hauled in at least 82 passes. Until further notice, he is still at least right there with Jerricho Cotchery as the top receiving option in New York.

Best Value: Bobby Engram and Laveranues Coles. Engram put together a wonderful campaign in 2007, recording the quietest 94-catch season in recent memory. He is Matt Hasselbeck's most trusted option and figures the same flanker spot that he did last season when Branch was injured. At worst, Branch blows my mind with a speedy recovery and moves Engram back to the slot, where he has been productive for some time. Injuries and the Jets' offensive ineptitude derailed Coles last season, but he is just a year removed from a career-high 91-catch season. With better play all throughout the Jets' offense, Coles may very well creep into the area of a solid #2 WR once again.

Biggest Reach: Deion Branch. I didn't like him in June's draft and I still don't like him now, with my biggest beef being his injury (ACL) and when he suffered it (the playoffs). With the low-end of an ACL rehab being at 12 months, I can't fathom Branch contributing much before midseason. While the physical recovery is actually less than a year long, athletes most often cite a lack of trust in the operated knee as the major hurdle. Since that time period will not lapse until well after the fantasy season is over, I'm avoiding Branch for the most part.

 9th Round
Pick # Pos Player Team Mocker
9.01 97 RB Ahman Green HOU Fatboys
9.02 98 RB Ahmad Bradshaw NYG Coxsackie Virus
9.03 99 WR Jerry Porter JAX Wildman
9.04 100 WR Reggie Brown PHI Dookie
9.05 101 DEF Chicago Bears Gwave
9.06 102 QB Matt Schaub HOU Rookies
9.07 103 QB Marc Bulger STL The Prototype
9.08 104 TE Todd Heap BAL Dr. Mocktopus
9.09 105 QB David Garrard JAX Kilroy
9.10 106 WR Reggie Williams JAX Compiler Guy
9.11 107 QB Aaron Rodgers GB Dallas Dynasty
9.12 108 RB Deuce McAllister NO Team Marx

Summary: I must say that I still find myself surprised to see Green go as late as he is going this summer. We all have a pretty good idea he is likely only going to stay healthy for a limited amount of time, but starting RBs are too hard to come by in fantasy for a starter to still be floating around nearly 100 picks into the draft. That said, I really expect Chris Taylor to be the Texans' running back before the end of the season. There is no arguing the upside of Bradshaw here, while Wildman was victimized by the timing of this draft, which came one day before it was announced Porter would miss most, if not all, of the preseason. GWave went a bit off the board, in a sense, selecting a defense a full 1 1/2 rounds before the next one went. While it's hard to argue with any unit that has a returner like Devin Hester attached to it, I question whether the Bears defense is even the best one. Schaub and Bulger each can blame injuries to a large degree as to why they were still available. A healthy season by either or both may look like steals at the end of this season. While Heap isn't Antonio Gates, he sure isn't David Martin either. Look for OC Cam Cameron to make sure he is heavily involved. I really like the selection of Garrard here, but not as a #1 QB. Sure, his WR corps may be slightly improved, but asking Garrard to go toe-to-toe with the elite fantasy players at his position each week is a lot to put on him and a repeat of last season's 18:3 TD-to-INT ratio is highly unlikely. I'm not going to pretend to know what is going to happen in Green Bay, but it is reasonable to suggest that Rodgers will play enough (before injury or Brett Favre strikes him down) to justify this pick. Finally, we conclude with McAllister, the one pick I like so far in which a player is returning from an ACL injury. For one, he is more of a straight-line runner than any other player discussed so far, meaning he won't need to put a lot of lateral stress on the injured knee. Secondly, a failed pick in the ninth round doesn't figure to set Team Marx back all that much, especially as his #4 RB, if Deuce isn't able to return to form at any point this season.

Best Value: Marc Bulger. If I knew I was going to land Bulger in the ninth round, I may have passed on Palmer in the fifth - that is how good I feel about this pick and Bulger's potential this season. While I understand that Torry Holt is getting older and Drew Bennett has some holes in his game, the Rams can always turn to Randy McMichael (sleeper alert) and Steven Jackson out of the backfield. Bulger was given virtually no chance behind an injury-ravaged line last season and with HC Scott Linehan teaming up new OC Al Saunders in 2008, I like Bulger's prospects for a major turnaround.

Biggest Reach: Jerry Porter. Unfortunately, there isn't much Wildman could do regarding this pick. The day after we held this draft, it was revealed that Porter had offseason surgery on his hamstring and could miss the entire preseason. He may be the type of player that doesn't need a lot of reps with his new QB Garrard, but I wouldn't bet on it considering his track record.

 10th Round
Pick # Pos Player Team Mocker
10.01 109 WR Mark Clayton BAL Team Marx
10.02 110 RB Pierre Thomas NO Dallas Dynasty
10.03 111 TE Vernon Davis SF Compiler Guy
10.04 112 RB Chris Brown HOU Kilroy
10.05 113 WR Javon Walker OAK Dr. Mocktopus
10.06 114 RB Ryan Torain DEN The Prototype
10.07 115 TE Alge Crumpler TE Rookies
10.08 116 TE Ben Watson NE Gwave
10.09 117 WR DJ Hackett CAR Dookie
10.10 118 WR Ronald Curry WR Wildman
10.11 119 QB Philip Rivers SD Coxsackie Virus
10.12 120 RB Kevin Jones CHI Fatboys

Summary: This is likely Clayton's make-or-break year. Lingering injuries and ineffective QB play have really set him back, both of which may be the case again this season. With Team Marx's selection of McAllister last round, I would have liked to see him hedge his bet by taking Thomas, who stands to be a nice gamble this late for Dynasty as last season showed that Reggie Bush isn't the most effective full-time RB. I love the pick of Davis here and will sing his praises in the next paragraph. Walker is a big-time question mark right now, so let's revisit him in August. The bottom half of this round is filled with players I like to outperform their draft position. Torain has already been compared to Terrell Davis, which may be the last RB HC Mike Shanahan committed to (yes, I'm kidding). I expect a semi-bounceback season from Crumpler, with production somewhat close to his glory days in Atlanta given the Titans' precarious WR situation. Curry is the player I was wrestling with before opting for Torain. I expect Curry to be the go-to guy in Oakland's passing game this season, right along with Zach Miller. Lastly, Carson Palmer showed that pocket QBs can recover quickly from ACL injuries. With his supporting cast, I can envision Rivers fulfilling the promise many had for him prior to the start of last season.

Best Value: Vernon Davis. Compiler Guy was one of the last owners to draft a TE, but he landed a player that should undoubtedly be a top 5-6 TE pick next season. Consider for a second that in the Niners' miserable offense last season Davis still finished 15th amongst TEs despite missing two games. While new OC Mike Martz is not known as a friend to the fantasy TE, he has also never had any TE this talented to work with either. Expect the passing game to revolve around Davis and Frank Gore, with most of the remaining work being given to the receivers down the field in an effort to keep defense honest.

Biggest Reach: Kevin Jones. While he landed in a good situation for increasing his fantasy value, I will continue to mostly write off RBs coming off of ACL injuries. It is a distinct possibility that Jones lands on the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) List to start the season, meaning Fatboys will need to wait nearly half the season to get any use out of him. If he does return, he'll likely be doing little more than stealing a series or two from Matt Forte.

 11th Round
Pick # Pos Player Team Mocker
11.01 121 DEF New England Fatboys
11.02 122 DEF Green Bay Coxsackie Virus
11.03 123 QB Vince Young TEN Wildman
11.04 124 WR Patrick Crayton DAL Dookie
11.05 125 WR Isaac Bruce SF Gwave
11.06 126 RB Ricky Williams MIA Rookies
11.07 127 DEF Minnesota The Prototype
11.08 128 QB Jake Delhomme CAR Dr. Mocktopus
11.09 129 QB Jon Kitna DET Kilroy
11.10 130 WR Bryant Johnson SF Compiler Guy
11.11 131 TE Owen Daniels HOU Dallas Dynasty
11.12 132 WR Steve Smith NYG Team Marx

Summary: Unlike some owners who swear to waiting until the final round, I don't mind taking a defense in 11-13th round so long as I am very confident in their ability to produce. I think an argument can be made that the Chargers and Vikings should have went prior the Patriots and the Packers, but all four should be top options this season. I really like the Ricky Williams pick, as I'm far from optimistic about Ronnie Brown's seamless return from injury. Then again, the same could be said for Williams' full-time return to the game, period. Delhomme makes for a very nice low-risk, high-reward pick here and could easily be the top steal of the late rounds if his arm is sound. I know Team Marx wasn't big on the Favre pick, but in the 12th, I say why not? In the late rounds, owners want upside and he certainly provides it. IF he returns, that pick would be an incredible steal. I'll touch on the Morris pick below, but I want to quickly discuss Norwood, who each incoming Falcons coach promises will see more touches. However, I can believe it with this new staff, as Atlanta will want to run as much as possible and, as much as I would like it for my drafted team, Michael Turner can't take all the work. I'll just briefly comment on two picks in the 13th, Meachem and Jones. Meachem could easily assume the #2 WR role in New Orleans and I don't need to tell any informed fan what that could mean. Jones didn't show near as much during the regular season as he did the preseason, but he's just too talented not to emerge at some point this season. I think Houston would prefer Kevin Walter work out of the slot and Andre Davis serves as the #4 WR and kick returner, leaving the door wide open for Jones to start.

Best Values: Vince Young, Sammy Morris and Matt Leinart. In 2006, Young had virtually no one of consequence to work with at WR or TE and was a fantasy revelation. In 2007, it caught up to him, as did injuries. With Alge Crumpler and rookie RB Chris Johnson now catching passes and Justin Gage starting to step up, I look for a return to 2006-like numbers for Young. Morris is a speculative pick, but it's hard to forget what he did when healthy last season. I believe he retains his value to a point as he is just one of those players that coaches just love to have on the field. It's probably now-or-never for Leinart, who appears more focused to make sure this is the year Arizona becomes "his team". With Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald (and possibly Early Doucet) all more than capable of producing monster games, Leinart should end up starting in fantasy leagues this season more often than not.

Biggest Reach: Isaac Bruce. I'm going to surprise myself a bit with this selection, but here's why. Frank Gore and Vernon Davis, by all rights, should be the top two receiving options in San Fran. Bruce may have some productive games, but I believe his role will fade as the season progresses because Arnaz Battle and Bryant Johnson (or possibly Jason Hill) will assume the primary WR roles in the offense.

 12th Round
Pick # Pos Player Team Mocker
12.01 133 QB Brett Favre QB Team Marx
12.02 134 DEF Pittsburgh Dallas Dynasty
12.03 135 QB Jason Campbell WAS Compiler Guy
12.04 136 WR Kevin Walter HOU Kilroy
12.05 137 RB Jerious Norwood ATL Dr. Mocktopus
12.06 138 RB Sammy Morris NE The Prototype
12.07 139 DEF San Diego Rookies
12.08 140 RB Ray Rice BAL Gwave
12.09 141 WR Jabar Gaffney NE Dookie
12.10 142 RB DeShaun Foster SF Wildman
12.11 143 RB Ladell Betts WAS Coxsackie Virus
12.12 144 QB Matt Leinart ARI Fatboys
 13th Round
Pick # Pos Player Team Mocker
13.01 145 RB Cadillac Williams TB Fatboys
13.02 146 WR Darrell Jackson DEN Coxsackie Virus
13.03 147 RB Chris Johnson TEN Wildman
13.04 148 K Jeff Reed PIT Dookie
13.05 149 QB Matt Ryan ATL Gwave
13.06 150 WR Devin Hester CHI Rookies
13.07 151 WR Muhsin Muhammad CAR The Prototype
13.08 152 RB Kenny Watson CIN Dr. Mocktopus
13.09 153 WR Robert Meachem NO Kilroy
13.10 154 DEF Dallas Compiler Guy
13.11 155 WR Jacoby Jones HOU Dallas Dynasty
13.12 156 DEF Tampa Bay Team Marx

 14th Round
Pick # Pos Player Team Mocker
14.01 157 WR Roydell Williams TEN Team Marx
14.02 158 DEF Seattle Dallas Dynasty
14.03 159 TE Zach Miller OAK Compiler Guy
14.04 160 TE L.J Smith PHI Kilroy
14.05 161 TE Tony Scheffler DEN Dr. Mocktopus
14.06 162 K Nick Folk DAL The Prototype
14.07 163 TE Greg Olsen CHI Rookies
14.08 164 K Adam Vinatieri IND Gwave
14.09 165 K Matt Stover BAL Dookie
14.10 166 TE Randy McMichael STL Wildman
14.11 167 WR James Hardy BUF Coxsackie Virus
14.12 168 WR Justin Gage TEN Fatboys

Summary: without getting into a long-winded talk on the final rounds, kickers and defenses aplenty reign supreme over the draft's final 36 picks. With that said, I'll focus in on some players who may emerge as fantasy surprises. A tight end (and a strong running game) are quite often a young QB's best friend, something that may boost Miller's standing over the course of the season. I like the selections of Hardy and Gage, but realize that neither player figures to register much more than 600 yards receiving or five TDs. Warner and Hester are interesting picks to say the least. Warner may have one more year of red-zone duty left in him or he may not play at all. For Hester, does he assume more than half the workload if LT is out for any length of time? I think Wilford could be useful in fantasy circles, if for no other reason, because he is a big, reliable target. Moving onto the final round, I'll detail why I like Bush down below, but I am still not a fan of Edwards' fantasy prospects. Maybe new Bills OC Turk Schonert's fresh approach works wonders in Buffalo, but I'll believe it when I see it. I'm surprised to see Toomer fall so low after his playoff showing last season, although I certainly am not expecting great things from him. (Either way, I did lock up the Giants' top two receivers, for what it is worth.) I have no real reason to believe this, but I don't think we've seen the last of McDonald. He may not near as useful again fantasy-wise as he was last season, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he gets more than just a customary look when the Lions go three-wide in 2008. Rhodes is a solid pick near the end, as if he returns to a role similar to the one he had in 2006, he could produce at a #3 fantasy RB level. Lastly, Booker could very well emerge as the lead WR in Chicago, meaning he is hardly Mr. Irrelevant in this draft. Of course, given the current state of the Bears' passing game, being the lead receiver may be more of a bad thing than good.

Best Value: Zach Miller, Randy McMichael, Justin Gage and Michael Bush. I'm willing to believe there will be some value in the Raiders' passing game this season. Along with Darren McFadden, I think Ronald Curry and Miller will be the biggest beneficiaries of that (depending on the health of Javon Walker). After a highly disappointing first season in St. Louis, I expect a healthy offensive line and OC Al Saunders to make sure McMichael receives more work. I also expect at least a repeat of last season for Gage, who has solidified himself as the Titans' #1 WR in my mind; I think the addition of Alge Crumpler only helps him. Lastly, Bush figures to benefit immensely if/when Justin Fargas suffers another injury. With a year-plus of recovery time from his gruesome college leg injury, he strikes me as a RB who could take the starting "power back" job by the horns once he gets a prolonged opportunity to do so.

Biggest Reach: Matt Stover and Matt Bryant. It's always easy to pick on kickers (and the owners that select the wrong ones...). On a serious note, it's quite likely either one of these players could have been drafted in the last round or have went undrafted. I'm not against picking a kicker a round earlier than the rest of the group, but opting for Stover and Bryant over kickers from better offenses like Gostkowski, Brown, Graham and Kaeding struck me a bit odd.

 15th Round
Pick # Pos Player Team Mocker
15.01 169 K Mason Crosby GB Fatboys
15.02 170 K Matt Bryant TB Coxsackie Virus
15.03 171 DEF Indianapolis Wildman
15.04 172 QB Kurt Warner ARI Dookie
15.05 173 RB Jacob Hester SD Gwave
15.06 174 WR Devin Thomas WAS Rookies
15.07 175 WR Arnaz Battle SF The Prototype
15.08 176 WR Drew Bennett STL Dr. Mocktopus
15.09 177 K Stephen Gostkowski NE Kilroy
15.10 178 WR Ernest Wilford MIA Compiler Guy
15.11 179 K Josh Brown STL Dallas Dynasty
15.12 180 K Shayne Graham CIN Team Marx
 16th Round
Pick # Pos Player Team Mocker
16.01 181 QB Trent Edwards BUF Team Marx
16.02 182 RB Michael Bush OAK Dallas Dynasty
16.03 183 K Nate Kaeding SD Compiler Guy
16.04 184 DEF Philadelphia Kilroy
16.05 185 DEF Baltimore Dr. Mocktopus
16.06 186 WR Amani Toomer NYG The Prototype
16.07 187 K Robbie Gould CHI Rookies
16.08 188 WR Shaun McDonald DET Gwave
16.09 189 DEF New York Giants Dookie
16.10 190 K Rob Bironas TEN Wildman
16.11 191 RB Dominic Rhodes IND Coxsackie Virus
16.12 192 WR Marty Booker CHI Fatboys

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