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Dynasty Rankings

Aaron Rodgers reclaimed the top spot in my QB rankings, by a narrow margin. Robert Griffinís injury canít be totally dismissed, but his overall skill set is uber-appealing for fantasy owners. With a healthy knee and a little more help at receiver, Griffinís long-term upside may be unmatched. Andrew Luck and Cam Newton are largely 3a and 3b for me, but I have Luck listed in the higher spot. Any dynasty owner with either of these young QBs should be very content. Drew Brees and Tom Brady are the trusty old vets that title-contenders can lean on for another year or two at least, but they are also players that subpar and rebuilding teams may need to consider shipping out if the right trade offer develops.

Chg Rk Player Team
  1 Aaron Rodgers GB
2 Robert Griffin III WAS
Tier 2
3 Andrew Luck IND
4 Cam Newton CAR
5 Matt Ryan ATL
6 Drew Brees NO
7 Tom Brady NE
8 Matthew Stafford DET
Tier 3
9 Colin Kaepernick SF
10 Peyton Manning DEN
11 Russell Wilson SEA
12 Ben Roethlisberger PIT
13 Eli Manning NYG
14 Andy Dalton CIN
15 Tony Romo DAL
Tier 4
16 Joe Flacco BAL
17 Philip Rivers SD
18 Ryan Tannehill MIA
19 Jay Cutler CHI
20 Michael Vick PHI
21 Matt Schaub HOU
22 Sam Bradford STL
23 Josh Freeman TB
Tier 5
24 Jake Locker TEN
25 Carson Palmer OAK
26 Ryan Fitzpatrick BUF
27 Christian Ponder MIN
28 Brandon Weeden CLE
29 Mark Sanchez NYJ
30 Alex Smith SF
31 Matt Flynn SEA
32 Nick Foles PHI
33 Kevin Kolb ARI
34 Matt Cassel KC
35 Chad Henne JAX
Tier 6
36 Terrelle Pryor OAK
37 Blaine Gabbert JAX
38 Kirk Cousins WAS
39 Tim Tebow NYJ
40 Dennis Dixon PHI
41 Ryan Mallett NE
42 Brock Osweiler DEN

Colin Kaepernick is one of the big risers in the last month or so. His finish to the regular season and level of play in the playoffs has made him a legit QB1 going forward. While I canít see into the future, it seems likely to me that many more visits to the endzone and kisses of his tatted biceps are in store for Kaepernick in the coming seasons. Say what you will about Peyton Manningís age and neck concerns, but the guy had a big first year in Denver and looks very capable of repeating such in 2013. Iíd feel a bit more comfortable with Brees or Brady as my QB, but the difference is modest as things stand currently. Russell Wilson is another QB that has climbed my rankings recently. I personally prefer Kaepernick, but Wilsonís future is very bright as well.

Joe Flacco may end up being paid like an elite QB after leading his team to a Superbowl win. Yet even if some are willing to classify him as elite, he very clearly isnít at the level in the world of fantasy football. Dynasty owners shouldnít confuse his NFL status with his fantasy status. Flacco is a QB-by-committee player or a high-end backup in the world of fantasy football. Ryan Tannehill showed some flashes as a rookie and the fact that Miami is looking hard at upgrading their WR corps has me more bullish on the young QB going forward. Some may be surprised to see Michael Vick so high on my board since he signed only a one-year deal with the Eagles. While Vick may be near the end of his career, he appears to be a solid fit for Chip Kellyís offense and could put up some nice numbers for the duration of his time left in Philadelphia.

Carson Palmer has been a solid statistical producer for Oakland. However, given his contract situation and the teamís overall lack of success, he is now on shaky ground and the door has been opened for Terrelle Pryor to compete for the starting gig. Palmer is slipping down my rankings until he once again cements a starting role for the silver and black. Alex Smith is still with the 49ers, but if he is moved to a QB-needy team like Cleveland, he could climb into low-level QB2 status. Matt Flynn is in a similar position as Smith at this time. Barring an injury to the starter, he wonít be contributing too heavily on his current team, yet if he were to be traded, his fantasy value could jump moderately. With Andy Reid now in KC, Iím tempted to move Matt Cassel up my rankings, but I think that the Chiefs opening-week starter at QB is probably not on the roster today. If Cassel miraculously holds onto his job, he could be a nice value play at QB. Kirk Cousins is probably a must-have for RGIII owners, but with the current buzz that Griffin could be ready Week 1, there is minimal current value in Cousins outside of his handcuff role.

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