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If you find yourself wishing you could find out more information on a rookie prospect than reading an 8-sentence scouting report, The 2007 Rookie Scouting Portfolio is a must-have, fantasy football and NFL Draft resource. The portfolio is ready for download! Get your copy by simply filling out the box on the right.

FF Today’s Matt Waldman, writer of The Weekly Gut Check and 20/20 Hindsight columns, and originator of the Crank Score, authored a 379-page publication (.pdf format) in 2006 that covered players in more depth than most anything you will find in print! As a fantasy owner, this portfolio is geared to the rookies you need to know about.

What You Get...
  • 116 Rookie Profiles at the QB, RB, WR, and TE positions.

  • A 1-2 page analysis of each player that explains the player’s checklist grades and play-by-play examples and game stats that support the evaluator’s commentary.

  • Position-specific rankings and summaries for each player based on their on-field talent.

  • Long-term projects at each position with the talent to be future fantasy surprises.

  • Key Overrated and Underrated players in this year’s draft class.

In addition, you will receive...
  • A combine-adjusted ranking, based on a formula that illustrates how workout scores can impact a player’s draft position or perceived potential.

  • Each prospect is graded with a full-page checklist with at least 20, position- specific, criteria points.

  • All players are graded on a clearly defined, 100-point scale.

  • The best and worst evaluated performers at position-specific skill sets.
The 2007 RSP is ready for download! Get your copy for the low price of $17.95!

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The 2006 Rookie Scouting Portfolio was well received...

The Details...

2007 Rookie Scouting Portfolio
The intent is to provide the fantasy owners and draftnik information that goes beyond the general, one and two paragraph summaries of player strengths and weaknesses. Instead of telling you a player simply has good speed, nice hands, and a strong arm, The 2007 Rookie Scouting Portfolio contains actual, play-by-play analysis to describe a prospect’s strengths and weaknesses where it matters most: the field of play.

The emphasis of game film to evaluate a player is based on the philosophy shared by some of the NFL’s best personnel men in the history of the game such as Joe Thomas and Ron Wolf. Commissioner Pete Rozelle recommended Thomas to the Minnesota Vikings in the 1960’s as their first personnel manager. Thomas went against the grain, and built a team around scrambling QB Fran Tarkenton, a player that didn’t have ideal measurements but possessed far greater qualities that could only be seen on the field.

Former Packer’s GM, Ron Wolf credits Thomas as someone from whom he learned valuable lessons about the art of personnel decisions. Wolf was the driving force behind the Packers acquiring Brett Favre. The choice of Favre was one of the cornerstones of the Green Bay franchise when they became Super Bowl Champion. Wolf was convinced Favre was a special player, not because what he saw from Favre at the combine, but film study of the future Hall of Famer’s junior season at Southern Mississippi.

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The reports are in .pdf format and can be viewed with Adobe Reader, a very common program on most PCs today and free to download if you don’t have it.

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