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 Contests > CC/DB Survivor Contest  
One Compiler Customer Will Win $2,500

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Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy

Prior Contests

'10 Survivor
'09 Survivor
'08 3 And Out!
'07 Survivor
'06 Survivor

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
shawn42 Out CLE      
skilpinen Out CLE      
Skizza Out NYG      
smokeyspop Out CLE      
smthcrmnl04 Out CLE      
snow1man Out CLE      
soloman59 Out CLE      
sonys Out DEN      
sooner_dawgs Out KC      
sorourke Out KC      
spoilers_2 Out CLE      
spolay Out KC      
Squasher33 Out KC      
srhpdx Out KC      
staffbb43 Out CLE      
StAmadeus Out CLE      
steamingheap Out KC      
steelersfan21 Out CLE      
steinba1 Out PIT      
stevenzwol Out KC      
steve_gummelt Out CLE      
sthunder73 Out KC      
stu3967 Out CLE      
stumpandgina Out CLE      
stvlknvl Out CLE      
Subsoiler Out CLE      
Superhogs Out KC      
Swammydawgs Out ATL      
swanie76 Out CLE      
sweetlegends Out CLE      
swipp17 Out CLE      
szczepam Out CLE      
tahiti47 Out CLE      
taxplanner Out CLE      
tbchaney1 Out NYG      
tbuerk Out KC      
Tedford Out KC      
Testiculon Out KC      
tgooch001 Out KC      
thedaddoo Out CLE      
thehbomb Out NYG      
TheHolmes Out KC      
theloyd Out CLE      
the_lord_chesterfield Out CLE      
Thundertoad Out CLE Out CLE      
tjjohnson Out NYG      
tkullgren Out KC      
tmacattack Out CLE      
tmalfara Out CLE      
TMANSB Out KC      
tmedic Out KC      
toddratliff Out CLE      
ToeRex Out CLE      
top_jimmy44 Out NYG      
tosterbur Out DEN      
tquellhorst Out CLE      
trazz48 Out KC      
trentostling Out CLE      
trimster55 Out CLE      
troop4 Out NYG      
truebigdog Out KC      
tsitter Out CLE      
tstayin Out KC      
ttandy Out CLE      
turanga Out CLE      
tvoyt Out KC      
twilliams Out CLE      
twmac Out CLE      
twright_il Out KC      
urban22 Out KC      
vikesfan2001 Out KC      
Whitey2876 Out KC      
whoopnstik Out KC      
willcheng Out DEN      
wjdmail Out NYG      
wjmtemple Out CLE      
wuffy Out CLE      
YinzerRuss Out CLE      
zfreeman02 Out KC      

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