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 Contests > CC/DB Survivor Contest  
One Compiler Customer Will Win $2,500

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Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy

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Results for All Entries

Name Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
d2dier Out SD [No Pick]    
daboys23 Out GB IND    
dan39decoy Out ARI BAL    
DAVE22 Out HOU [No Pick]    
det1jgl Out SD [No Pick]    
djmeado Out ARI [No Pick]    
dmon22 Out PHI BAL    
docwiggly9 Out ARI [No Pick]    
Dukes22 Out NE [No Pick]    
dzamon Out GB [No Pick]    
efdenny Out SD BAL    
ehunsucker Out ARI [No Pick]    
ejakes Out HOU BAL    
Eliassama Out SD [No Pick]    
force Out NE [No Pick]    
forelsol Out PHI [No Pick]    
gdon Out SD BAL    
glenn447 Out ARI BAL    
gregeol Out PHI BAL    
g_rhymes Out ARI BAL    
hex92 Out HOU BAL    
Hinks76 Out WAS BAL    
ILikeTacos Out HOU [No Pick]    
jallen Out PHI [No Pick]    
jaredtank1 Out ARI BAL    
jedunc Out ARI BAL    
jeff_aclin Out HOU IND    
jeremy1969 Out HOU [No Pick]    
jfrevola Out PHI [No Pick]    
jgniklas Out NE [No Pick]    
jmazour Out NE [No Pick]    
JMHowland Out ARI [No Pick]    
JohnnyD777 Out PHI [No Pick]    
jsinkii Out HOU [No Pick]    
katin73 Out NE BAL    
krog6 Out ARI [No Pick]    
ktuoms Out NE BAL    
kyllodog Out GB BAL    
kymarlinfan Out SD BAL    
louislipps Out SD [No Pick]    
m8thomas Out HOU [No Pick] Out HOU [No Pick]    
mda430 Out NE [No Pick]    
medina05 Out ARI BAL    
metjpw Out ARI BAL    
mgigani Out NE [No Pick]    
mikequick Out NE [No Pick]    
mitemouze Out ARI BAL    
mkennedy04 Out CIN IND    
mlard Out ARI BAL    
Mr. Otto Out PHI [No Pick]    
mrocchini Out ARI [No Pick]    
nancyh23 Out NE [No Pick]    
ngedeonjr Out SD [No Pick]    
Omnibot Out ARI [No Pick]    
paucm0 Out SD [No Pick]    
paynestewart Out NE [No Pick]    
peanut33 Out SD IND    
PepereGY Out NE BAL    
pgoonis Out ARI [No Pick]    
Philsen71 Out HOU BAL    
prostrollo Out NE BAL    
puntacanapeo Out ARI [No Pick]    
RabidSeaCows Out ARI BAL    
raddad Out SD [No Pick]    
ragfoo Out ARI [No Pick]    
ralooba Out ARI [No Pick]    
rayonrails Out PHI [No Pick]    
reddawg Out SD [No Pick]    
rmeder Out PHI [No Pick]    
rmholt11 Out ARI [No Pick]    
rockumbb1 Out HOU [No Pick]    
ronvdw Out ARI [No Pick]    
Rottweilers Out NE IND    
ryche100 Out NE [No Pick]    
samzstuff Out NE BAL    
scottbish Out NE BAL    
scov70 Out ARI [No Pick] Out NE [No Pick]    
Sloucho Out ARI [No Pick]    
snookr88 Out HOU BAL    
spacehulk Out HOU [No Pick]    
Starhowle Out GB ARI    
svengoolie Out ARI [No Pick]    
tcotter Out HOU BAL    
tdogg118 Out NE BAL    
thart38 Out NE [No Pick]    
toddmac101 Out NE BAL    
tommyled Out NYJ [No Pick]    
Trailerboys Out PHI BAL    
TurboATX Out ARI BAL    
unckid93 Out ARI [No Pick]    
val2 Out NE BAL    
vamosvaqueros Out ARI [No Pick]    
1TonyC Out TEN      
2bmayhem Out CLE      
3FootSquirt Out CLE      
6_million_dollar_faulk Out NYG      
ahomburger Out KC      
airbiscuit Out CLE