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 Contests > CC/DB Survivor Contest  
One Compiler Customer Will Win $5,000

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Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy

Prior Contests

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'08 3 And Out!
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Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
lance110 Out SD      
lawyer36 Out CIN      
lcatsfield Out NO      
leefty Out SD      
llebob22 Out [No Pick]      
LSUAlum2001 Out CIN      
macmike00 Out SD      
mad0die Out CIN      
markovran Out SD      
martin247 Out SD      
mastir1 Out CIN      
mc9170 Out NO      
mcazala Out CIN      
mccull50 Out CIN      
Mcdago Out CIN      
mcdonnell Out NO      
McRones Out SD      
mdborromeo Out NO      
medcity80 Out CIN      
megavikefan Out NO      
mel22 Out CAR      
menelaos Out CIN      
Mental Out SD      
Mercaptins Out CIN      
mfalejczyk Out SD      
mgtew Out [No Pick]      
Mike FF Today Out CIN      
MikeS71 Out HOU      
mikeviking Out CIN      
mitenc Out SD      
mlass Out CIN      
mlogsdon Out CIN      
mmemmel Out CIN      
MontrealWebDesign Out DAL      
Morphy666 Out SD      
mosslong Out DAL      
mpalloto Out NO      
mpblume Out NO      
MrCCG Out SD      
msinn3 Out NO      
MSwit310 Out SD      
mushman66 Out NO      
m_cox22 Out NO      
nc_guy Out NO      
ndrugby Out SD      
neutronron Out CIN      
nick_3674 Out CIN      
Nitschke66 Out CIN      
nobleone Out DAL      
norseman Out CIN      
nuclearice Out CIN      
oaklandpcg Out CIN      
omegabone Out NO      
onthtee101 Out NO      
otisbulldog8 Out SD      
Pasqualino Out CIN      
patransom Out SD      
pcovey Out CIN      
peanut33 Out GB      
perkinds Out SD      
Peted27 Out NO      
pflatt Out CIN      
pgoonis Out NO      
pheter Out CIN      
philapa Out CIN      
phillygibbskins Out CIN      
pinkpanthers Out NO      
polevault27 Out NO      
popstarr Out [No Pick]      
PraveenAnbudaiyan1 Out [No Pick]      
psutide24 Out CIN      
puntacanapeo Out CIN Out SD      
ralooba Out CIN      
rammer00 Out HOU      
randge Out SD      
random Out SD Out HOU      
rb24vegas Out CIN      
rbrother Out NO      
rchipper Out SF      
Rchoinacki Out CIN      
redbone8 Out CIN      
rewsters Out CIN      
rgieseler Out [No Pick]      
Rifdog Out NO      
riversjo Out CIN      
rize7 Out SD      
rjconley48105 Out CIN      
rkrutz Out SD      
roach Out CIN      
Roastbeef_Chiefs Out NO      
rocket8476 Out NO      
RocketMonkey Out HOU      
rokshox Out HOU      
runngun Out NO      
rwpickel Out CIN      
ryanr0102 Out CIN      
RyanWood Out NO