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 Contests > CC/DB Survivor Contest  
One Compiler Customer Will Win $5,000

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Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy

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Results for All Entries

Name Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
Costanza2g Out CHI MIN    
csmintz Out CHI CLE    
cspacecwby Out TEN [No Pick]    
cwspohr44 Out ARI [No Pick]    
dacevedo12 Out CHI [No Pick]    
dahoen Out NYG MIN    
danb2001 Out CHI [No Pick]    
Dawgs_2 Out NYG [No Pick]    
dcreamer Out ARI TEN    
dedemiami Out TEN [No Pick]    
desilan Out TEN [No Pick]    
dheitke Out CHI [No Pick]    
dlaves Out TEN MIN    
dmedster Out CHI CAR    
dojo_commish Out TEN DAL    
domandmon Out CHI DAL    
dook78954 Out TB [No Pick]    
Douglow Out MIA CAR    
dougpickles Out TB CAR    
drabs16 Out TEN DAL    
drbeat10 Out NYG [No Pick]    
drcaveman Out TEN [No Pick]    
drd0g Out TEN [No Pick]    
DrEvil Out PIT DAL    
drowe Out JAC CAR    
dscotta Out GB DAL    
dshear1 Out ARI [No Pick]    
dsmith326 Out TEN MIN    
dtb136 Out TEN [No Pick]    
dtwomack2000 Out ARI CAR    
Dukes22 Out MIA [No Pick]    
Dunny Out TEN [No Pick]    
efdenny Out TEN DAL    
ejalabanza Out TEN [No Pick]    
ejt Out CHI CAR    
elwonderboy Out NYG DAL    
emedina351 Out NO DAL    
emsutton33 Out CHI [No Pick]    
ericperson Out CHI [No Pick]    
Fizzelps Out NYG NE    
fleaburger77 Out NO DAL    
foosboy2 Out TEN [No Pick]    
football1962 Out HOU CAR    
footwork13 Out NYG DAL    
foshizzle Out NYG DAL    
fran0348 Out TEN CAR    
freedomrings Out NE [No Pick]    
frotzman Out NYG MIN    
gallo4018 Out TEN ARI    
gallopingael Out NYG [No Pick]    
gamboool Out TEN DAL    
gestir Out TEN DAL    
gglack1 Out ARI [No Pick]    
ghouston Out JAC CAR    
gina78 Out TEN DAL    
gizmo517 Out MIA [No Pick]    
goodfortune72 Out TEN STL    
goodoldalky Out NE [No Pick]    
GrandWazoo Out TEN [No Pick]    
grendal Out ARI [No Pick]    
Grit Out GB CAR    
Guadelio Out TEN [No Pick]    
gwallis Out TEN DAL    
harrisra Out TEN STL    
hocker03 Out CHI [No Pick]    
huntley9 Out CHI [No Pick]    
IDrinkMolson_2 Out TEN MIN    
irishcarbombs79 Out GB DAL    
jackrabbit_slims Out TEN DAL    
Jakepac Out CHI DAL    
jakestans Out TEN DAL    
jalexand42 Out TEN [No Pick]    
jazam123 Out TEN [No Pick]    
jbhertzog Out NYG [No Pick]    
jcaesar625 Out TEN DAL    
jcampaign Out MIA [No Pick]    
jdavidson34 Out MIA DAL    
JEdwards06 Out CHI DAL    
JeffCronin Out TEN [No Pick]    
jester01 Out MIA CAR    
jfoday Out TEN [No Pick]    
jgalt Out CHI DAL    
jgrah123 Out MIA DAL    
jharris Out KC [No Pick]    
jhartwig Out JAC [No Pick]    
JHudson04 Out TEN [No Pick]    
jizzatch Out TEN [No Pick]    
jknapp4 Out CHI DAL    
jlratino Out MIA CAR    
jmangiafico Out TEN STL    
jmarkowski Out NYG DAL    
Jmespel Out TEN CAR    
Jmg1820 Out TEN [No Pick]    
joejenwhite Out MIA CAR    
joemamma_88 Out TEN [No Pick]    
johiah Out TEN [No Pick]    
johnabbott Out GB [No Pick]    
johnnydev Out TEN [No Pick]    
josephbyron Out NYG [No Pick]    
jruchida Out CHI [No Pick]