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 Contests > CC/DB Survivor Contest  
One Compiler Customer Will Win $5,000

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Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy

Prior Contests

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'08 3 And Out!
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Results for All Entries

Name Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
zhalpern Out NO GB NE IND
aeavery Out TEN GB [No Pick]  
airbiscuit Out NYG GB [No Pick]  
alanr Out CHI GB [No Pick]  
amlinj Out MIA PHI WAS  
andrew_troup Out ARI PHI WAS  
b405211 Out MIA GB WAS  
Barnacles Out TEN GB WAS  
bdrohland Out CHI ATL WAS Out TEN GB WAS  
benny1515 Out TEN GB [No Pick]  
bgoodric Out NE OAK GB  
bhendric Out TEN ATL TB  
Big_Cat Out TEN GB [No Pick]  
bk13 Out TEN GB [No Pick]  
Blackstar Out MIA PHI WAS  
bobtreolo Out KC SD [No Pick]  
bretster01 Out MIA GB SD  
Broncos7 Out MIA KC [No Pick]  
brooksml Out TEN GB WAS  
buckethead Out JAC GB WAS  
ceakin Out NYG SD [No Pick] Out TB PHI WAS  
chadoz Out NYG ATL WAS  
Chiznit Out NYG GB [No Pick]  
cino Out NE GB SD  
clemenceau Out MIA GB WAS  
Commando007 Out NYG GB [No Pick]  
coolbrz515 Out TEN GB WAS  
criswick Out ARI GB SF  
cstriker Out MIA GB WAS Out TEN PHI SF  
dc1carlson Out MIA GB NO  
decker87 Out MIA KC [No Pick]  
derno Out TEN PHI [No Pick]  
discmonkey Out TEN ATL SF  
dr_hallin Out CHI PHI WAS  
dwinum Out CHI PHI WAS  
eesses Out TEN DEN SD  
eimerej Out ARI GB WAS  
erosen Out NYG ATL WAS  
ezgosc Out ARI ATL WAS  
Fatkinson Out TEN OAK SF  
fecr Out CHI KC WAS  
formul8 Out TEN SD [No Pick]  
fullertime29 Out TEN ATL [No Pick]  
genevatodd Out NYG GB WAS  
gold11475 Out CHI GB OAK  
goldberj Out ARI GB [No Pick]  
gsekelsky Out MIA GB WAS Out NE GB SF  
hens10 Out TEN OAK SF  
hesstruxx Out NYG PHI [No Pick]  
hlgmiami Out TB ATL WAS  
IceyBurnz Out TEN PHI [No Pick]  
jcflevin Out GB KC WAS  
jdsmith20 Out TEN GB [No Pick]  
jedunc Out NE GB SD  
jmderick Out NYG GB [No Pick]  
JonSamuels Out CHI OAK WAS  
JorgeYanes Out MIA ATL GB  
josephreese Out CHI ATL WAS  
josephschell Out CHI GB WAS  
jptsetme Out TEN GB [No Pick] Out TEN GB [No Pick]  
jschulz Out TEN ATL [No Pick]  
jthapar11 Out TEN ATL NYG  
julioseven Out GB PHI [No Pick]  
kapster13 Out ARI SD [No Pick]  
KidTahoe Out CHI GB [No Pick]  
Kokomoses Out NO PHI [No Pick]  
krog6 Out NYG ATL [No Pick]  
kspear Out CHI GB WAS  
langboblori Out NE GB WAS  
lbdogs_2 Out MIA GB WAS  
legatea Out TEN ATL WAS  
lleidal Out CHI DEN MIA  
Longhrn77 Out NYG GB [No Pick]  
macolyte Out NE DEN NYG  
martinj4612 Out TEN ATL WAS  
mattwa Out TEN ATL WAS  
mbh712 Out TEN PHI WAS  
michbb Out CHI ATL WAS  
MikeD8891 Out ARI PHI [No Pick]  
Minnyclark1 Out NYG GB [No Pick]  
mmmsdaddy Out ARI GB NO  
mmocken Out CHI DEN NO  
moguls27 Out ARI PHI SD  
Molson1042 Out MIA ATL SD  
molsondark Out TEN GB WAS  
mrbuckoman Out CHI GB WAS  
mrcoco Out TEN GB [No Pick]  
mrcourtney Out MIA TB SF  
mswagner Out ARI GB [No Pick] Out TEN GB [No Pick]  
nbeuiclk Out CHI GB SD  
noorangehere Out CHI ATL DET  
pappachris Out ARI GB [No Pick]  
patriots74_2 Out TEN PHI WAS  
paulwich Out ARI PHI WAS