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 Contests > CC/DB Survivor Contest  
One Compiler Customer Will Win $5,000

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Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy

Prior Contests

'09 Survivor
'08 3 And Out!
'07 Survivor
'06 Survivor

Results for All Entries

Name Wild-CardDivisional
Super Bowl
  boneys Out NO      
  jdub081 Out NO      
  joelarmst Out NO      
  sdunlop Out NO      
bigredtopper1998 Out        
Killadar1 Out        
loserbrothers Out        
SHPekula111 Out        
Therndon Out        
adg180 Out        
Bongobob42 Out        
boyzstile Out        
brycebolt Out        
chdallas Out        
chito6115 Out        
clwagner Out        
coltsnut Out        
David_Cleary Out        
Da_Bears Out        
gnlyons Out        
gropers Out        
hex92 Out        
izzster Out        
JayDee Out        
jayhawk1968 Out        
jcedwards Out        
johndipaolo Out        
KidSchrock Out        
labrec Out        
mmena Out        
montemailman Out        
mr_bungalow Out        
nijer Out        
patriotsfatboy1 Out        
rcslocum Out        
RollingThunder Out        
SammyOD Out        
sandman300 Out        
sshoboken Out        
steamingheap Out        
Subsoiler Out        
swanie76 Out        
swinster Out        
toofcod Out        
uwmalcolm Out        
12xuser Out        
fraggle21 Out        
itsrvd Out        
lyonn Out        
mjoheo Out        
smolnar Out        
cghgph Out        
chefski99 Out        
Cuddy120 Out        
EXPAPERBOY Out        
gsg3 Out        
jersey_tomatoes Out        
jlooney Out        
jtpar Out        
lethalpundit Out        
matadors2010 Out        
mboc76 Out        
metalliman98 Out        
mikeashabq Out        
mjmurray Out        
mstone23 Out        
pbeldin Out        
rdethloff Out        
scrotch Out        
sonys Out        
steelersfan21 Out        
stonkeys Out        
tahiti47 Out        
Ahb001 Out        
bczalou Out        
CanOWhoopass Out        
clavin88 Out        
cyberbeu Out        
dankbray Out        
doc3371 Out        
dpkap Out        
Drinkin_Lincoln Out        
emccutch Out        
Farmer_Bernie Out        
gerg Out        
gjeyes Out        
Jerded Out        
lilsug Out        
milehi5287 Out        
Oakers87 Out        
peterphunk Out        
rbeitzel Out        
RedEYEslim Out        
rluter Out        
stltmk Out        
timozbuck Out        
trianglenc Out Out        
zman_2 Out        
alanmthompson Out