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One Compiler Customer Will Win $5,000

Congrats to all 25 people who made it through the regular season a perfect 17-0 (one better then the Patriots)! The contest now shifts into playoff mode to help decide the winner. Go to the CC/DB Survivor Contest: Playoffs to see who wins the $5,000!

Results: Weeks 1 to 8, Weeks 9 to 17 or Playoffs | Contest Stats

Results for All Entries

Name Status Wk 9Wk 10Wk 11Wk 12Wk 13Wk 14Wk 15Wk 16Wk 17
nhawk12 Out CLE NO              
nickyg529 Out WAS NO              
nordikwolf Out PIT NO              
NorthernVike Out WAS TEN              
Oil and Lubes Out TB NO              
PatrickT Out WAS NO              
paulheggen Out PIT NO              
phil64 Out PIT CAR              
phurballdj Out TEN NO              
Pigskin Porkers_2 Out TEN NO              
pingtisi Out TEN NO              
Pixburgh Out TEN NO              
pixelback Out TEN NO              
pnigro Out PIT TEN              
prinstew Out PIT NO              
psarver Out ATL NO              
psimmsny Out ATL NO              
Pulcue_2 Out WAS NO              
ragfoo Out TB NO              
Ranch2305 Out TB NO              
rbeitzel Out WAS NO      Out WAS NO              
rdunnivan Out PIT NO              
redskins27 Out WAS NO      Out WAS NO              
rickets Out PIT NO              
riverjerk Out TB NO              
rmeder Out CLE NO              
robud Out PIT NO              
Rocko0412 Out PIT NO              
rowan Out WAS NO              
rsantangelo Out WAS NO              
rsekine Out PIT NO              
rsilvers Out TEN NO              
ryanrb Out PIT NO              
sadkins116 Out TB NO              
Sagone Out PIT NO              
Saintelistan86 Out WAS NO              
saxophonoia Out PIT NO              
schaefdawg Out TB CAR              
scottpawlak Out WAS NO              
scottrupnow_2 Out PIT NO              
sdebull Out PIT CAR              
senorgrande Out TB NO              
serbs Out WAS NO              
sgamino Out PIT NO              
sgtgrey Out PIT NO              
shanlch Out WAS NO              
shasbrooke Out TB KC              
shottscore Out TEN NO              
ski8103 Out TB NO              
skrabo Out PIT NO              
sky256 Out PIT NO              
Sluggo_2 Out TEN NO              
soltysik Out PIT NO              
squelcher Out WAS NO              
stltmk Out TEN NO              
swede2231 Out PIT NO              
tcwil88 Out PIT NO              
team_graffix Out PIT NO              
texican10 Out WAS NO              
Thebigousa Out PIT TEN              
thegreatone Out PIT NO              
Therndon Out PIT NO              
thewrecker Out GB NO              
tigitymigity Out TB NO              
TNT1 Out PIT KC              
tobnrob Out PIT NO              
toddratliff Out TEN NO              
tquellhorst Out GB DET              
twpaxton Out WAS NO              
twright_il Out DET NO              
Uncle Rico Out WAS NO              
vellmure Out PIT NO              
vloche Out DAL NO              
weaver Out PIT NO              
wjmtemple Out TB NO              
woodyb Out PIT NO              
wuffy Out PIT NO              
yoagner Out TB NO              
zkcus Out PIT NO              
zzandrewss Out WAS KC              
ablumenthal Out JAC                
ahaigh Out SD                
atxz06 Out CIN                
bberglie Out SD                
bbullen51 Out SD                
bcdal Out SD                
BenchMark Out OAK                
bfflbige Out SD                
bigdersh Out SD                
bjwgolf Out JAC                
Bombatta Out SD                
boneys Out SD                
Boyssbc5 Out CIN                
bparker Out SD                
brianoc Out SD                
broc3572 Out SD                
brusie Out SD                
bsnodgra Out ARI