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One Compiler Customer Will Win $5,000

Congrats to all 25 people who made it through the regular season a perfect 17-0 (one better then the Patriots)! The contest now shifts into playoff mode to help decide the winner. Go to the CC/DB Survivor Contest: Playoffs to see who wins the $5,000!

Results: Weeks 1 to 8, Weeks 9 to 17 or Playoffs | Contest Stats

Results for All Entries

Name Status Wk 9Wk 10Wk 11Wk 12Wk 13Wk 14Wk 15Wk 16Wk 17
ellislh Out PIT NO      Out PIT NO              
emceachron Out TB NO              
extrmfishin_2 Out WAS NO              
Farmer_Bernie Out PIT NO              
fracguru Out PIT NO              
freedomrings Out WAS DET              
gatorjeff35 Out PIT NO              
gav825 Out PIT NO              
gbrewer Out PIT NO              
GDogg Out WAS NO              
Geejam Out WAS NO              
gelchico_2 Out CLE WAS              
gemelv Out TEN NO              
gene_schulz Out TB NO              
Gonkey Out TB NO              
goodroutine Out PIT WAS              
GrimmBarns_2 Out TB NO              
grimreapers Out WAS NO              
gsisolak Out TB NO              
guidryc Out PIT CAR              
hockeyman44 Out PIT NO              
huntley9 Out GB NO              
husker619 Out TEN NO              
huskerdave Out TEN NO              
hutchdc Out CLE NO              
irishman39 Out WAS NO              
IronRanger Out DET KC              
isocubic Out WAS NO              
jallen Out TEN NO              
JayDee Out PIT NO              
jayjmuir Out WAS NO              
JaySwizz Out WAS NO              
jazam123 Out WAS NO              
jbaker9988 Out WAS NO              
JBreezY Out PIT NO              
jcedwards Out PIT NO              
jchristiansen22 Out PIT NO              
jdevious Out TEN NO              
jdiamond33 Out TB NO              
jeffmud Out WAS NO              
jeffreypeel Out PIT NO              
jemoffatt Out PIT NO              
jettanite Out DAL NO              
jjstone Out TEN NO              
joeflow Out TB NO              
joescontejr Out PIT NO              
johnbenj Out WAS NO              
johnccheng Out PIT NO              
joryosborne Out PIT NO              
joshknipp Out DET NO              
josh_olszewski Out PIT NO              
jpoggi01 Out TB NO              
jramsdennc Out DET NO              
jrhoosier Out TEN NO              
jrsmithcpa_2 Out PIT NO              
jsnake72 Out PIT NO              
jtil589 Out PIT NO              
jtwood Out PIT NO              
jugdish_2 Out CLE NO              
jwelch02 Out WAS NO              
karch10 Out PIT NO              
Kerrie Out WAS NO              
kremedonut Out WAS NO              
ksalmons Out DET NO              
kslanicky Out WAS NO              
Kustodial Out TB NO              
lahr0021 Out PIT NO              
LarryBoy Out TEN NO              
leefty Out PIT NO              
legatea Out PIT NO              
lesterpstoneworthy Out PIT NO              
lilsug Out WAS NO              
littlebuckeye Out WAS NO              
llebob22 Out PIT NO              
lrichtman Out TEN NO              
Lundycorner Out TB NO              
maddmatt Out TEN NO              
malverncurse Out WAS NO              
Mangatang Out BUF NO              
masonc87 Out DET NO              
MasterBrewer Out PIT NO              
mbarone81 Out TB NO              
mcarcone Out PIT NO              
Melo Out PIT NO              
Mental Out WAS NO              
metsfan1190 Out PIT NO              
mikeblake11 Out PIT NO              
mikeymon1 Out TB NO              
Mixlflick Out PIT NO              
mlabuda Out TEN NO              
mliving Out PIT NO              
mltdawg Out WAS NO              
mmckittrick Out TB NO              
monty1130 Out PIT NO      Out WAS NO              
mstephans Out TB NO              
msurneb Out WAS NO              
nelldogg88 Out PIT NO              
Neppyneps Out CLE NO