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One Compiler Customer Will Win $5,000

Congrats to all 25 people who made it through the regular season a perfect 17-0 (one better then the Patriots)! The contest now shifts into playoff mode to help decide the winner. Go to the CC/DB Survivor Contest: Playoffs to see who wins the $5,000!

Results: Weeks 1 to 8, Weeks 9 to 17 or Playoffs | Contest Stats

Results for All Entries

Name Status Wk 9Wk 10Wk 11Wk 12Wk 13Wk 14Wk 15Wk 16Wk 17
ingham Out NO GB PHI ARI  Out WAS SEA TB NYG          
jkenyon21 Out NO PIT GB NYG          
joeykudron Out WAS SEA PHI ARI          
kmeyers_2 Out TB CHI PHI ARI          
kylomite Out PIT BUF PHI ARI          
lebaron54 Out TB PIT GB ARI          
mamartinez24 Out GB BUF TB ARI          
markawalker Out WAS SEA PHI ARI          
miamifan54 Out PIT CHI PHI ARI          
new-guru Out DET PIT PHI ARI          
ngeodakis Out WAS SEA IND ARI          
par4ed4 Out NO PIT GB KC          
pfearing Out PIT GB IND ARI          
Queso Viejo Out WAS GB PHI ARI          
rbishop71 Out WAS PIT IND ARI          
rcficker Out TB SEA PHI ARI          
robvess Out WAS SEA PHI NYG          
sddonahue Out WAS BUF PHI ARI          
steveramsfan Out PIT BUF PHI ARI          
stu3967 Out PIT CHI IND NYG          
tompoke Out WAS PIT GB NYG          
Trich Out PIT SEA GB ARI          
wolverines2 Out TB SEA PHI ARI          
WRusch Out WAS BUF PHI ARI          
auroramike71 Out TB ARI ATL            
dkcobia Out DET GB PIT            
mzcoffman Out GB JAC CIN            
sandman532 Out WAS BUF PIT            
aaron12 Out PIT NO      Out TB NO              
adamsass Out WAS NO              
aguedry Out PIT NO              
alanmthompson Out PIT NO              
andersbr Out WAS NO              
andywhite1 Out TEN NO              
ashorn Out PIT NO              
austinw Out TB NO              
ayamaguc Out TB NO              
b0bw0j0 Out PIT NO              
Bagel Out WAS NO              
bcarson Out PIT NO              
bdrohland Out TEN NO              
beanburrito Out PIT NO              
beggsy Out TB NO              
ben4uf Out TEN NO              
benny1515 Out TEN NO              
bhendric Out PIT NO              
bige1202 Out WAS NO              
biggibber Out PIT NO              
binlynch Out PIT NO              
bojangling_3 Out TEN NO              
boontee Out TB NO              
bpessin Out PIT NO              
brady013 Out WAS NO              
brewmaster Out PIT NO              
brooksml Out PIT NO              
Brownz64 Out GB NO              
cab4360 Out PIT CAR              
Catechuman Out TEN NO              
cchurchill75 Out WAS NO              
cdd543 Out TEN NO              
chefsfule Out TB NO              
choboy Out PIT NO              
chstout Out WAS NO              
cincyman80 Out PIT NO              
cjkrier Out PIT NO              
college Out TB NO              
coltsrock Out WAS NO              
craigomaniac Out TEN NO              
credrup Out WAS NO              
crua8 Out TEN NO              
ctm61 Out WAS NO              
dadams Out WAS NO              
dahoen Out TB NO              
daltsbar Out TB NO              
dalwhinnies Out CLE NO              
Darkstar929 Out TB NO              
davedenz Out PIT NO              
davidt76 Out PIT NO              
dbn711 Out GB NO              
dcreamer Out TB NO              
ddicarlucci Out PIT KC              
DGINGLING Out TB CAR              
dirkheite Out TEN NO              
dnomyarps Out PIT NO              
dondrake Out WAS NO              
dougtreasa Out WAS NO              
dplomedahl Out PIT NO              
dpwpi Out TB NO              
drewkel Out TB NO              
drluv2fish Out PIT NO              
drobin01 Out PIT NO              
dziadus_2 Out TB NO              
e105969 Out PIT NO              
earljami Out TB NO              
echristian Out PIT NO              
Eferguson Out PIT CAR              
ekonyk Out TB NO              
elkiholic_2 Out PIT NO