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One Compiler Customer Wins $5,000

Congratulations to Kevin True, winner of our 2006 Survivor Pool Contest!
Kevin's pick of Green Bay in Week 16 won him a cool $5,000!

Results: Weeks 1 to 8 or Weeks 9 to 17 | Contest Stats

Results for All Entries

Name Status Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
mlucas1435 Out PHI IND ARI          
mp16407mp Out ARI DAL BUF          
mpike71 Out CHI BAL ARI          
mrcash Out PHI BAL BUF          
mrsjaytee Out NE BAL ARI          
mstorrs01 Out ARI BAL ATL          
mtinaz Out ARI BAL ATL          
mur0180 Out SEA IND ARI          
mweers Out SEA CHI ARI          
mwiedmann_2 Out SEA BAL ARI          
naptownho Out NE IND BUF          
Nitro1128 Out SEA IND ARI  Out PHI BAL NE          
njkampas Out PHI SD ATL          
oakutinman Out ARI BAL DET          
oldno7 Out ARI IND ATL          
OSReality Out NE BAL ARI          
oswegosteve Out SEA BAL ATL          
par4ed4 Out ARI CIN ATL          
PArgonauts Out NE CIN ARI          
patcav47 Out ARI BAL ATL          
patransom Out PHI BAL ATL          
peacedawgs1 Out MIN BAL ATL          
pgruender Out SD BAL ATL          
philapa Out ARI BAL BUF          
philsminions Out PHI NO BUF          
Prestomagic Out ARI BAL ATL          
pupkus Out NE BAL DET          
quickz88 Out PHI BAL NE          
r35451 Out CHI IND DET          
rac2027 Out NE IND ATL          
rangerdan_2 Out NE SD TEN          
rastabwoy32 Out NE CIN ARI          
rbhorn Out PHI BAL NE          
rcmcgeorge Out SEA BAL NE          
redbirds Out PHI BAL DET          
reesehenrie_2 Out NE IND MIN          
rennay Out PHI BAL NE          
rggummo1 Out NE BAL ARI          
rholt Out NE BAL BUF          
richardg8 Out PHI BAL NE          
rlwingerter Out ARI IND BUF          
rngrfan Out ARI BAL DET          
Roadkill Out SEA IND ATL          
RoidWarrior Out NE IND ARI          
rotochamp1 Out ARI BAL ATL          
rtbloom Out ARI BAL DET          
rzkybznz Out ARI ATL DET          
Sackmaster Out SEA ATL TB          
SamsonATD Out SEA SD ARI          
SCABB Out NE BAL ATL          
schmittd Out NE CHI ARI          
schotz600 Out ARI BAL NE          
seiter Out ARI BAL NE          
sfbrion Out ARI SD DET          
sfolio Out SEA IND ARI          
shtepon Out NE BAL BUF          
shurlow1 Out ARI SD NE          
slevindo Out PHI BAL ARI          
slim2061 Out SEA IND ARI          
Sluggo_2 Out CHI IND ARI          
smithtill Out PIT BAL ATL          
smokeyspop Out NYJ SD DET          
smsbadcpa Out ARI BAL DET          
snax Out NE BAL BUF          
srhpdx Out ARI DAL HOU          
stapes1 Out SEA DEN NE          
stevenwilburn Out ARI BAL DET          
stoney99 Out SEA BAL ARI          
SUPERSUIT7_2 Out PHI BAL ARI          
sushikings Out PHI NO DET          
swammi Out ARI DEN DET          
TAM2020 Out NO BAL ATL          
Tatums Out NE BAL BUF          
Tazcomp Out ARI SD ATL          
tbacalja Out SEA IND DET          
TBOSS Out ARI DEN NE          
tbuerk Out PHI BAL ATL          
tcarbone Out NE BAL DET          
tcoll777 Out ARI BAL ATL          
tduke92 Out NE BAL ARI          
thebflbomb Out NO CHI NE          
timcocchia Out ARI BAL TEN  Out NE BAL ATL          
toddruss Out PHI DEN ARI          
tortilla.curtain Out SD IND TEN          
trexmedia Out PHI BAL ATL  Out CHI SD ARI          
T_Man23 Out ARI BAL BUF          
vh01937 Out SEA BAL BUF          
vloche Out CHI SEA DET          
westlake Out SEA BAL TEN          
Winnemucca Out ARI BAL NE          
wjmilligan Out ARI CIN DET          
wpyoung Out NE BAL ARI          
wreckingcrew_2 Out JAC DEN NE          
yliquor Out PIT DEN DET          

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