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One Compiler Customer Wins $5,000

Congratulations to Kevin True, winner of our 2006 Survivor Pool Contest!
Kevin's pick of Green Bay in Week 16 won him a cool $5,000!

Results: Weeks 1 to 8 or Weeks 9 to 17 | Contest Stats

Results for All Entries

Name Status Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
edytwinky_2 Out PHI BAL ARI          
ehankwitz Out ARI CHI NE          
eholler Out SEA BAL NE          
eli1inthesnow Out SEA IND ARI          
elkiholic_2 Out NE SD BUF          
elmiger Out NE CIN ARI          
El_Conquistador Out PHI BAL NE          
EMTillman Out PHI BAL ARI          
erector Out SEA IND ARI          
erett Out NE IND DET          
estabonmrj Out NE IND DET          
ey1192 Out ARI SD ATL          
fiasco13 Out NE CHI ATL          
fleaburger77 Out NE BAL ARI          
floyager Out ARI BAL DET          
football_scooter Out SD BAL ATL          
forster705 Out PHI BAL DET          
fronobulax Out NE BAL BUF          
FTFF Out ARI BAL ATL          
G-in-Otown Out PHI IND ATL          
GaetjensandBorghi_2 Out ARI BAL NE          
galbraith22 Out ARI BAL DET          
gandalf970 Out NE CHI BUF          
garbacj Out PHI BAL ATL          
gcamera14 Out ARI CIN ATL          
gdubya Out ARI BAL ATL          
gembrey Out SEA CIN DET          
gestir Out PHI BAL ATL          
Gingernick Out SEA BAL HOU          
GirouxRA Out PHI NE BUF          
glabrous3 Out PHI BAL ATL          
gldshaz Out NE IND PIT          
gohellspawn_2 Out PHI BAL BUF          
gonyen_2 Out ARI DEN ATL          
gpasquin Out ARI SD TEN          
grifters_2 Out SEA CIN ARI          
Grouchoman Out PHI IND ARI          
gstephano711 Out SEA DEN NE          
haasmi Out PHI BAL ATL          
herronbone Out CHI NO ARI          
hoekamania Out ARI BAL BUF          
hoffdaddy1 Out PIT BAL ATL          
Hokiebird94 Out NE BAL ARI          
ifunwy_2 Out NE IND ARI          
iporat Out ARI BAL ATL          
jahaynes Out SEA IND NE          
javelinBCD Out PHI DEN ARI          
JayC_VB Out ARI SD BUF          
jaymillstone Out ARI BAL ATL  Out NE IND ARI          
jclangille Out ARI SD ATL          
jcm533 Out CHI IND ARI          
jdcanavan Out PHI NE ATL          
jgilkey513 Out CIN BAL BUF          
jhoxworth Out ARI CIN DET          
jhuber0314 Out NE BAL ARI          
jimflynn3 Out SEA BAL ARI          
jimmyvon Out NE BAL DET          
jjv11 Out SEA IND ATL          
johndipaolo_2 Out PHI IND ATL          
Jokinomx Out NE SD DET          
jonhpt2001 Out ARI BAL DET          
joshsipes Out ARI CHI ATL          
jradziew Out SD BAL BUF          
jschaiss Out SD BAL ATL          
justdids Out NE CIN ARI          
jwagner005 Out PHI CHI ATL          
jwiles68 Out NE IND ARI          
kaybr01 Out NE BAL ARI          
kbmsu Out CHI IND ATL          
kbostic Out ARI BAL ATL          
kbunfill Out NE BAL ARI          
kenkraus Out NE IND BUF  Out NE CIN DET          
kons16 Out CHI BAL ATL          
krisvoldal Out NE IND ARI          
Lacroix Out ARI NE ATL          
Lambeau_Leap Out ARI BAL ATL          
lbirnbaum Out ARI BAL ATL          
lethalpundit Out PHI BAL ATL          
lhoney64 Out NE DAL TB          
lildawg99 Out PHI SD ARI          
liloca Out ARI BAL ATL          
littlelia Out NE BAL ATL          
lostxn Out ARI BAL ATL          
Lumpy75 Out ARI BAL ATL          
macmike00 Out NE BAL DET          
malmeyer Out NE SD BUF          
mamartinez24 Out NE SD ARI          
martbb_2 Out ARI NO DET          
mathnlaw Out PHI SEA ARI          
matthe44 Out NE CIN ARI          
mcdavis99 Out PHI BAL DET          
mdccmc Out SD IND ARI          
mggoilers Out PHI SD ATL          
mhdehook_2 Out ARI BAL DET          
mhwojak Out ARI NO ATL          
miamimojo11 Out SEA BAL ATL          
mister24 Out ARI BAL NE          
mjhaisma Out NE IND ARI          

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