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 Results for timkerian

 Pick Points
1. QB Carson Wentz9
2. QB Jared Goff9
3. OL Laremy Tunsil0
4. DB Jalen Ramsey9
5. LB Myles Jack0
6. DB Vernon Hargreaves5
7. DL DeForest Buckner10
8. DL Joey Bosa5
9. DL Chris Jones0
10. RB Ezekiel Elliott4

Picks Points


B1. Team to trade up: SEA0
B2. Number of QB+WR+RB: 60
B3. Titans trade the No.1 pick: YES5
B4. First team to draft a RB: NYG0
B5. QB Paxton Lynch taken in Rd. 1: YES5

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Total Points