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T.O. Ready to Play in August? Don’t Count On It

By: — July 1, 2011 @ 11:22 am
Filed under: Player Analysis

The T.O. Show is in it's final act.

I asked our resident athletic trainer, Bob Thompson, to give his analysis of T.O.’s mysterious ACL injury…

Injury: ACL tear and reconstruction
Healing Time: 6 months
Impact on the Field: More drama for this guy. Apparently T.O. injured his knee during a workout back in April. I have read a great deal on his injury because nothing seems to add up to me. Based on what his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has said, T.O. injured his knee in April, had surgery for a torn ACL, and will be ready by the start of camp, if there is one. The problem that I have is that the time frame doesn’t add up. If T.O. did have surgery in late April, he would not be ready for full contact until October. And that is the best-case scenario. Ask Wes Welker, Owen Daniels, or anyone else with this injury how it works out when they come back to competition within the same calendar year. When a player tears his ACL, he may have little difficulty in performing everyday activities, but he will experience significant problems when placed in an athletic event. T.O. was seen walking around at an event in late April without any noticeable problem. That makes me believe he had surgery sometime in late April or early June and that Rosenhaus is talking him up as ready for camp because he is unsigned. If he takes the field earlier than he should, he will be nowhere as good as he once was. He was already losing speed, and if he loses any more ability, he would become a possession receiver—if he is willing to run those short routes over the middle. As has been reported, he was never a big fan of those routes and I doubt he starts becoming one now.

With all respect to Drew Rosenhaus, I’d be shocked if Owens makes any kind of impact on the field in August or anytime this season.  Sure he’s known for being a freakishly quick healer but at this point in his career, who’s going to sign him? He’s already worn out his welcome in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Buffalo and Cincinnati. I’m sure Mr. Rosenhaus will do his job and land Owens a roster spot late in the season but make no mistake, the T.O. Show is in it’s final act.

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