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FF In The Groin
Week 11

People who bought the Larry Johnson lottery ticket back on draft day are smiling this week.

Groin Shot of the Week Candidates

Drew Brees (339 Yd, 4 TD) – Two weeks ago we had only 4 QB throw 2 TD passes and just 2 other QB throw 3 TD, which happened to occur in the Monday night game as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning saved us from near fantasy QB futility in week 9. This week, 13 QB tossed 2 or more TD, and 7 of those hit 3 or more. Trent Green? Byron Leftwich? Kurt Warner? Guys I thought it was comfortable to say we’ve given up on this year. Well, as much as my value draft principles tell me he shouldn’t be a nominee this week, Drew Brees gets the nod as he was the only QB to throw 4 TD passes. And all in the first half no less. Nice effort Drew. Deep down Philip Rivers must really loathe you, don’t you think? I hope Rivers decided to rent instead of buy in the San Diego area. He probably already has his belongings packed up and the movers booked. Destination: TBD.

Larry Johnson (211 RuYd, 2 TD) - Every time I see Larry Johnson’s name I can’t help but think of my worst fantasy mis-management move of the year. Back on October 20th, after week 6, so off of three straight weeks of LJ doing very little ... 8, 7 and 13 carries for a grand total of 100 yards and 0 TD in the three games ... I was offered (check that: someone else proposed) Larry Johnson, Chris Perry and Eric Moulds for Randy Moss and Darrent Williams. Moss was injured but expected back in week 7, which he was. As you can guess since this is a mis-management move, I declined the trade. From my perspective, LJ was a backup, Perry was a backup and Moulds was okay, picking up some steam with Kelly Holcomb at QB. Man, how that trade would have helped me in which is by far my worst league this season.

Dallas Clark (6-125, 1 TD) – Called it. I called Clark a TE sleeper way back in the preseason. Drafted him in a bunch of leagues. Yep, he was going to be the value pick at TE this year. It was simple math. Marcus Pollard 2004 + Clark 2004 = Clark 2005, right? What’s that you say? I can’t say, “called it” on a sleeper pick when it has taken him 11 weeks to do something monumental. Well, okay, I guess that makes sense. But at least the Colts have thrown away that boring run, run, run game plan and are back to their high flying passing ways. I was right about that one? Can I say, “called it” on that one? Huh? Guys? That’s going to stick this time, right?

Comments From The Couch

  • Cadillac is out of the shop and back cruising down the open highway. Too bad I lost all faith in him and parked him in the garage this past week.

  • I like Terrell Davis' comments on NFL Total Access as they were watching Reuben Droughns' 75-yard TD run against the Dolphins: "It's not the system! It is NOT the system!" Sure Terrell, sure. In other news, 32 year old former 6th round draft pick Mike Anderson scored 3 TD Sunday...

  • It would seem if I follow the standard set by professional football writers around the country this week I need to drop an obligatory Reggie Bush comment into my NFL column. Note to self: lobby an all-purpose yardage scoring category into my fantasy league next season. At 1 point per 20 yards, 6 per TD, Bush collected 37.65 points against Fresno State, outscoring every pair of RB I started this week in 8 of 10 leagues, and most of them were at a 1 per 10 yardage rate.

  • If Brett Favre retires, then I think a lot of the blame can fall squarely on the shoulders of Paul Edinger. Those last second gut wrenching field goals are enough to make anyone hang up the cleats. I'll say it again for the billionth time: Friggin' kickers.

  • Apparently many Raven ticket holders were actively selling their tickets for the Steelers game to Pittsburgh fans, in an attempt to show the team how disgusted they are with the Ravens won-loss record this season. Nicely done. I'm no bird expert, but aren't Ravens and Crows in the same bird family?

  • Although I am a Bills fan, and usually forego watching all other games to catch the Bills game on TV, I was completely confident the Chargers were going to roll over the Bills in decisive fashion. Of course I thought it would be more LT and less Drew Brees, but no matter with the marquee Colts-Bengals matchup on the schedule I went right to it instead. Thankfully I didn't miss a play in that one because if you blinked in that first half, you definitely missed something.

  • No need to send me an email telling me about the irony of the last two points. Thanks, I already caught it.

  • I thought it was the Bills run defense that was the problem? Hasn't the Bills' rebuilding been going on for too many years now? The sad thing about the Bills rebuilding is it takes them so long to get one part of the team fixed (although what part that is escapes me right now), another part gets broken. Back to the drawing board.

And The Winner Is…

To make up for my poor decision to reject the Larry Johnson trade offer above, I do own him in one league where I’m gunning for the title. This is a new contract dynasty league and I got LJ at auction for a sweet, sweet contract ... $7 for 4 years ... under a 28 player roster, $250 cap system. Ready for the catch? If a player finishes in the top 10 but is making less than one-third of the salary of the top 10 players at his position, he will hold out the following year for a top 5 salary. Johnson just vaulted from #13 to #6 in the RB rankings and is definitely underpaid relative to the other RBs. So much for that sweet contract. In short, congrats Larry on setting a Chiefs single game record for rushing yards. And congrats for being our Groin candidate winner this week.