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FF In The Groin
Week 14

Out Of Office Notice

Please note Mike MacGregor is out of the office Monday December 13, 2004 due to a severe headache and nausea. Sunday started like most any other Sunday, except for the anticipation of playoffs in the air. Then a dull headache started just after 1:00 pm (Eastern). Lack of touchdown-itis struck, at least on the MacGregor side of the box score. Teams that finished at the top of the standings through a grueling 13 week schedule suddenly came up lame. Once reliable players watched footballs fly through their hands. Others received more camera time standing on the sidelines than on the field.

By early evening, the migraine to end all migraines pounded away, occasionally giving way momentarily to the feeling of hungover queasiness that results in an auto-reflex, "just how far away is the bathroom?" Isaac Bruce, Reuben Droughns, Antonio Gates, Javon Walker, Terrell Owens... What good is being at the top of the year-to-date stat sheets if you're not helping me when I need you most? Why is my opponent starting Bobby Engram? Why is my opponent starting Todd Heap who hasn't played all season?

MacGregor might be back Tuesday with your regularly scheduled FF In The Groin programming, but then again he might need the whole week to recover. We'll see what happens Monday night. It doesn't look good.