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2007 NFL RB Draft Class
Version 4.0

In July, I first took a look at the running backs headed for the 2007 NFL Draft in this article. At the end of September, I looked at how the class was evolving with the first update. After the regular season, I checked back with another update. Now the list of underclassmen who have declared is final and many seniors have shaken their draft status up in all-star games. It is a good time to update movement in the class prior to the Combine.

Key: Name (School - Class as of 2006) Height Weight

Moving Up (Seniors)
Players improving their draft stock after the all-star games. Not surprisingly, a lot of seniors are up right now. With the underclassmen inactive during the all-star game season, it prevents separation by direct comparison at this stage.

Tony Hunt (Penn State – 4SR) 6’2” 239 - Bio
Senior Bowl: Showed up about 15 pounds heavier than listed, but not in a bad way. He was well-built and didn’t show any less quickness or speed. Usually had good hands on the short-to-intermediate stuff, but isn’t a natural receiver running longer routes. Hunt isn’t explosive and runs a bit upright, but has good vision and is a good interior runner. In the actual game, he was, as usual, productive regardless of the competition. With eight carries for a game-high 38 yards, including a 7-yard TD run to cap a 75-yard opening drive, Hunt was the was named MVP of the game. Overall, he had a good week that solidifies him as the safest and most consistent of the top senior RB prospects. If he doesn’t disappoint at the Combine, he should be a Day One pick.

Kenny Irons (Auburn – 5SR) 5’11” 198 - Bio
Senior Bowl: At a smidge below 5’11” and under 200 lbs, Irons came in smaller than expected. He appears to have put his lingering injuries that impeded his performance this past season behind him. His explosion and agility are back, he is running hard and looking more like the 2005 version of Kenny Irons that led the SEC in rushing. However, he didn’t catch well and has a long way to go to be a serviceable blocker. His performance in the game was relative to the struggles across the board for the South, but he did have 15 of their 16 total rushing yards. While he didn’t blow anyone away, he should have regained some of the ground he lost after a disappointing year. A solid Combine should have him back in Day One, but he should no longer be considered a potential first round pick.

Lorenzo Booker (FSU – 5SR) 5’11” 188 - Bio
Senior Bowl: Came in about an inch shorter and five pounds less than listed. Regardless, no RB has done more than Booker since the regular season has ended to help his draft value. After an outstanding performance in the Emerald Bowl, he kept the momentum rolling in the Senior Bowl practices. Stuck in an inept Seminole offense the last few years, Booker flashed his acceleration, speed, and electrifying agility during the week. The comparisons to Warrick Dunn, which included one by South HC Mike Nolan, are off. Booker isn’t the decisive runner Dunn is, another reason he’s unlikely to ever be a feature back. However, he is a better receiver than Dunn. Booker is very natural as a receiver and his elusiveness adds great RAC potential. Strong on the draw play, a strength a good offensive coordinator can play to with a weapon like him. Among the many problems the South had in the game, getting the ball in his hands more was one. He has just one touch on offense, a carry for one yard. However, he was the top return man for the South. Thanks to the domination by the North, he returned five kicks for 109 yards, with a long of 31 yards. Conversely, he only saw one punt which he had no time to do anything with. Special teams is where he has a chance to be an immediate impact player in the NFL. His potential as a versatile playmaker on offense even as just a role player, combined with Devin Hester Legacy of teams now not wanting to miss out on a potential difference-maker as a returner, make Booker a lock to be a Day One pick.

Dwayne Wright (Fresno State – 5JR) 6’1” 220 - Bio
Hula Bowl: Consistently impressive during practice and the most productive runner in the actual game, as well. Positive medical reports on his knee combined with good quickness and speed numbers could shoot Wright up at the Combine.

Thomas Clayton (KSU – 5SR) 5’10” 220 - Bio
Senior Bowl: I’ve previously discussed there is no question he has NFL talent, but he has had a string of issues that impeded his career. Clayton finally got the break he needed when Garrett Wolfe was injured during practice and Clayton was brought in to replace him. Clayton displayed his superb quickness and speed, especially getting around the corner, but also his ball security problems. He lost a fumble during running drills and dropped passes as a receiver. It also struck me as impressive that he walked in as a late addition and was immediately able stand out. Some players struggle under the pressure and don’t adapt to the situation of having to mesh with new teammates in a week, but Clayton had no problem coming in behind the learning curve and dedicating himself to being ready when his number was called. I expect him to continue to rise with a demonstration of impressive measurables at the Combine.

Jon Cornish (Kansas – 5SR) 5’11” 205 - Bio
Shrine Game: With little recognition despite leading the Big 12 in rushing, Cornish earned recognition among a mediocre RB group at the Shrine Game. He appeared solid in all phases of the game. Cornish ran and caught the ball well, also showing decent blocking work. An injury to Selvin Young preventing him from participating in the game paved the way for Cornish to see more touches. Cornish led the West with 13 carries and 43 yards. His longest run was only seven yards and his speed is a question mark, but Cornish said he was dinged up during the season. A well-conditioned athlete, he should do well at the Combine if his speed is good, although he needs to add some bulk. His draft value is helped by being a willing and successful special teams player. In the unlikely event he doesn’t get a shot in the NFL, he was already selected in the second round of the CFL draft by the Calgary Stampeders.

Tyrone Moss (Miami – 4SR) 5’9” 233 - Bio
Shrine Game: After his weight had gone over 240 pounds, Moss was reportedly down to 233 for the game. Appears to have regained some of the burst he lacked through his disappointing season, but not the explosiveness he had earlier in his career. Displayed decent hands despite never really being utilized as a receiver most of his collegiate career. As he has battled controlling his weight through his career, it will not be a good sign if he is over 230 at the Combine and not in top shape. The medical reports on his knee, as well as the speed and quickness he shows in testing, will be critical. Since Moss was practically off the grid after limited use most of the season, his stock is rising merely by practicing for and playing in the game. Frank Gore had a lot of similar questions coming in to the draft and lasted until the third round. It is hard to see Moss, who doesn’t have the same talent, be selected Day One, even in a less impressive RB class.

Jason Snelling (Virginia) 5’11” 233
Shrine Game: Originally a 215 lb tailback, Snelling bulked up and moved to fullback his first three seasons to avoid being buried on the depth chart. This past season, he returned to tailback for the Cavs and had a successful year. He showed up at the Shrine Game about ten pounds or so under his highest weight and showed some good burst. He hasn’t forgotten any of the blocking skills he developed, as he saw work as a fullback, his likely NFL position, as well. Snelling lacks speed to likely be considered to be featured in a one-back set, but his hands are excellent for a big man and H-Back is a definite possibility in his future. He was the second leading receiver last season at Virginia and had two receptions for 33 yards in the Shrine Game.

Justise Hairston (Central Connecticut State – 4SR) 6’1” 210 - Bio
Hula Bowl and Texas vs. The Nation: After leading D-IAA in rushing and all-purpose yards, the Rutgers took to barnstorming all-star games to get recognition. Overshadowed by Dwayne Wright at the Hula Bowl, he was still the second most impressive back. Actually ran with a more impressive overall group at Texas vs. The Nation game. Currently he is without an invite to the Combine, so Hairston will have to find his way to a bigger program’s pro day or get some individual workouts to continue to prove he has the skills to go with his NFL body.

Clifton Dawson (Harvard – 5SR) 5’10” 209 - Bio
Texas vs. The Nation: Overcame one knock, his size, at the weigh-in, where he showed up more than ten pounds over his listed weight and built well. In a crowded backfield for the Nation team, he didn’t receive enough touches to distinguish him as a runner, but did show return skills. He had over 100 yards on four KO returns, including a 42-yarder, in the game. The Ontario native already has a job in the CFL if the NFL doesn’t work out. He was drafted in the sixth round by the Toronto Argonauts. He can also probably find a pretty good job outside football with his economics degree from Harvard.

Holding (Seniors)
Players whose value remains unchanged (for better or worse) after all-star games.

Michael Bush (Louisville – 4SR) 6’2” 247 - Bio
Bush has been lumped in with the underclassmen because he could have taken a redshirt, but it was his fourth season and he would have played in all-star games if he was healthy. Instead, his draft stock remains static while he continues to rehab his broken right leg in preparation for the Combine.

Brian Leonard (Rutgers – 5SR) 6’2” 235 - Bio
Senior Bowl: Lost more than ten pounds to help show he can be a feature back. I’m not sure that was the right decision. He doesn’t appear to have the speed and quickness to be a feature back at the next level, so while he’s not a conventional fullback, he’d be better served by keeping the weight. Could also be looked at as an H-Back, but, again, would need to carry more weight. His hands were impressive as usual, but not his blocking. He isn’t a true power runner, like Mike Alstott, but his most impressive moment of the week came in such a situation in the game. On fourth-and-two on the opening drive, Leonard barreled in to LB Patrick Willis, who himself had an impressive week, and knocked him over for a gain of five. Leonard definitely brings a lot of versatility and is a very solid football player, but he is not elite at any specific skill. I think people are overestimating his value projecting him in the first two rounds. Of course, there are two guys in this draft straight out of central casting for the Patriots, and fill needs, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see them select either early: Leonard and Eric Weddle.

Kolby Smith (Louisville – 4SR) 5’11” 215 - Bio
Senior Bowl: At a thick 214 lbs, he saw some work at FB, but wasn’t as competent a run blocker as he is in the passing game. Smith works hard and runs hard, but doesn’t have special instincts as a runner. He caught the ball well, tied for a team-high three receptions in the game, and is a nice all-around package, but is a career back-up type. Surprising invite to the Combine will give him a chance to be a Day Two pick.

Justin Vincent (LSU – 5SR) 5’10” 223 - Bio
North-South All-Star Classic and Texas vs. The Nation: Vincent did not standout, but continues to show solid hands for a big man. It is important to remember he is only now a full year recovered from a torn ACL. A Combine invite shows he is still on the radar and the 2003 Sugar Bowl/National Championship MVP could surprise people who have written him off.

Arkee Whitlock (Southern Illinois – 5SR) 5’9” 200 - Bio
Hula Bowl: Failed to gain much recognition at practice or the game and is currently without a Combine invite. Regardless, he has been working out extensively in New York, particularly on his speed. Whitlock has indicated he has talked with 22 teams and will have several workouts in March. An all-purpose threat on offense, he also add value returning kicks and played on the punt team.

Nate Ilaoa (Hawaii) 5’9” 248
Hula Bowl: While his family’s roots are in Hawaii, Ilaoa was born in and lived most of his life in the continental U.S. A 2001 blue chip VA HS prospect, he had his choice of several top programs. Recruited primarily as a WR, he was redshirted as a freshman in 2001, than tore his knee in the 2003 season opener. He missed the rest of that year and 2004 recovering from the knee and a shoulder injury. When he returned, he was moved to RB. He settled there and after being granted an additional year of eligibility, broke out in 2006. While Colt Brennan was the record-breaking QB, “Nasti” was the heart of the offense as a productive two-way threat. Ilaoa has struggled with his weight and it contributed to his slow recovery from injuries when he ballooned to over 250 pounds. In front of a home crowd in the Hula Bowl, he only had 7 yards on 6 carries in the game, but scored the first TD on 16-yard pass in the first quarter. Ilaoa has generated some buzz, but his success last season was thanks to the system. His Combine invite was a surprise to me, where he is likely to be more sideshow than main attraction. His durability and weight concerns, combined with speed that unlikely to impress, Day Two is a long shot.

Steve Baylark (UMass – 5SR) 5’11” 222 - Bio
Shrine Game: In the game, he had 29 of his 33 yards on one draw player, while his other 6 carries amounted to little. Other than demonstrating solid hands for a big back and some special teams ability, he did not distinguish himself during practice. Without a Combine invite, he will have to join a Pro Day at a bigger program or get some individual workouts to get any more time in front of NFL teams.

Moving Down (Seniors)
Players whose draft stock has been hurt after all-star games.

Kenneth Darby (Alabama – 5SR) 5’10” 211 - Bio
Senior Bowl: After a tremendously disappointing season, no RB needed a good showing at the Senior Bowl more than Darby to salvage his draft value, but it didn’t happen. He started off well the first day, but then faded in to the pack. His receiving skills left the most positive impression. A willing inside runner, he doesn’t appear to have the body to succeed there at the next level. A surprising selection to start the game, he was blown up in the backfield for a six yard loss on his first touch when LB David Harris sniffed out the screen. He netted negative three rushing yards on his only three carries. Unless he surprises at the Combine, he is no more than a Day Two pick with questions about where the runner who dominated the SEC the previous two years went. His problems seem to be more mental than something inhibiting his physical abilities.
DeShawn Wynn (Florida – 5SR) 5’11” 238 - Bio
A solid, but unspectacular, showing in the national championship was Wynn’s last collegiate appearance. Surprisingly, he didn’t receive a high-profile all-star invite, but was on the early roster for the Texas vs. The Nation game. However, Wynn was an unexplained no-show. He also missed the Gators victory celebration back in Gainesville after the national championship for what HC Urban Meyer reportedly said were family issues. So Wynn heads to the Combine failing to build on the momentum of success on the biggest college stage.

Garrett Wolfe (Northern Illinois – 5SR) 5’7” 177 - Bio
Senior Bowl: After showing good hands on punt returns and as a receiver, two areas he needed to prove himself in, Wolfe suffered a hamstring injury late in Monday’s practice. He didn’t practice again, was ruled out by Wednesday, and missed the game. This was huge opportunity lost for him, as his diminutive size guarantees he won’t be considered as a feature back and he needed to show he could contribute other ways.

Selvin Young (Texas – 5SR) 6’0” 215 - Bio
Shrine Game: Reportedly started practice strong catching the ball very naturally, running with authority, and reminding people of his excellent return skills. Unfortunately, injuries were once again a problem. He left the second practice with a strained quad and did not play in the game. His durability remains a major question and this latest display of a lack of it hurts his status. I expect him to perform well at the Combine, but wouldn’t be surprised to see him come up lame on one of his 40 runs. Not appearing reliable enough to be considered as a feature back, he is a strong enough runner to be considered for a short-yardage role and is a good enough receiver to be considered for a move to WR.

Ronnie McGill (North Carolina – 4SR) 5’11” 220 - Bio
Although invited to the Combine, McGill is not expected to participate in drills or workouts as he continues to rehab a torn left ACL suffered in his final collegiate game at Duke. He had surgery in late December and with durability a question before this latest injury, will likely not have a chance to workout before the draft.

Courtney Lewis (Texas A&M – 5SR) 6’0” 204 - Bio
After academic problems and more injuries made his last season his worst, his draft prospects continue to dim. He did not participate in an all-star game, as the Texas vs. The Nation game was the only one he was invited to and he did not go. Currently he is not on the Combine invite list, so the former Freshman All-American will just have the Aggies Pro Day and any individual workouts his agent can set up.

Marcus O’Keith (California – 5SR) 6’1” 190 - Bio
I thought someone might have recognized his potential, at least on special teams, and with the absurd number of all-star game he turned up somewhere, but he did not. A poster boy for what could have been in a different situation, I still believe he will jump out at Cal’s Pro Day and end up on at least a practice squad this fall.

Pierre Thomas (Illinois – 4SR) 5’11” 210 - Bio
Magnolia Grid-Iron Classic: Did not stand out during practice, but demonstrated his versatility as a runner, receiver, and returner in the game. I can understand why he was snubbed from a higher profile game, but I’m pretty surprised he didn’t get a Combine invite. Thomas has potential as a returner with seemingly enough talent to hold a roster spot as a third RB, although his speed is questionable.

Germaine Race (Pittsburgh State – 4SR) 5’10” 227 - Bio
North-South All-Star Classic: Originally invited to the Las Vegas All-American Classic, his agent scrambled to get him in to the North-South game after the Las Vegas game was cancelled. The all-time, all-division college scoring and TD leader, and all-time DII rushing leader, was unexceptional. He was frequently tackled by the first defender, showing little elusiveness or quickness. Despite all his accomplishments, he once again failed to prove himself the rare times he has gotten exposure. After his first huge season in 2004, he was knocked out of the nationally-televised DII National Championship game. In 2005, a recurring hamstring injury plagued him throughout the DII playoffs and kept him out of their loss in the third round. And now he ended his collegiate career with a disappointing all-star performance playing against relatively better competition. Without an invite to the Combine, it does not looking promising that this intriguing story will have a chapter in the NFL.

January 15th was the deadline for underclassmen to declare. As all-star games are typically limited to seniors, they haven’t done much to change their status recently. There isn’t much to update, but here is the final list of underclassmen headed to the draft in roughly the order I currently rank them.

Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma – 3JR) 6’2” 218 - Bio
Pundits are finding every reason to move him out of the top five, but his talent is rare. I expect the Combine to confirm he will be a top five pick.

Marshawn Lynch (California – 3JR) 5’11” 217 - Bio
With no senior back really dominating at the Senior Bowl, Lynch still looks like he should be the second RB drafted.

Antonio Pittman (Ohio State – JR) 5’11” 195 - Bio
Opinions vary wildly on whether he is really a top prospect or product of the system. Until the numbers come in from the Combine, his range is the third back selected overall to early Day Two.

Brandon Jackson (Nebraska) 6’0” 220
After a promising true freshman season in 2004 where he was second on the team in rushing, he had shoulder surgery and missed most of the spring. He remained behind Cory Ross, but also fell behind freshmen Cody Glenn and Marlon Lucky. With Ross departing, JUCO transfer Kenny Wilson joined Jackson, Glenn, and Lucky to form a crowded situation at I-Back to start the past season. Lucky was the nominal starter to begin the season, but all four shared carries nearly evenly to the start of the Big 12 season. Jackson began to pull away from the pack with his first of four 100-yard rushing days in a win at Iowa State. He finished the regular season third in the Big 12 in rushing (73.2 ypg) and all-purpose yards (109.8). He broke his right hand in a Big 12 Championship Game loss and was limited in practice leading up to the Cotton Bowl. He didn’t see action until the second quarter of the game when he had a nine-yard run with a 15-yard facemask added on. The next play he juked an Auburn defender and went 20 yards for a score to temporarily tie the game. The Huskers would lose on a field goal, the only score of a defensive struggle in the second half.

Jackson finished as Nebraska’s leading rusher with 989 yards on 188 carries (5.3 ypc) and was the second leading receiver with 33 catches. He offers outstanding versatility as an excellent receiver and decent blocker, as well as ability as a returner. His declaration was somewhat of a surprise, but the potential quality of next year’s class allegedly helped his decision, as well of the loss of DLine coach John Blake, who recruited Jackson, to North Carolina. With ideal size and all-purpose ability, he has sleeper feature potential and will have every team interested in his Combine results.

Ahmad Bradshaw (Marshall – 3JR) 5’11” 192 - Bio
Remains my top sleeper. He is raw, but a home run hitter. If he shows top speed at the Combine, he will climb up draft boards and be an early Day Two selection.

Darius Walker (Notre Dame – 3JR) 5’10” 208 - Bio
After doing most of his damage against lesser competition, he had an outstanding first half performance against LSU in the Sugar Bowl. However, he was out of the picture most of the second half as the Irish took to the air to try and catch up. Lacking ideal size for a feature back, he has also usually not shown signs of having elite speed to compensate. However, he showed a new gear in the Sugar Bowl, so his timed speed at the Combine will be a huge factor. With a chance to be the all-time leading rusher in Notre Dame history and not being a lock to be a Day One pick, it was a bit of surprise he declared. However, the Irish have several promising young backs and a couple blue chip recruits coming next year. Along with at least three new offensive linemen and a new QB, he must have doubted his chances of increasing his stock next year.

Gary Russell (Minnesota – 3JR) 5’11” 215
The former heir to the Gopher RB throne has a ton to prove after sitting out of football for a year due to academic ineligibility. Participated in Texas vs. The Nation game, but did not look in shape. Did not standout in practice and was stuffed on all three runs in the game. He’ll be at the Combine, but he better be working his tail off this month, because he is a long way away from the player who was taking carries away from Laurence Maroney not long ago.

Ramonce Taylor (formerly Texas) 5’10” 193
After scoring 15 touchdowns in 2005, including one in the National Championship victory by Texas, Taylor was dismissed due to academic and legal problems. He attempted to play at NAIA Texas College, but never saw the field due to academic ineligibility. So after a year away from the game, he declared for the draft. He caught a break with an invite to the inaugural Texas vs. The Nation all-star game, where he impressed in practice, but disappointed in the game. Another surprising invite to the Combine will give him another shot. He brings speed, electrifying elusiveness at times, and all-purpose talent, but heavy baggage as he is on probation for five years off a plea bargain after a felony drug arrest for five pounds of marijuana.

Danny Ware (Georgia – 3JR) 6’1” 222 - Bio
NFL size, but similar to LSU’s Justin Vincent, he career went in reverse after a breakout true freshman campaign.

Chris Henry (Arizona – 4JR) 5’11” 230 - Bio
Measurables are his strength, so he should come out of the Combine looking good, but I think he’s more athlete than football player.

All-Star Games
Recap of participation and performance by RB prospects.

Magnolia Grid-Iron Classic
Green (I-A)
Terrell Jordan, Northwestern – led team with 8 carries and 57 yards, including an 11-yard TD run.
Terry Caulley, UConn – 47 yards on 7 carries and had a 21-yard reception.
Pierre Thomas, Illinois – 7 carries for 19 yards, including a 1-yard TD run and a 13-yard reception.

Red (I-AA)
Aries Nelson (QB), Mississippi Valley State – Mississippi State transfer led team with 64 yards on 8 carries.
Eldra Buckley, UT-Chattanooga – 7 carries for 37 yards, including a 7-yard TD run and 3-yard reception.
Jamal Pittman, Jackson State – Ole Miss transfer ran for 7-15-1, caught 4-34-0, and completed an 18-yard pass.
Greg Pruitt Jr., North Carolina Central (DII) – rushed for 5-6-0 and tied for team-lead with 4 catches.

North-South All-Star Classic
Alvin Banks, James Madison (IAA) – rushed for 5-24-0
D.D. Terry, Sam Houston State (IAA) – just 14 yards on 6 carries, but scored eventual game-winning TD on 3-yard run.
Germaine Race, Pittsburgh State (DII) – only 11 yards on 8 carries.
Clay Green, Jacksonville State (IAA) – 4 carries for 16 yards.

Abdulaun Kuuan, Grambling (IAA) – rushed for 5-26-0
Quinton Smith, Rice – 63 yards on just 5 carries.
Justin Vincent, LSU – just 18 yards on 7 carries.

Hula Bowl
Aina (East)
Justise Hairston, Central Connecticut State (IAA) – team-high 12 yards on 4 carries.
Arkee Whitlock, Southern Illinois (IAA) – 2 carries for 6 yards.
Reggie Merriweather, Clemson – 4 carries for 11 yards, including the game-winning 1-yard TD run, and 1-11-0 receiving.
Tim Castille (FB), Alabama – only 1 carry for 5 yards, but caught 3 passes for 22 yards.

Kai (West)
Curtis Brown, BYU – 5 carries for 7 yards.
Nate Ilaoa, Hawaii – 6 carries for just 7 yards, but also caught 2 passes for 23 yards, including a 16-yard TD.
Dwayne Wright, Fresno State – game-high 25 yards on 5 carries.

Shrine Game
Steve Baylark, UMass (IAA) – led team with 7 carries and 32 yards (4.6 ypc), as well as caught a 10-yard pass.
Tyrone Moss, Miami – just 11 yards on 6 carries, but caught 2 passes for 12 yards.
Jesse Allen (FB), VaTech – 2 runs for 11 yards and 2 catches for 9 yards.
Alonzo Coleman, Hampton (IAA) – 1 run for a loss of 4 yards and 1 catch for a gain of 4 yards.

Jon Cornish, Kansas – game-highs of 13 carries and 43 yards (3.3 ypc).
Brad Lau (FB), Boise State – impressive with 6-36-0 on ground and team-high 3 receptions for 10 yards, including a TD.
Jackie Battle, Houston – 21 yards on 4 carries (5.3 ypc).
Stevie Hicks, Iowa State – 5 carries for 14 yards and a 19-yard reception.
Selvin Young, Texas – DNP (injured)

Senior Bowl
Tony Hunt, PSU – MVP had game-high 38 yards on 8 carries, including the first TD in game, and 2 catches for 13 yards.
Thomas Clayton, KSU – 8 carries for 18 yards and 2 receptions for 10 yards.
Brian Leonard, Rutgers – 5 carries for 16 yards and caught a 13-yard pass.
Kolby Smith, Louisville – just 5 yards on 4 carries, but tied for a game-high 3 catches for 16 yards.
Garrett Wolfe, Northern Illinois – DNP (injured)

Kenny Irons, Auburn – led South with both 6 carries and 15 of their total 16 rushing yards, also 1 catch for 6 yards.
Lorenzo Booker, FSU – just 1 run for 1 yard as North dominated possession, but 5 KO returns for 109 yards (long of 31).
Ken Darby, Alabama – 3 carries for 3 yards, including a 3 yard loss, as well as lost 6 yards on 1 reception.
Le’Ron McClain, Alabama – FB had no carries, but 1 reception for 3 yards.

Texas vs. The Nation Collegiate All-Star Bowl
D.D. Terry, Sam Houston State (IAA) – SLC Offensive POY posted 6-22-0 and had 30-yard KO return.
Ramonce Taylor, (formerly) Texas – long run of 15 yards, but net negative 7 yards on 7 carries.
Quinton Smith, Rice – 6.8 ypc on 4 carries (27 yards rushing).
Paul Mosley, Baylor – game’s leading rusher with 37 yards on 7 carries and two touchdowns.
Marcus Mason, Youngstown State (IAA) – 5 carries for 23 yards.

Justin Vincent, LSU – 4 carries for 16 yards.
Gary Russell, (formerly) Minnesota – lost yards on all of his 3 carries for a net of negative 6 yards.
Justise Hairston, Central Connecticut State (IAA) - 17 yards on 7 carries.
Clifton Dawson, Harvard – no touches on offense, but returned 4 kicks for 107 yards, including one for 42 yards.

The National Invitational Camp (NIC), or NFL Scouting Combine, will be held February 21-27, 2007. Below are the players on the official invite list at running back.

Combine Invitees - RBs
Last Name First Name School College Position NIC Position Camp Jersey # Group # JR
Anderson Cory Tennessee FB RB 1 6
Anderson Deon Connecticut FB RB 2 6
Booker Lorenzo Florida St OH RB 3 6
Bradshaw Ahmad Marshall OH RB 4 6 *
Buckley Eldra Tennessee-Chatt OH RB 5 6
Bush Michael Louisville OH RB 6 6 *
Clayton Thomas Kansas St OH RB 7 6
Coleman Alonzo Hampton OH RB 8 6
Cornish Jon Kansas OH RB 9 6
Darby Kenneth Alabama OH RB 10 6
Henry Chris Arizona OH RB 11 6 *
Hunt Tony Penn St OH RB 12 6
Ilaoa Nate Hawaii OH RB 13 6
Irons Kenny Auburn OH RB 14 6
Jackson Brandon Nebraska OH RB 15 6 *
Leonard Brian Rutgers FB RB 16 6
Lynch Marshawn Cal-Berkeley OH RB 17 6 *
Mcclain Leron Alabama FB RB 18 6
Mcgill Ronnie North Carolina OH RB 19 6
Moss Tyrone Miami-Fl OH RB 20 6
Peterson Adrian Oklahoma OH RB 21 6 *
Pittman Antonio Ohio St OH RB 22 6 *
Russell Gary Minnesota OH RB 23 6 *
Smith Kolby Louisville OH RB 24 6
Snelling Jason Virginia OH RB 25 6
Taylor Ramonce Texas OH RB 26 6 *
Walker Darius Notre Dame OH RB 27 6 *
Ware Danny Georgia OH RB 28 6 *
Wolfe Garrett Northern Illinois OH RB 29 6
Wright Dwayne Fresno St OH RB 30 6
Wynn Deshawn Florida OH RB 31 6
Young Selvin Texas-Austin OH RB 32 6