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The Shot Caller's Report - WRs
Your Weekly Guide To Fantasy Lineups: Week 2
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Bye Weeks:

Grab a Helmet

Julian Edelman v. NYJ: I doubt they had a player prop for “Number of Games Danny Amendola Will Play in 2013,” but if they did, I hope you took the under. Wes Welker’s replacement suffered an injury in his very first game as a Pat and though he returned to the contest to post some very useful stats, he looks to be a likely scratch for the quick turnaround on Thursday night against the Jets. That injury, coupled with Shane Vereen’s even more serious wrist injury, has made Edelman a white-hot commodity on league waiver wires this week. It’s easy to see why. Even with those other two excelling in the Week 1 win over Buffalo, Edelman managed to turn his healthy nine targets into seven receptions, 79 yards, and two TDs. 24 Tom Brady targets just hit the whirlpool and I’m betting this guy absorbs a bunch of them.

James Jones v. WAS or Eric Decker @ NYG: These two ranked 1-2 in receiving scores last season and were, therefore, similarly valued heading into the 2013 campaign (6.11 and 6.03 ADP, respectively). Unfortunately, neither player made much of a mark in his Week 1 contest. Actually, Jones made no mark whatsoever, astonishingly posting a goose egg in the loss to San Francisco. Decker was slightly more productive, turning two of his seven targets into receptions and gaining 32 total yards. Nine targets, two catches, and 32 measly yards from a couple of high-end WR2s? Aaron Rodgers blamed San Fran’s scheme for his inability to hook up with Jones and Decker was one mishandled end-zone fade away from a more digestible point total. Call them excuses, call them explanations, call them whatever you want. I’m betting both players will bounce back on Sunday, possibly in big ways. Keep Jones and Decker in your plans.

Hakeem Nicks

Nicks was targeted 8 times in Wk 1.

Hakeem Nicks v. DEN: The Giants belong to Victor Cruz now and I think a statistical comparison explains why. Nicks was targeted eight times on Sunday night and hauled in five balls for 114 yards. Cruz was thrown to eight times and grabbed five for 118 yards. Even Steven, right? Well, except for the part where Cruz scored THREE touchdowns to Nicks’ zero. I throw this out there to make two points. First, Victor Cruz is an elite receiver. Second, Hakeem Nicks is still a pretty good second banana. Even with Rueben Randle crowding him up, the former Tarheel has a chance to post pretty solid numbers in 2013. He’ll rarely command double-coverage. He’s bigger and stronger than most corners. He’s still got pretty good wheels for a guy his size. Don’t forget the Giants could be throwing the ball all over the place if their running game doesn’t get sorted out soon.

Grab Some Wood

Roddy White v. STL: News about injuries tends to be treated like a state secret in the NFL, so when a “real” football player publicly proclaims he’s hurting, we should probably take that information to heart. White caught flak from those crazy fantasy sickos for not revealing the extent of his ankle sprain (now officially a “high” ankle sprain) prior to Week 1, but he’s come clean heading into Week 2 and says it could be several weeks before he’s back to being the devastating jab to Julio Jones’ right cross. Don’t ignore this information and do prepare yourself for the possibility of White exploding while he sits on your bench. Unless you’re the Atlanta team doctor or Julio Jones himself, you have no idea when he’s gonna feel 100% again. Wait for it to happen and then start him with confidence after that.

Jerome Simpson @ CHI: Not. Even. Buying it. Simpson actually has several 100-yard receiving games to his credit (all in Cincinnati), but he never crested the 50-yard mark in his first season with the Vikings. Now we’re supposed to all of a sudden believe he’s the preferred target of Christian Ponder after catching seven passes for 140 yards in the Week 1 loss at Detroit? First of all, being the preferred target of Christian Ponder doesn’t automatically qualify someone as a legit fantasy option. Second, it might be wise to consider what Simpson has done for an encore the last three times he’s topped triple digits (all in 2011): one catch, 6 yards; one catch, 14 yards; two catches, 15 yards. I’m not saying the guy can’t handle prosperity, but…I’m just sayin’. You shouldn’t be terribly interested in any Viking not named Adrian Peterson this weekend against the Bears.

Darrius Heyward-Bey v. MIA: Much to the Shot Caller’s chagrin, Andrew Luck targeted T.Y. Hilton a mere five times last Sunday against the Raiders, hooking up with the promising youngster for three completions and 20 yards. Not exactly the debut I had in mind for the guy I think will lead the Colts receivers in fantasy points this season. Heyward-Bey, on the other hand, had about exactly the debut I expected. He was targeted four times and caught three balls for 33 yards. In a related story, I’m having egg salad for lunch tomorrow. I mean, can a starting wide receiver for an exciting, playoff-caliber offense GET any less exciting? Now comes word that the top agenda item in the coaches’ post-game meeting was how to get Hilton more involved (read: how to get Heyward-Bey less involved). I don’t think anyone considers DHB a realistic option any longer, but just in case, you’ve now been duly notified.
Good luck, folks!