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I am a graduate of a small football college in the Midwest known for leprechauns and Irish terriers -- perhaps you know of it. My college highlights included a fractured patella that I suffered in the Navy game, October 31, 1981. I would like to say that the injury was suffered as I set up a dramatic block for a Blair Kiel touchdown pass, but, in truth, it was suffered when two young lasses who had been spending more time at the dessert table than the salad bar fell on my leg in the stands following that play. But I digress...

I am flat-out addicted to NFL football, and I follow it year round. When other men look at porn on the internet, I look at rushing-receiving statistics for all active running backs from Alexander to Williams (sorry, there was no "Z" to use). While other people are worrying about their fantasy baseball drafts, I am re-ranking my players for the upcoming football season. While men of my age are aspiring to open their own companies, I'm still questioning why Troy Aikman was never a good fantasy quarterback.

I have been a fantasy Commish since beginning my own league in 1987. We draft both offensive and defensive players, so I am well-versed on players from both sides of the ball. The much renowned HOFFA league, as it has been dubbed since its inception, is home to 8 teams spanning three states (PA, NJ, MD), each of which has a storied

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