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Sunday, Feb. 6th 6:30 EST
NE vs PHI - 6:30 PM EST - CB

For The Season
(163-93) Straight Up - 63.6%
(145-106-5) Against The Spread - 57.7%

N.E. Patriots (-7) vs. Philadelphia Eagles
I know it is a high line for a Super Bowl but the Patriots simply have no peers. Both teams played sick games on Sunday and are both primed and ready to try and take the throne. The problem here is that the AFC is so much better than the NFC anyway. Especially at the top where the Eagles are clearly better than any other team in the NFC but really would be 4th or 5th best in the AFC. But all that goes out the window come Super Bowl Sunday.

The Eagles played a marvelous defensive game against the Falcons. Truth be told the Falcons were clearly one-dimensional and that showed against Philly. They held the Falcons to 99 yards total rushing for the game. Vick was completely bottled up and only had 26 yards. They forced Vick to begin passing and that is where the trouble began. He only completed 11 passes and for only 136 yards. Trotter continues to play at a ProBowl level as he had another outstanding effort with 8 tackles and led the team. They also forced 4 sacks, 1 interception, and 1 fumble.

The Eagles offense was efficient however they really did not have to do much as the defense was not going to allow this team to lose. McNabb had a workmanlike 180 yards passing and 2 TDS. Westbrook was all over the place and had 135 all-purpose yards. They moved the ball very well against a good defensive team.

This game for the Eagles comes down to two things. The defense has been great but the offensives they have faced were relatively one-dimensional. The Rams were a passing team that rarely ran the ball well and the Falcons had no passing game. The team they will face for all the marbles do everything well on offense. They will have to raise the bar to stop a team that has a great offensive line, a top running back, and receivers that can turn in big plays. They can hurt you in multiple ways.

Speaking of the Patriots they had a marvelous game on Sunday as they crushed the Steelers 41-27. A rookie QB and a leaky defense plagued the Steelers. Tom Brady went for 207 yards two TDS. The Patriots hurt the Steelers by hitting them with big plays. One in particular was the 60-yard TD from Brady to Branch. I think that was really the beginning of the end. Big Ben had some moments but his three picks were costly. One was returned for an 87 yard TD. The Steelers ran the ball effectively but could not overcome the turnovers caused by the Patriots defense that continues to own the postseason.

The Patriots are looking to really become one of immortal teams in history by winning the Super Bowl 3 out of 4 years. That is called a dynasty folks. Big Bill is one of the masters of the game and will come up with a game plan to shut down the Eagles receivers. From the last I heard Owens would probably not be medically cleared to play on Sunday, which darkens the skies for the Eagles again. I know I have heard the Eagle fans all week about "doubting the Eagles" and "team of destiny" you know all that crap. But they simply do not have the tools to stay with the Patriots and this team refuses to lose in the playoffs. They just have more weapons on both sides of the ball and play as a unit. They have been great for some period of time and will not be denied this championship.

Final Score: Patriots 30 Eagles 20