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Week 17

Week 17
Saturday Sunday, 4:00 PM EST
DEN at SD - CB TEN at JAX - AD
Sunday - 1:00 PM EST WAS at PHI - AD
ARI at IND - CB HOU at SF - CB
BAL at CLE - CB Sunday - 8:30 PM EST
CAR at ATL - CB  
CIN at KC - CB  
DET at PIT - AD  
MIA at NE - AD  
NO at TB - AD  
SEA at GB - AD  

Denver at San Diego (-11) 4:30 p.m
Not much in this one for Denver this week. With everything wrapped up and no chance for home field they will sit most of their starters. Plummer will play very little while Mike Anderson has already been ruled out. Tatum Bell may be a good start as he needs 131 yds to reach 100o yards. Denver would be the first team since 1985 to have two 1,000-yard backs.

The Chargers were embarrassed last week. Those of you out there that had LT had to be disappointed in his performance. He didn’t get in the end zone and only ended up with 49 rushing yards for the game. Bad news folks. As a matter of fact most of the SD players were MIA last week. They will be looking to right the shop this week and end of a high note. LT might not get that much playing time with his injury so Turner might be an excellent start.

Final Score: Chargers 30, Broncos 13

N.Y. Giants (-9) at Oakland 8:00 p.m.
While most of you have already had your Super Bowl, some leagues do come down to the final week, when many starters sit and stud owners get angry. I’m not going to argue the merits of a week 16 final as compared to a week 17 finish, but I will say that none of those issues should matter in this game.

The Giants could get a division title and a home game with a Week 17 win. They’re already in the playoffs, but beating Kerry Collins is enough of an incentive to play tough this week. If you’ve still got games, go with Manning, Burress and Barber. The Raiders usual suspects should be okay to go, including Collins, Moss and Porter. With Jordan out, I wouldn’t start an Oakland RB against the Giants.

Final Score: Giants 24, Raiders 20

Arizona (+7) at Indianapolis 1:00 p.m
I really don’t know how the Colts win this with everyone on the bench. It looks as though Manning will only play a series along with James and Harrison will not play at all. That will leave us with Sorgi and Rhodes with the latter having a chance to have a good game stat-wise. A shout goes out to Tony D and his family, as that was a terrible tragedy.

Whether it is Warner or McCown this offense just keeps on rolling. They have two #1 receivers on their team in Fitz and Boldin. If you are in a keeper league you might want to give these two a look. Next year this young team will be better. They are already better with a good Warner at QB. They will win this game out-right and the Colts could care less.

Final Score: Cardinals 28, Colts 20

Baltimore (-3) at Cleveland 1:00 p.m
With Boller playing well and Big Bill getting the extension the Ravens are looking much better. However Boller’s rise is a delusion and don’t expect him to be the answer long term. But I think the Ravens will give him a hot again next year. Jamal Lewis will be somewhere else as I think they are tired of his act and the fact he came in without being in game shape. But with the right team next year he will be good.

Cleveland got run over by the Steelers and must feel like they have a long ways to go. Frye took a step back and must learn to take some chances downfield when you are getting the crap kicked out of you. It also doesn’t help when you give up 200 yards on the ground. They didn’t run the ball well, which is what happens when you are down 40 points. They get kicked around again this week. They should be better next year.

Final Score: Ravens 30, Browns 17

Buffalo at N.Y. Jets (+1.5) 1:00 p.m
I don’t know why this strikes me as a game the Jets can win but the Bills suck so maybe that is why. They really played the Patriots ok for about 1Q. They really need to do more on offense and the Bills D may provide the medicine for that. Look for them to run the ball with Blaylock and Houston and take some chances down the field. Coles should have a good one.

Buffalo fans should not bring signs into the stadium that they pay taxes on that criticize management. They will not but up with it. Crazy as it sounds that is what is happening. If the Bills management is so worried about it then do a better job at picking coaches and players. That JP pick is really working out for them. It only cost them two first round picks. Well, one was a high 2nd. Idiots. They won a game from the Bengals that looked as though they were not interested in winning. Go with Holcomb, you have a better chance.

Final Score: Jets 22, Bills 13

Carolina at Atlanta (+4) 1:00 p.m
What has been for the Falcons? Haven’t they won 6 of 7 against the Panthers? I think they have their number and are pissed off they didn’t make the playoffs. They have a chance to possibly send the Panthers home for the playoffs. Look for Vick and Dunn to have good games. This defense will have their hands full with the Panthers

I was surprised at their effort at home against the Pokes. They allowed the Cowboys to come in and steal the game away with 24 seconds left. Steve Smith was a no-show last week and got himself a $15K fine for acting stupid. Look for them to try and run the ball to set up the down field pass. Look for a letdown because of the psyche. I think they are really lost right now.

Final Score: Falcons 27, Panthers 24

Cincinnati at Kansas City (-7) 1:00 p.m
These games usually come down to one thing. One team needs it the other team doesn’t. Many times this leads to many mismatches, which will be the case here. Look for the Chiefs to run the ball right down the Bengals throat. Especially with some of their starters getting limited playing time. Play the man-child Johnson and go for it.

Was that the Bengals I saw last week or the Bungals? I mean I know you don’t need the game but gosh you would expect more effort than that. I think they come to play this week but still will come up short against a team that is desperate. But you have to play all the offensive players for Cincy.

Final Score: Chiefs 28 Bengals 17

Detroit (+13.5) at Pittsburgh 1:00 p.m.
With a win over the Lions, the Steelers are in the playoffs. Don’t think the Lions don’t now that. The Steelers should run over Detroit this week like the Falcons did on Thanksgiving, which means start every Steelers position player, including Big Ben, who is probable. I really like Parker and Ward, of course, so play them with confidence. The Lions, at this point, have just one viable options in fantasy leagues - Roy Williams. Don;t overthink this one.

Final Score: Steelers 31, Lions 17

Miami (+5.5) at New England 1:00 p.m.
New England has won six of seven and already has clinched its third consecutive AFC East title. A victory on Sunday coupled with a Cincinnati loss at Kansas City would give the Patriots the No. 3 seed in the AFC. With that said, the Dolphins are playing good football and have only Ronnie Brown on their injury list, meaning more carries and yards for Ricky Williams. Chambers is also a great option. The Patriots still have some injuries, and Brady is probable again, like 20 of the past 40 weeks. He’ll play, the Pats will scrape together a win, and they’ll be tough heading into the postseason.

Final Score: Patriots 23, Dolphins 20

New Orleans (-13.5) at Tampa Bay 1:00 p.m.
The Saints may suck, but the Bucs are on the verge of clinching the NFC South title and claiming their first playoff berth since they won the Super Bowl three seasons ago.

It looks like the Saints may never be back to the Big Easy, with Hurricane Katrina putting a tragic stamp on a relationship that never seemed to work out. For New Orleans, it will be hard to find starters, so stay away. The Bucs offense has gotten to where it needs to be heading into the playoffs, and Simms, Williams and Galloway are all solid options.

Final Score: Bucs 30, Saints 13

Seattle (-3.5) at Green Bay 1:00 p.m.
Let’s roll back the clock to last year, when Shaun Alexander blew up and tore into Mike Holmgren after coming up one yard short of the NFL rushing title. He was pissed off because Holmgren took him out when the Seahawks were at the Falcons 1-yard line and quarterback Matt Hasselbeck snuck in for the touchdown.

This year, Holmgren is playing mum and Alexander can get both the rushing title and NFL TD record for a single season. I like Alexander getting his, but watch out for the rest of the Seahawks. My brother-in-law has been telling me this is a classic late-season, non-essential trap game, especially considering the odds. The Packers should get some numbers from Favre, who will undoubtedly leave it all out on the field.

Final Score: Packers 33, Seahawks 31

Tennessee (+3.5) at Jacksonville 4:05 p.m.
Byron Leftwich returned to practice on Wednesday for the first time since suffering a broken left ankle against Arizona in late November. But I think Jack Del Rio would be silly to start him in an essentially meaningless game. Go with Garrard, Taylor, and Smith., The Titans have little to get excited about, and it would be silly to waste time discussing their options. Matt Mauck? Please.

Final Score: Jags 24, Titans 13

Chicago (+4) at Minnesota 4:15 p.m.
The Bears are the No. 2 seed in the NFC and have a bye to the divisional round and have Grossman healthy. After missing the first 13 games with a broken left ankle and making a relief appearance against Atlanta, Grossman threw for 166 yards, one touchdown and one interception in his first start, a 24-17 win on Christmas Day over Green Bay that clinched the division title and a sweep of the Packers for the first time since 1991. I like Grossman, Peterson and Muhammad, but be careful as they won’t be in the lineup long.

The Vikes are up against a tough defense that may be missing Urlacher and will feature a few second stringers. It’s just that the Bears have something to prove and I don’t think Minnesota has much to go with here. Stay away from their starters, since they can’t make the playoffs and offensive production will be undoubtedly low.

Final Score: Bears 20, Vikings 13

Washington (-7.5) at Philadelphia 4:15 p.m.
A win Sunday gives Washington a postseason berth, and could mean an NFC East title if the Giants lose Saturday night to Oakland. If the Redskins lose Sunday, they would still make the playoffs if Dallas loses to St. Louis in the Sunday night game. Philly obviously is a team with no heart, as they couldn’t even get a win last week against the Cards. As a Cowboy fan, I’m pinning my hopes on a team I despise, and it truly saddens me. Go with all the Redskins offensive starters, Brunell, Portis, Moss and Cooley, and start zero Eagles.

Final Score: Redskins 31, Eagles 17

Houston at San Francisco (+1.5) 4:05 p.m
The “Reggie Bush” Bowl will begin at 4:05. These two teams will be battling it out for the right to take the most exciting player out of college since Barry Sanders. I think that it will be hard-pressed for the 9ers to choke at home. They apparently own the Rams again after really having problem with them in the past. They won the season series last week and really ran the ball well with Gore. I don’t know if he or Hicks will get the majority of the carries this week so take a look before you start either one.

I will tell you one dude that will be motivated to run like the wind. His name is Davis. He can put all the Bush rumors to rest with a 200-yard effort to bring home the victory this week. If not, then he might want to look up a good mortgage broker because he will be the odd man out with Bush in the lineup. Davis is a good RB but he will be no match for the excitement of Bush and the fact that the brass for the Texans will want to market the crap out of him.

Final Score: 49ers 23, Texans 20

St. Louis at Dallas (-12) 8:30 p.m
No way you can bet against the Boys in this one. They are scratching for their playoff lives and must win this one and hope for some help to get into the playoffs. The prize is big and stakes are high. It looks like Jones is back on track with a 190-yard effort against a good defense on the road. With Julius back on track it makes the Dallas offense much more potent. They just have to hope their injured secondary can hold up against the likes of Holt and Bruce.

It’s all about pride for the Rams. They got beaten by an average 49ers team last week but moved the ball well. They will need to throe often as the weakness this week for the Cowboys will be the secondary that is banged up. Look for Holt to have a good one but other than that you have one team needing it and the other team looking at next year.

Final Score: Cowboys 30, Rams 17